Merry Christmas!

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    It's Christmas here already in Scotland, (twenty past midnight, and we are patiently waiting for our babies (aged 19, 17, & 14, to go to sleep so that Santa can get busy! Much easier ten years ago!!! ) christmas hugs to you all!!! xc :Present2: :Present1: :Santa1:
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  3. by   AnnieOaklyRN
    Merry Christmas to you as well!

  4. by   RN007
    And Merry Christmas to you in Scotland! It's only 8:48 p.m. here (U.S. eastern time zone) and while I'm ready for bed, my kids are just getting wound up! :Ball:
  5. by   royr
    And a Merry Christmass to all - 9:41 here in upstate NY - The roof is washed - gutters are clean - big water dish on the roof for those tired Reindeer. Cookies and Milk out for Santa along with the thank you letter. FINALLY got my 6 year old into bed - she wanted to inspect the roof - even made me remove the chimney cap so Santa could get down. I am sooo tired! Can't wait to see what the big guy brings!!!
  6. by   mandirocker
    merry christmas!!!!! it is only 15 til 10 here in where i am but santa will come soon enough!!!!!

  7. by   RN007
    Well, my kids are finally getting their jammies on. Ditto cookies and milk plus carrots for Rudolph and all of the other reindeer. :Melody: (My 11-yr-old even counted the carrots to make sure we had enough.) I hope they fall asleep soon. I'm about to collapse!

    Merry Christmas, All!:Holly1:
  8. by   jrbl77
    merry christmas to all. i am celebrating the fact that the first time in 30 yrs {except for 2 maternity leaves} i am off for three days in a row at christmas. how did i do this- switched jobs. yes i may have to be on call next uear as a hospice nurse, but will enjoy this year.i am having around 25 peolple at my house for christmas monday afternoon. best wishes for a new year!
  9. by   melrina75
    :santa5: merry christmas!! i am working tonight - kids w/grandma! gonna be a real slow night though! to all my nurse's who are working hard and spending this holiday with our "other" family - merry christmas!! we all are in it together! keep smiling - happy holidays!! :reindeer:
  10. by   nursedawn67
    :santa2: merry christmas to you all! and may the new year bring you love, happiness and good luck! :holly3:

  11. by   melissa*lvn
    :Holly3: Merry christmas to all! :Present1:
  12. by   bigred
    Merry Christmas everybody!! It is 0745 Christmas Morning in Ontario, Canada. I have enjoyed reading the previous Christmas messanges. Our children are grown now, so it is quiet around here. That is ok though. The Christmas tree lights are on and I am listening to beautiful Carols while logged onto Allnurses with my cup of coffee in my favourite Christmas mug.
    I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas whether you are working or are off. All the best for 2007.

    P.S. I love Allnurses. I cannot think of a better way to begin Christmas morning than to log into this site and read your great messages!
  13. by   tatgirl
    Merry Christmas to all!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow I lucked out and was off yesterday and today!!!! I am sitting here with the tree lights on, and wonderful cup of coffee waiting for dd (13) and dh to wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!