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salvati08 has 7 years experience and specializes in oncology.

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  1. salvati08

    Straub Nursing Pay

    Thank you! That helps! I have noticed job postings list having an MSN as preferred, so I would guess that would play a role into the pay. Maybe not!
  2. Hello! I am a breast care navigator for a hospital in St. Louis. I am also the facilitator for the support group. We meet once a month and try to incorporate fun, interesting ideas. Any ideas on topics, speakers, or things to do relating to breast cancer? Im open to any suggestions! Thanks! Lisa
  3. salvati08

    Chamberlain Nurse Educator MSN Program???

    Hello! Well that was my next question..... It seems like not all schools will accept Nurse Educators in to their DNP program? I had posted another thread on here asking if I could go on to do the DNP from the Nurse Educator. Where is it you are doing your DNP? Is it also online? Thanks!
  4. salvati08

    DNP Question...

    Okay, thank you. But does that mean with my MSN in Nursing Education I will be able to do a MSN-DNP program somewhere??
  5. salvati08

    DNP Question...

    Hello Is the MSN-DNP programs only for people who hold a MSN NP OR does it include people who have their MSN in Nursing Education?? Several schools I've looked at say one thing and some say another? Thanks!
  6. salvati08

    Chamberlain Nurse Educator MSN Program???

    Thank you Sue. I also was doing the ANP program at another school, and also did not like it. I think I'm going to do this! Thanks!
  7. salvati08

    Chamberlain Nurse Educator MSN Program???

  8. Hello I just spoke with a recruiter from Chamberlain College of Nursing about their Nurse Educator MSN online program. Has anyone had any experience or known anyone who has with this program? Any info, good or bad is appreciated! I did my BSN online and love it! I'm really considering this program. I would like to hear from someone that knows anything about it! Thanks so much! :)
  9. salvati08

    NNP Please Read!

    Sorry about that, I actually didn't ask to be pm, that's just what happened. I wanted to see if anyone would even answer me first before listing all the questions like I had done before and got no response. So here is one of the poeple who pm me. I wrote: THANK YOU for answering me!!!!! Ok here goes my questions, 1.) Why did you choose to be a NNP? 2.)what are the typical duties on normal day? 3.) How does it differ from being a RN in the unit? 4.)Are they well respected my the MD's? 5.)Did you work while in school and if so how was it? 6.)Can NNP only work in a NICU? 7.) What are hours like? I know a RN can have the option of three 12 hr shifts/ week and so forth, what about the NP? 8.) I have to ask it, what is the typical starting salary, I can't a straight answer anywhere. 9.)In graduate school do you have clinicals? 10.) What is the job demand? 11.)And anything else you wish you would have known in school or advice you have. Thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1. I've always wanted to work in the NICU; it was the only reason i became a nurse. So for me, in deciding to do an advanced degree it was the natural choice. I also always wanted to be an MD but never followed through. I eventually had a baby that was a preemie and respected what the NNP's did so much more than the neo's that I knew it was the right choice. 2.Typically if you're working day shift you round on your patients and go over plans for the day. You write orders, look at x-rays, attend deliveries, assess your patients, confer with the docs, help with emergent situations, put lines in, etc etc etc 3. You are making life and death decisions for these patients; just as the MD would. You also can perform more procedures than a regular RN. You write orders etc. your role is just that of an md; but ultimately the final decisions are the MD's but the responsibility is much more than a regular RN's. 4. Yes, but that also depends on where you work. Where I did my training the NNP's were very well respected. They were responsible for some of the teaching of the new residents. Docs there really valued the NNP's opinions. 5. Only did weekends. The learning curve was HUGE. Some of my classmates did more. But only weekends worked for me also because of my daughter. I did a program that was entirely online. So I would have had a lot more flexibility working but for my particular situation weekends was my best option. 6. Yes or a newborn nursery. If you think at a later date you'd be interested in more than nicu I'd do both the nnp and pnp programs. 7. Again varies. Some work 8-5. some work 7-7 it all depends. some do 24 hours shifts every now and then. 8. Varies from regions. As a new grad i've been offered as little as 28.00 per hour to 40 per hour (that was out west though where the cost of living is so much higher) It also depends on if you're working a private hospital or a public one. some private hospital salaries were as high as 120,000 (I was offered that in Texas) but I don't think that high of a salary is the norm. You can do nursing jobs (particularly with traveling) that make just as much as an NNP. In my opinion you have to do it for the love of the job and not the money. 9. Oh yes. There is alot to learn as an NNP. 10. NNP's are so valuable that there is a big demand for them much more so than say a PNP finding a job has not been a problem. As NICU units expand etc there is no way the md's can cover these huge units alone. Besides most nurses would prefer to have an NNP to go to anyway. leave the docs out of it 11. You'll have to work 2 years in a NICU before you can go to school. (a level 3) Learn as much as you can and don't be afraid to get in there and ask NNP's to show you how to read xrays or why they wanted to do what they did. Ask them about the jobs etc MOSt are eager to teach and Love thier job. I couldn't imagine doing any other job. I LOVE my babies.
  10. salvati08

    NNP please read!

    :) I actually had a few people pm me and answered all of the questions I had! Thanks!!!!
  11. salvati08

    NNP Please Read!

    I actually had a few people pm me and answered all of my questions. But thanks anyway!!! :)
  12. salvati08

    Jewish Hospital College of Nursing

    I am starting at JHC this fall and have heard nothing but good things about it. The previous post is right about the good clinicals because Barnes Jewish hospital is ranked high in the best hospitals in the US. They have a really good turnover rate also. And compared financially, to other schools the pricing is pretty good and if you work at a BJC hospital, they will pay almost half your tuition. I am really happy I am going there. I too did extensive research trying to find the BEST nursing school in st.louis, and then after weighing all my options, I decided on Jewish. Please email me with any other questions. :)
  13. salvati08

    GI NPs...

    Hello, I sent you a pm, will you please read it and reply? Thanks
  14. salvati08

    would you still be a np if you had to do all over again???

  15. salvati08


    Hello, go to http://www.salary.com and type in nurse and your exact area and it will tell you the average income there.
  16. Like in the general nursing forum, the question was asked "if you had to do all over would you still of picked nursing?". I was shocked to see that a lot of people answered with no. It's really upsetting, but anyway what do all you nurse practitioner's think? Are you happy you chose what you did? Any regrets? Would you do it over? Thanks!:)

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