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  1. FSZ Student Nurse

    Advice would be appreciated :)

    I think this is a great idea. However, schools might (and probably will) require you to send in all previous transcripts. I would recommend contacting the schools you are interested in and asking how they rank applicants and what you could do to make yourself competitive. Many RN programs are highly competitive, so it might make sense for you to start with an LVN/LPN program. Again, do some research on the schools and see what their admission rate is. Also, I hate to say this, but I would recommend some hard soul-searching on this one. You attribute your lack of success to a difficulty maintaining motivation. While I do sympathize with you (truly!), you may want to consider if you will be able to maintain a sufficient level of motivation throughout nursing school. Nursing school is very challenging and you want to set yourself up for success. Make sure nursing is something you really want to do. I personally know people who thought they were passionate about the profession and worked their way to and even through nursing school only to find they did not really want to be nurses. The LPN/LVN program might also make more sense for you because it is less of a commitment than nursing school - though it is still quite a big one! - and you can "test the waters" of the profession. I wish you the best of luck with your decision and whatever career path you choose!
  2. FSZ Student Nurse

    "Like" Limits

    Hear! Hear! It seems AN agrees with you on this one! When I liked your post, I noticed the "Dislike" reaction is gone. There is a "Sad" reaction instead now.
  3. FSZ Student Nurse

    "Like" Limits

    Start with the good: Site looks really sleek and seems faster. I like the concept of the Activity Stream. I'm sure I'll discover some more wonderful features of this upgraded site in the coming days That said... I'm baffled by the "like" limit. Why can't I have more than x number of reactions in a day?!? You underestimate my capacity for emotion!!! Also, what is the limit?!? I tried to go back and count all the posts I'd liked, but I couldn't remember which topics they were in. I find it a bit unfair that I wasn't warned about this rationing system beforehand or I would have been more discerning (read "miserly") with my likes. PRETTY PLEASE... get rid of the like limit... Or at least raise it... please?
  4. FSZ Student Nurse

    First Reaction to Changes

    Yup! There seems to be a maximum number of likes/reactions you can give in a day before they block you... Choose wisely!!!
  5. FSZ Student Nurse

    First Reaction to Changes

    First Reaction: Let's give this a go... It might be good! Current Reaction: Apparently, I am no longer capable of reacting
  6. What a fun read! Thank you. Please do share more. I wonder which "Nursing Interventions" we use in 2018 will get chuckles from nurses (and nursing students) in 101 years...