Life outside of hospital nursing?

  1. Another night from Hades! Argh! I have HAD it with acute care hospital nursing. Tonight I had a full patient assignment/also Lead RN. No breaks for anyone. No unit secretary after the 1st 2 hours. Phone ringing off the hook for hours. I'm supposed to "help" my peers, being the lead & all, as well as put in orders/note orders & be aware of all goings on. But I have a full assignment too! It's an impossible standard. Families were throwing fits & needing 1:1 nursing care. I'm so sick of it!

    I feel like I am NOT making a difference. I feel like a cog in a wheel, nothing more. If it weren't for the money, I'd quit nursing in a heartbeat.

    Don't get me wrong, I still like my patients. I am just sick of working like a dog every darned day! I'm sick of working my a$$ off every damn night & feeling guilty b/c I can't live up to some damn unrealistic standard.

    It's always "something" in the hospital. I can count on one hand, the number of "good" shifts I've had.

    If I could get into a less stressful area, what would it be?
    I am combing the want ads weekly. I can take a pay cut, but I still have a family to support & bills to pay. I'm going to be attending full time school next semester, so I need a job that pays 60% of my current wage. I am open to suggestions.

    I am wondering about private duty nursing? Anyone tried that? I would love to be able to give REAL care, instead of the fly by the seat of your pants type in the hospital.

    My hubby is unemployed, so I HAVE to work to pay our bills.
    I can't afford to work for a measly $10/hr in Northern California. I have a BS in Nursing, and would be seeking part time employment.

    Any ideas? Any suggestions? I am beginning to HATE hospitals and how they always screw the nurses. I can hardly wait to get out of this thankless environment.
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    Have you thought of going into a LTC facility as a Rn Supervisor? I have a good friend of mine she was having alot of problems with work and other things going on, she took a break from ER and went to work weekends at a LTC home in her area. She made just about as much as she did working 5 days a week at the hospital. She also decreased her stress level by over half.
    She was able to contiue to pay her bills and was able to dedicate more time to her family and school.
    She prn'd at the hospital when she wanted to and made up extra money when needed.
    Its just a thought
  4. by   welnet66
    I take it you are a floor/med/surg nurse. I was one of those for fifteen years and never...I mean never...would I go back to that! I've moved over to critical care and what a difference:2:1 ratio, a little more respect, you can provide great care, more resources, more help...the list goes on. Get out of floor nursing or you'll go crazy!
    Good luck,
  5. by   renerian
    I have a friend who works weekends like you said as a house supervisor and gets full time pay. She loves it.

  6. by   nightingale
    Come visit us @ the Nurse Entrepreneur Forum here @ for ideas, support, and open doors you may not have ever thought of before....
  7. by   renerian
    You could try home health.

  8. by   baseline
    Have you tried another hospital? Another unit in the hospital? Keep your eye on the job postings.........I like my job.....but it doesn't keep me from checking the board every week!! Take some time off if you are able.......long week-end...and give the computer and Sunday paper a good look-see. Move to Fla. We'll get you a job! Good luck to you.....!
  9. by   bravegirlamy
    I left med/surg nursing & am now a home health case manager. I would never go back to regular floor nursing...Home health is great, but be ready for the paperwork. :uhoh21:
  10. by   BellaTerra2002
    What's an "LTC facility?" Sorry, I'm still just a wanna-be nurse. Thanks.
  11. by   sjoe
    Kona--a VERY familiar story to readers of this BB.

    Hopefully you will find a suitable alternative BEFORE you become totally burned out and have to leave nursing altogether like many of us did.

    But you will only find it if you start looking NOW, while you still have some energy. Good luck in following up some of the above suggestions and thinking of a few of your own. It might be useful to simply scroll down the list of nursing specialty forums on this BB and dropping in on those that look like possibilities for more information.
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    Originally posted by BellaTerra2002
    What's an "LTC facility?" Sorry, I'm still just a wanna-be nurse. Thanks.
    Long Term Care (such as nursing homes, extended care units, etc.)
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    Don't bug out Kona. This is your time to remember. Try to be strong and do "what-ya-gotta-do" to make your situation work. Calmly begin looking for another place to do nursing while making the best of what you have. Hubby can look to you for inspiration. Coping out often puts a strain on a relationship which is worse than jealousy :-)
  14. by   RMH
    What about rural hospital nursing. Meaning a small out lying hospital. There are still crazy/busy shifts, but usually time to spend with your patients. The pay isn't quite as much, but not too far off from larger hospitals. I work in a small hospital in No. Calif., I make way more than 10.00/hr, am never bored, love my job and have been here 11 years!!