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Formerly a 911 Dispatcher, now an ER RN

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  1. Jen911

    New IV pumps

    blehhhhhh... we have those pumps at one of the hospitals I work at, and I HATE HATE HATE them! They are the most user UNfriendly pumps I've ever used! Nothing is quick with those things! One tip of advice we've found is to hang it quite low on your pole, it seems to help with the beeping...yet doesn't help with programming. My pet peeve is that the buttons aren't backlit for the nightshifters to be able to see them in the dark, and they aren't placed where you'd expect them! We've had the pumps for probably a year now (or it feels like it), and we still hate them.
  2. Jen911

    For Fun: Nsg Dx for a Flat Tire

    Haha..perfect timing since I just had a flat tire two days ago! At least it was only flat on one side. :uhoh21:
  3. Prior to nursing school, I worked as a CNA for 10 years. Once I started school, I decided my brain was being overloaded with healthcare "stuff" so I decided to work in a different profession during school I took a job as a Sheriff's Dispatcher/911 operator. This job taught me how to think fast, use critical thinking skills, and how to find resources quickly. Great job to prepare me for quick paced ER so I can think quickly on my feet and prioritize.
  4. Jen911


    You're not alone! I had the same problem. I bought a pair of Crocs when they first came out, and found they KILLED my arches! I had been dealing from plantar fasciitis for over a year and a half, and thought maybe the Crocs would help. Felt like I had a couple huge lumps under my arches. 2 hours was about all I could tolerate at a time in those shoes. I thought maybe they just needed to be broken in a bit, but I finally gave up and went back to my Skechers. Good luck! Jen911
  5. Jen911

    cute, non-tacky scrub tops?

    I've been getting my scrubs from http://www.tafford.com for several years now. They have great designs, and their uniforms last forever! If you check their clearance stuff, you can usually get scrubs for $4.99 with a great selection of sizes and designs. They also ship quickly. Good Luck!
  6. Jen911

    What's "CVVH" in the ICU??

    Found this via google, I'm gonna guess it has to do with dialysis. Hopefully this will start you in the right direction. CVVH Continuous Veno-Venous Hemofiltration Jen911
  7. Jen911

    My CROCS made me fall tonight..

    My hospital just banned Crocs and "Crocs type shoes" due to liability. Not only because of tripping over your shoes, but also due to slipping risk on wet floors being increased if the tread is worn. I'm not sure if this includes clogs such as Danskos, but I'd be willing to bet they'll add that soon, too..sigh
  8. Jen911

    ICU VS. the ER?

    Sheesh, this debate will continue for decades, just like the ER vs Floors debate. ER can be hard work, so can ICU....we just focus on different care of the patient. ER tries to stabilize the emergency at hand, then sends the patient to ICU where they can work to fix the problem safely. I've worked ER's for 6 years, and have no desire to work ICU - it scares me! LOL! Let me stabilize and get 'em to the people who can actually fix 'em!
  9. Jen911

    Stupid medication question

    Actually, you don't need to push the lever at the same time as you inhale. Pushing the lever simply turns the "wheel of medication" to the new dose for you to inhale. There is no "puff" as we're used to with albuterol, or the other short-acting inhalers. Advair is simply a powder that releases as a person inhales through the diskus. Here's the link specifically from the Advair website: http://www.advair.com/copd/inhaler_instructions.html
  10. Jen911

    commemorating an assignment?

    I'm a magnet JUNKIE!!!! Magnets are easy to pack, don't take much room, and I have a reminder of all my travels every time I look at my fridge. Just be careful not to get any magnets that seem fragile or might have small pieces that fall off. Every place I go, I get a new magnet...like when I was in CA, each place I went I got another magnet, ie Monterey, Yosemite, San Fran...you get the idea. Besides, magnets are relatively cheap, and I LOVE cheap!!
  11. Jen911

    Agostini Nurse staffing?

    I'm currently working for Agostini (also did a contract with Travel Nurse Across America). Agostini has great pay in California, $42-46/hr. Their housing includes ALL utilities, even your cable and phone. They do offer health/dental insurance, but you have to ask for it. Downside: California is pretty much it for Agostini... But heck, I've had a great experience with them, and don't mind having to change companies now that I'm ready to leave CA!
  12. Jen911

    Travel Nurse Across America

    I did one assignment with this company..really liked them, but they just didn't have the number of assignments that others do. Their health insurance was also a bit poor...had something like a $20,000 yearly cap (pray you don't get sick!). Their pay was a tad bit on the low side compared to other companies, too... On the good note, they always went to bat for me, and checked in often to make sure all was going well. They put me in an Extended Stay hotel since my contract was only for 8 weeks...was okay, but just cramped and noisy for a night shift worker. Hope this helps..
  13. Jen911

    Got any funny acronyms at your ER???

    Haven't seen this one posted here yet, probably because we never get to use it! PFE = Patient Free Environment (for that VERY rare moment when we have no patients in the ED)...much safer than using that Q word!
  14. Jen911

    last minute call in

    We have an on-call nurse... We sign up in 4 hour increments voluntarilly, and it's rare that we don't have someone on call. We can call that nurse if we have a sick call, get swamped, or if someone needs to go home suddenly....basically, they're on call just for about anything. We're paid half our hourly wage to be on call, and if we're called in, we're paid double our hourly wage. Gives us a nice perk to be willing to do it! Yeah, it's a pain to have to go in at 0430 and have to be there within 40 minutes time, but heck.... it's not often you get called at that hour, either...
  15. Jen911

    Male nurses

    I work ER, night shift, and often times I am the only female nurse working! LOL. We joke that you can almost smell the testosterone. I wouldn't trade ANY of our male nurses... Nurses are nurses, no matter what sex they are. Sure, they aren't able to do some tasks such as assist with the pelvic exams, but they pick up my slack such as the males who'd prefer to have a male come in and do their caths... As for their compassion, yes, their compassion can sometimes outweigh a female's compassion. They may not want to admit it, but when it's needed, it comes out when it's called upon.
  16. Jen911

    IV starts

    Okay, I seem to be just the opposite of everyone else on the lighting issue. I prefer dim light, as I can see those dark veins easier, and if I absolutely can NOT see a vein, I somehow think I can feel it better (must be psyching myself out).. Those dark veins just tend to show up better for me in the dim light. Remember, vampires like to work in the dark. Everyone comes into my roooms and flips on the lights as I'm about to poke a patient and I glare at them, then they remember and turn the lights back off. It also helps keep my patients calmer not having those bright lights in their faces. (I work in ER, they're already stressed enough, and usually dehydrated or without veins to start). One other note, if you're able, try to use some humor... If your patient happens to ask if you've done this before, try this line, "I saw it on an episode of ER once!" I can't remember where I picked this up from, might have even been from this BB, but it works every time! We all have our bad days at IV sticks... I have a 2-3 poke limit... if I can't get an IV on my patient in 2-3 sticks, I'll go get another nurse, and they'll all do the same. My final tip... the veins in the dominant arm are generally going to be larger! if the patient is right handed, check the right arm, it'll have nicer veins. I know we always try to put it in the opposite arm, but the better veins are in the right arm! LOL Good luck!