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It came up in a thread earlier this week. Several of us have decided we want to open and work in an AllNurses Hospital. So, since this is a global site, where should we locate the facility and what... Read More

  1. by   Jen911
    How about TYPED physician's orders?? Ahhh, wouldn't that make our jobs soooooooo much easier???
  2. by   petiteflower
    Yes--typed--readable---clear---OMG I think that I am in heaven.
  3. by   fedupnurse
    A world where STAT will mean right this minute, not SomeTime After Tomorrow/Tuesday/Thursday whichever happens to be farthest away! Where doctors call you back right away and actually address the reason why you called at 2 am rather than scream at you. There will be no committees for issues to get lost or buried in either!! Oh, no! When a problem arises we will solve it right then and there, not hire some ridiculously overpriced consultant who will make a situation worse! Remember, we will be the creme de la creme at Allnurses Hospital. Think we need a better name after Allnurses? Like HealthCare Mecca, etc????
  4. by   Huganurse
    Where do I send my resume????
    I'd like to add: Fee for service payment system for all nurses!!! We could charge $125.00 and up/IV stick, 250.00 and up/blood infusion, 75.00 for ROM and massages, 300.00 for set up and infusion of IVF, serving dinner? 10 bucks please, $2/pill, 15/shot, I could go on but just think how happy we'd be if we got reimbursed for our services! Just a dream.

    Oh, and yes peds max should be 1:4 on M/S, 1:2 for pedi step down, 1:1 in pedi ICU, and 2:1 in high risk neonatal. Only wishing for the way it used to be regaurding staffing.
    And, can we go back to using acuity levels please? I'd also like free food and beverages anytime from the cafe too, as well as a real break or two. How bout a CNA assigned to every nurse? A real assistant that would be our exclusive assistant and we get to hire that person too!
  5. by   adrienurse
    OOOOh Yeah!
    And, in exchange for your excellent services. Free 24 hour daycare would be provided on site by people who care -- so that staff would never have to pick and choose their shifts bases on the babysitters schedule
  6. by   fedupnurse
    And no stupid orders like the GI docs write: H/H q 4hr's and transfuse if Hgb is <12. First of all if I draw that much blood that frequently your patient will become anemic. Secondly, there is a blood shortage you MORONS! 10 or 12 isn't bad enough to transfuse. Just ask any GYN! They wait till their patients hit 4 or 5 and then CONSIDER a transfusion!
    Actually, the doctors should pay those fees you mentioned Huganurse! They get everything in hospitals free now. Not at AllNurses! You want to use the OR, that'll be 10,000. Oh, you can't bill the patient for that either. You wnat to utilize the staff to care for that patient fork over their salary!
    "To dream the impossible dream....."
  7. by   LasVegasRN
    Oh! Oh! Could we have Bytch-Slap patrol? So if you hear at change of shift, something stupid like, "Gee, Iris, you really put that mycostatin powder on very heavy - it's supposed to be a light dusting powder, not a heavy dusting powder because I lift up the patient's flab of skin and I sneeze and it really affects my allergies and I get really irritated and tired easily when that happens." :::: SLAP!! ::::: What the hell are you doing with yer nose in the patient's groin?

    Oops, sorry, I digressed...
  8. by   Fgr8Out
    Submitting my resume....

    y'all covered the bases with this one already... i have nothing to add except... i am SOOOO there!!!!
  9. by   Nancy45
    And could we please have enough Hoyer's (not broken or lost or in the laundry) so that no more 100 lb. nurses will be lifting 200+ lb pts. or some kind of device over each pts bed to "pull them up." Of course if there was enough staff around ... well please count me in, too.
  10. by   KP RN
    Well, good night everyone!
    I just read Las Vegas's post and wet myself....

    Gotta go take a bath now. Toodles!!
  11. by   Nancy45
    OK, who wants to design and sell the allnurses.com t-shirts? Just so everyone will be on the same page. Flylady.net now has 10000 members (this site is to keep your home together) and she in on the cover of Woman's Day! What do you think?
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  12. by   NRSKarenRN
    I think the hospital should be located in Paradise, PA or Bird-in Hand ( real PA, Lancaster County towns). Only 1 1/12 hrs from my home!

    I'm applying for Nurse Educator position...can't handle 12's anymore. Or Case management/Discharge planning as know the ropes.
  13. by   fedupnurse
    I don't know. I think we need our own country! The idea is that we won't have to cave to the beaurocrats and the dumb DOH regs that make no sense but they catch you on every time. I'm still thinking an Island, a big one, we'd all have to relocate. Either that or we have to take over an entire state and succeed from the USA. That might be a better way. We need to get cracking on this though. I don't know how much more of this place I can take!!!!!!!