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  1. Involuntary commits in ED and VS requirements??

    Thanks everyone. I agree with the Q4 hours after medical clearance...it just makes sense. I still can't find what medicare/medicaid requires. I will propose the q4 and appreciate all your help!!
  2. Hi Everyone, My director has asked that I rewrite our Seclusion policy for our ED. The reason is when a psych pt. comes in and is either an involuntary commit or becomes one while in our care, we continue assessing their vital signs as often as the o...
  3. Change in the way we practice

    1. Dad's were not in the delivery room during delivery 2. Most Mothers delivered under some form of anesthesia and babies via forceps 3. Everyone got their perineum shaved 4. Some Mothers were given a triple H to induce labor (a high, hot and until t...
  4. I'll just sit over here and eat bon-bons.

    She sent the patient to x-ray before you saw him because she feels your assessment would be irrelevant anyway.
  5. Illnesses and calling in sick

    Calling out sick is a tough issue for nursing. First, you're sick and shouldn't be around patients. Second, you're very likely not going to be replaced, leaving your coworkers to sweat it out that day. Here's a few tips for you and anyone else out ...
  6. Nurses performing abortions??

    Seems that these docs are using religion as an excuse for indifference toward human suffering.
  7. Nurses performing abortions??

    There are really two issues to think about concerning this problem. These doctors are not thinking about the consequences of abortion not being safe and accessible and because it's a simple and "lowly" procedure, why not dump the responsibility on n...
  8. Guess what RN's, you didn't need that college degree!!

    Yes, RN4NICU..I agree. Please everyone, be careful what you say, how you say it and check your spelling!
  9. Guess what RN's, you didn't need that college degree!!

    I graduated from St. Vincent's School of Nursing in 1986. That diploma program along with all diploma programs required university prerequisites just like ADN and BSN programs. I'm not sure what's happening with diploma schools now but then they we...
  10. This Sunday's Parade Magazine featured their annual report "What People Earn." Always very interesting but...if you look on page 4, there is a colorful box listing jobs that do not require a college degree. Here's the list: Sales Representatives, T...
  11. liar liar

    The scary thing about this post is that it is not an isolated incident. A lot of people who are not RN's or LPN's claim to be nurses.
  12. diseases common to nurses?

    The most common diseases I've seen nurses suffer from over the years are back injury and depression. Cardiovascular disease is hereditary and/or lifestyle, and not necessarily caused by stress. Otherwise, we'd have all had strokes or MI's within th...
  13. Abusive Nursing Instructors-LPN

    Hi Homeschoolmom, I graduated from nursing school 20 years ago, did very well in clinical and got good grades in class. But...the one thing I will never forget is the daily bullying, public humiliation and intimidation my classmates and I put up wit...
  14. What would you bring?

    Real soap!!
  15. I'm quitting nursing

    You're right MVH119. Why stay in a line of work that makes you unhappy..life is too short. Good for you..you made a decision many unhappy nurses are afraid to make. All the best.