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what do you think? i am a new nurse. i very seldom get to work with male nurses. i want to know others opinions on how they feel about them. do men give the same tender love and care to their... Read More

  1. by   BadBird
    I have worked with male nurses and found them to be a wonderful as female nurses. When I was a patient I had a male nurse who was great. I think that when you choose nursing it is a certain calling that one must possess and your sex just doesn't matter.
  2. by   Rustyhammer
    I don't even think about the sex issue anymore. When I am working with the girls I hear their stories and adventures as if I am "one of the girls".
    Nurses are an intimate bunch Nikki, as we wear not only our hearts but our lives on our sleeve.
    Men or women...we are all nurses.
  3. by   live4today
    Originally posted by shodobe
    ........................I would rather work with all women than men. Mike a woman......and a nurse.......I would rather work with all men than women IN ANY EMPLOYMENT SETTING.

    I've worked with excellent male nurses in my nursing profession. There hasn't been one that comes to mind that I didn't enjoy working with, or respect as a person and/or as a nurse.

    On the other hand......I've worked with a whole lot of women that I did not enjoy working with, or respect as women or as nurses. I can count the number of female nurses on both hands (that would be ten) that I have enjoyed working with and had a great deal of respect for. Now.....out of 15 years in nursing, that isn't a lot of women.
  4. by   mario_ragucci
    Men and women are totally capable of giving/receiving love. Love is a human thing, and where ever it got defiled to the point men are construed as being less caring, I don't know.

    I'm not used to the ease in which female RN's toss around pet names to each other and PT's. Thats a female thing. I suppose men don't call people "Baby, sugar, sweetie, buddy or sweetheart." Women don't reserve these names.

    What you say, and to a small extent, how you say it, transcends any bias which could stem from a gender-type thing?
  5. by   alwaysthere
    A nurse is a nurse..period
    There are some good there are some not so good.

    Ive always had a good expereince working with and recieveing care from male nurses...There was only one that i worked with that I had to report...(dont mess with my pt's!)
    Generally males seem to be in this proffesion beacuse they really want to be, there hearts are in it and they are some of the most kind gentle and compasssioniate souls you will ever meet...and some of the finest friends you will be priveliged to have. (and they're a hell of a lot easier to get along with than most women. most of em anyway )
  6. by   traumaRUs
    I'm the night charge in a large ER. We have testosterone overload sometimes!!! I don't care if I work with male, female, black, white, purple - just give me plenty of nurses!!!!!!
  7. by   mark_LD_RN
    hey Mario.. I often call my patients baby and sweetheart as well as other terms of endearment
  8. by   micro
    If I am the patient, give me a good and competent nurse. And let that nurse not forget to care about me, besides all the technicalities. I may be a woman, but I am human. And I am human first, rather I am the nurse or the patient.
    There is truly not a difference, when we fill our roles as nurses.
    Sex/gender is not an issue.

  9. by   bigredd
    nurse nikki,
    I am a tech in the emergency room and to see some of the women who work there are very less compassionate and not as sensitive as some of the other guys i work with as nurses, take for granted the er has a lot of crap to deal with. People are all different:race, religion, sex, ethnicity, or spirituality, to supercede that and categorize men as macho and insensitive is to stereotype men, maybe u need to come to jersey.

    a friend and soon to be a fellow nurse:bigred
  10. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    I work night shift ER, and cant say I really have a preference, but then some of these new cute little women coming into work are much easier on my eyes.

    doo wah ditty