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DextersDisciple has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN.

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  1. DextersDisciple

    Nursing tips and tricks: Please share.

    If I had just weaned a pt off of Levo I would not disconnect the entire line. Especially right before I left for lunch. Problem solved ??‍♀️ Sorry I just think that fb post was a terrible example LOL
  2. I actually thought all of them did! Me and my pod partners would basically go down our row of pts and bath all of them together. The techs helped when available but regardless there was always at least one nurse bathing the pt.
  3. DextersDisciple

    New Grad, anxiety and possible issues with preceptor

    I would secure new employment elsewhere ASAP. This is going to continue to be a never ending nightmare. Good job getting a rep. So sorry you’ve had such an awful experience.
  4. DextersDisciple

    How do I succeed as a new nurse?

    I wouldn’t worry about it because this sounds about right in regards to what you can actually DO in clinical. My school did not allow us to do anything IV or even accucheks. I hesitantly asked a nurse if I could straight cath her pt (very pregnant mo...
  5. DextersDisciple

    When Your Preceptee is a Know-it-All

    Oh Cmon, really??
  6. DextersDisciple

    Nursing job with routine

    You seem to like Cardiology- look into cath lab and see how much ICU experience they require . Some will be 1 year while Others want 2. Our cath lab is mostly elective procedures minus your N/STEMIs. Procedural areas tend to have a good amount of rou...
  7. DextersDisciple

    mediation with BON..What should I expect?

    You desperately need a lawyer. Don’t do anything without them from now on.
  8. DextersDisciple

    Is the grass greener in ICU?

    Question: how long have you been on your current floor? If it’s less than a year I’d say grin and bear it but it’s a year or more I’d say make the switch!
  9. DextersDisciple

    Question about prescriptions

    this is not strict this is policy at the vast majority (if not all) hospitals. I work in a procedural area and if you don’t have a ride then you get nothing via IV. Doesn’t matter how you personally tolerate it, it’s a safety and liability issue for ...
  10. DextersDisciple

    New Graduate Resume

    I was always taught ( in school and by actual nurse recruiters) that they dont want to see anymore than 1 page for a resume. I would actually delete the entire skills section as it just lists your clinical hours in detail. The number of hours you spe...
  11. DextersDisciple

    Age vs Years Nursing

    29 years old 7 years an RN
  12. DextersDisciple

    Nasal cannulas behind the head

    Yes but only for procedural purposes . O2 source behind head of Flat table so the NC is behind the head to connect to O2. Also if Dr is getting IJ access the Neck is prepped into the sterile field so NC tubing cannot be in that area.
  13. DextersDisciple

    Finding a job with pending accusation

    Since when? I was thinking the opposite. In my experience BiPap pts we’re constantly ripping off their masks so restraints are absolutely necessary. Sounds like they could go downhill pretty fast if they weren’t compliant with the BiPap.
  14. DextersDisciple

    Mama RN Needs Advice on Childcare Options

    This. My nursing school would send out an email every month with babysitting/pet sitting jobs from local families. Families liked the idea of having a reliable and already background checked nursing student. Having BLS helped too. I loved my babysitt...
  15. DextersDisciple

    Am I overreacting?

    Procedural nurses with critical care backgrounds (cath lab, IR) are being floated to units when the surge comes. Same concept of team nursing -1 primary ICU RN + 1 ICU RNs for 3/4 pts. We are considered helpers so we do not have own our assignment. H...