medical marijuana

  1. Anyone want to put in their two cents worth on the pro's and con's of medical marijuana?

    Have you ever been in the position to "help" with administration? Do you think it helps?

    What do you think of the 2nd hand smoke factor?

    Is it being used where you live?

    I REALLY would love some feedback please. I need to gather information for a project. I've checked with several doctors in my area, hospice, pharmacies, waiting for a call back from the oncology dept. at our local hospital. I find it interesting that people use it, but don't want to talk about it.
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  3. by   blueberrybon
    I feel so rejected! Is this a subject that noone wants to touch with a ten foot pole?

    Do I need to dare you to respond? Okay, I double dog dare you...

  4. by   NickiLaughs
    I'll reply though my view is more of a personal view than a professional.

    Medical marijuana is used a lot out here in california. I believe that quite of the people that are getting it prescribed are just finding excuses for it. I know two people who take it because of "GI problems". Yet I see them eat all kinds of spicy crap.

    I know that there are very few doctors that actually prescribe it. One of the people I know who uses it has to drive over an hour to this doctor.

    I personally think that marijuana is an excellent medication for those who need it! When my father had cancer, his nausea was really bad. They tried to give him all kinds of meds to help alleviate it. Nothing helped and he was down to almost 120 pounds at 6'5". So when they finally prescribed him marijuana and his weight starting coming back on. The whole family was greatful. Needless to say he beat the cancer (ewing's sarcoma). So, I think it has good uses.
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  6. by   loriangel14
    I live in Canada and the use of medical marijuana has been in the news lately.A professor at York University in Toronto has legal permission to use marijuana for his degenerative arthritis.He fought for, and won, a specially ventilated room at his work place so he can use his marijuana safely and with privacy. It was also noted that he uses a special inhaler to filter out the tar and chemicals but allows him to still receive the benefits of marijuana.
    As the previous poster said, any opinion given here would be a personal view.Mine is that if marijuana relives people of some uncomfortable symptoms then it is worth supporting.I am not familiar with the application process but I think that efforts are made to make sure people are not taking advantage of it. I do know that in Canada patients using marijuana have their case reviewed very regularly and it is scrutinized closely.
  7. by   timdmb
    how about the use of marinol.. ive seen it used quite a bit (work in oncology) usually with favorable results
  8. by   dosamigos76
    I have a hospice patient that "unofficially" uses it. This person was concerned when I saw the papers, but I told them I wasn't there to judge, and I know how well it works for the nausea. This person weighs about 70 pounds........ I think it is silly all the uproar about it, but that's just me.
  9. by   Lacie
    I have worked with AIDS patients who "unofficially" used marijuana also. Most report if not for the pot they wouldnt get through the day due to the pain from the disease or the side-effects of the medications/cocktails they have to endure. Not only the ability to ease some of these horrible affects but they enjoy the increased appetitie also that comes with it. Helps alleviate pain, control nausea, increases appetite... when all other meds the doctors have prescribed dont work to alleviate these symptoms. I say go for it! But the drug companies may lose a few bucks down the road if this were to happen legally.
  10. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I have yet to see any real argument that makes any sense against its use.

    All drugs, manmade and natural, have potential side effects.
    Marijuana is a natural drug, yet it has such a bad rep.

    Use of marijuana was associated with minority groups and hemp was a big competitor for the Dupont company ( a paper manufacturer). Have you ever seen the movie " Reefer Madness"? What a joke. Apparently, marijuana will turn you into a homicidal killer. The point is, marijuana has been advertised as a horrible drug and most people don't even know why. They just go along with whatever the media tells them. Look up the history of the use of marijuana and you will see it has been unfairly demonized.

    Cigarette smoking on the other hand.... perfectly legal and kills millions.
  11. by   ChocoholicRN
    What a coincidence, the topic of my final paper for nursing research is whether or not medical marijuana is beneficial to cancer patients. So far, I'd say that 95% of the studies I've looked at show good results. Of course it's not for everyone, but most cancer patients find that it helps alleviate some of the nausea better than prescription medications. Medical marijuana has also been used to treat "wasting syndrome" in AIDS patients who have lost a lot of weight (good for cancer patients too!!). IMO medical marijuana is a good and safe choice for treating nausea and weight loss in certain patients, as long as it is prescribed accordingly and used correctly. Just because someone has "GI problems" does not mean that they should be using pot to cure their discomfort. Nor should cancer and AIDS patients all be put under one umbrella and be told to use marijuana. I think each patient needs to be evaluated by their physician before starting this type of treatment.
  12. by   TiffyRN
    There have been some previous discussions; you might find them enlightening; though the topic is not necessarily medical usage.
  13. by   blueberrybon
    Wow, thanks everyone! I love this site. You can learn a lot from so many sources!

    I guess the "dare" works!

    I am off to a study group, armed with this information...

    so...Thanks again everyone!
  14. by   BSNtobe2009
    Would you believe I did a term paper on this in college?

    I got into an argument with a professor that marijuana was safer than alcohol, and he told me I was wrong, and told me (as a joke) if I could support my claim in a paper, he would grade it and replace one of my exam grades with it. I took the challenge.

    I concluded that if you were to legalize one of the two, alcohol should be illegal and pot should be legalized, as it did far less damage.

    The trouble with the majority of the research, is that it is very, very difficult to find enough subjects that are ONLY smoking marijuana and not doing any other drug, and it narrows down further, those that can actually afford it in it's purest form. Drug dealers put some nasty things in it.

    So when you hear things like it causes lung cancer, causes birth defects, etc....this is where your probability and statistics class kicks in...."Did they test the right population? How truthful was the population?"

    I have never smoked pot, but I can't for the life of me, understand why the government is fighting so hard against the medical use of it. It's just silly....just tax it and control it like you do any other controlled substance. How hard can it be?

    I had a great aunt that died of brain cancer..very God fearing woman, but refused to eat for days after Chemo....she was terminal...and only buying time, it was never going to cure her. She died 10 months from diagnosis. Some of her relatives got ahold of the "green stuff" and baked it in cookies and cakes for her to increase her appetite, and it always worked like a charm.