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DextersDisciple has 7 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. DextersDisciple

    "My Nurse"

    I work with technologists in procedural rooms. The assignment is never the same so it’s common to be asked, “who are your techs?” And reply with “jack and Jill are my techs” And vise Versa with nurses. It’s a shorter And easier way to ask “which techs are assigned to your room today?” No one takes offense.
  2. DextersDisciple

    New Grad Losing Hope of Getting Job

    you will need to apply to jobs outside of the hospital. It’s not what e want to hear but it least it’s a nursing job. this doesn’t mean just nursing homes or rehabs. Try Drs offices, clinics, infusion centers, radiation centers etc
  3. DextersDisciple

    What's a good starting career for a new nurse?

    I worked In the ICU. I wanted to be a CRNA before I even started nursing school. I knew I needed ICU experience but I couldn’t get hired into a med surg floor as a new grad (no experience). After 5 months I found an outpatient infusion center and took the job immediately. The hours are so much better, if you have a problem pt/family member you aren’t stuck with them for 12 hours, mich less stress on the body, pts are mostly independent and you get to actually talk to and get to know your pts. Less charting, more thank you’s.. the list goes on.
  4. DextersDisciple

    What's a good starting career for a new nurse?

    I get where you’re coming from. You’re still a fairly new nurse and you want to use the skills you saw/learned in nursing school. The degree is expensive and the work is hard so you should get the full experience of being a “real” nurse. I did The same thing too. I got the experience but I realized my outpatient jobs we’re highly coveted and SO much better. I’ll never go to back to bedside but I’m glad I had the experience.
  5. DextersDisciple

    What area/nursing specialty do you prefer?

    Outpatient settings/hours
  6. DextersDisciple

    Nurse asks, 'Did you know I was there?' in touching viral post

    Very visceral. I always had to cover the patients face with a towel during post mortem care so I could get through it without crying. Seeing their face reminded me how that could have been my family member and made it that much more difficult.
  7. DextersDisciple

    QOL vs Preservation of Life

    THIS!! Your first sentence took the exact words out of my mouth!! The ethical dilemmas are by far the “worst/hardest things I’ve seen” when I was an ICU nurse. I’ll take all the blood and guts and crap over being forced to torture people for a living any day.
  8. DextersDisciple

    RN training newly hired nurse.

    She has her own license so yes that is a flat out lie. She does need adequate supervision but it sounds like this place doesn’t have the staff to provide a thorough and safe orientation. I wouldn’t take a “buddy” anymore if I were you.
  9. DextersDisciple

    Why Nurses Should Join the Gig Economy Right Now

    I agree with you and personally wouldn’t be interested in a side gig for profit either. However, There’s a way of saying things without coming off as insulting to the OPs ideas/writing skills. It may have not been your intention but I Personally went “ouch” when I read it.
  10. DextersDisciple

    Why Nurses Should Join the Gig Economy Right Now

    A little harsh don’t ya think? OP I enjoyed your suggestions
  11. DextersDisciple

    Preceptor is SO BAD!

    Wait Are you the preceptor ..?
  12. DextersDisciple

    Mon-Fri Rn Jobs no weekends or holidays

    Yeah I usually go over that part in detail but Like I said I’ve answered this kind of post so many times I just forgot this time lol. My on call holiday for the year (not everyone gets one) was MLK day Also its pretty easy to give away your call. I pick up a lot of extra call from people who don’t want theirs. oh and we don’t do neuro IR-separate hospital.
  13. DextersDisciple

    BON or Nursys in NJ

    You can Look yourself up and see.
  14. DextersDisciple

    Discussing salary with co workers

    HARD no. It is NOT “good to discuss”.
  15. DextersDisciple

    Getting fired for not answering call bell?

    Yeah I forgot to mention how messed up that was btw. He shouldn’t have reprimanded you in that way. I would’ve said “I assisted the pt and so and so CNA will be back to bring him a new gown”. Idk if that would Have mattered or not Though. Still, you should not have been punished.
  16. DextersDisciple

    Getting fired for not answering call bell?

    Easier said than done but don’t stay an hour and half late and during that time perform nursing duties. If I had to stay late to chart I went into a secluded isolation computer room and closed the door. That way I wouldn’t be asked/feel obligated to perform direct pt care. If kept going to the bedside I would never finish my charting and never get out of there. As you learn time management skills you shouldn’t be stuck there 1.5 hrs late. Good luck!

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