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It's becoming a problem in many workplaces according to yesterday's Wall Street Journal: Low rider pants. I'm seeing some nurses wearing them, and they're steadily moving south of propriety in... Read More

    low riders don't belong in the clinical setting what so ever! i don't care if you have the body for it or if you're young enough...it just doesn't belong. nurses who wear these pants with a midriff top won't be satisfied until tptb make us all go back to wearing basic whites minus the caps! why must some always push the envelope & mess it up for the rest of us ?

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  2. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Originally posted by fab4fan
    Totally inappropriate. Dress how you like on your off time. For God's sake, how can we ever get any credibility when nurses insist on dressing like this? I thought we (female nurses) were trying to live down the "sex-kitten" image.
  3. by   Grace Oz
    Hahaha..... Here in Oz, a Thong, is what we wear on our FEET!!! LOL.... They're rubber & we wear them in summer on the beach, etc... Hahaha.

    On a serious note, if nurses desire to be taken seriously, & be treated as, & respected as professionals, we must dress accordingly. Can you imagine the military being permitted to dress like slobs?! I know nursing isn't the military, however, apropriate dress codes reflect both the person AND the workplace.
    There you have it.... my two bob's worth! :-)
  4. by   P_RN
    Moe said:Why must some always push the envelope & mess it up for the rest of us ?

    True, true, true
  5. by   sjoe
    Tacky at work AND otherwise.
  6. by   ERNurse752
    Haven't see the low-riders yet. Anyone seen the capri scrub pants?
  7. by   salvati08
    Like someone else asked, do you mean saggy pants like men wear or are women actually wearing pants that show their midriff and bellybutton. So are their shirts short too? I have never seen this? please explain
  8. by   askater11
    Never seen them. No input.
  9. by   Love-A-Nurse
    this doesn't surprise me. i know i wouldn't wear them.
  10. by   ShelleyERgirl
    In response to the question, I believe we are talking about the low rise pants where the waist band is below the belly button, not the baggy jeans that the guys like to wear. My personal opinion is they are okay IF the skin is covered AND remains covered which means you are not giving a show when ya bend over to start an IV and do a dressing change or whatever. I am working hard to earn my degree and to earn the respect that goes along with that degree and I will be damned if my clothing choices are going to interfer with that. Let's be honest here, we are judged by what we look like at first and if we don't maintain a professional appearance and strive to look like a prostitute then what do ya expect? Does that make sense? I hope so. I just pulled an all nighter typing a paper and I'm a little groggy
  11. by   Mama Val
    I agree with Navynurse, as long as no skin is showing when you are bending and reaching when your working then it shouldn't be a problem (a tucked in shirt). I wouldn't wear them, no where near skinny enough.
    If we look like hookers then we will be called that nurse that looks like a hooker. No matter how smart and professional you are, you are judged by your appearance first, and first impressions last forever.
  12. by   bedpan
    It was stated in an earlier post that there are students at clinicals guilty of this also - THAT is what really blows my mind! Aren't they graded on a professional appearance in clinicals as part of their overall grade?

    Here they would be sent home as soon as they showed up!Where are the instructors? Why didn't they put a stop to it immediately?

    We had to purchase our scrubs through the school, each identical to all the others so that isn't a problem for us.
  13. by   Celiabs
    What do you think about Capri pants? They always make me think of those 50s beach movies with Annette and Frankie.

    Here's the kind of drop waist I was referring to: