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  1. welnet66

    liar liar

    The scary thing about this post is that it is not an isolated incident. A lot of people who are not RN's or LPN's claim to be nurses.
  2. welnet66

    diseases common to nurses?

    The most common diseases I've seen nurses suffer from over the years are back injury and depression. Cardiovascular disease is hereditary and/or lifestyle, and not necessarily caused by stress. Otherwise, we'd have all had strokes or MI's within the first year!
  3. welnet66

    Doctor Visit Gone bad or Good??

    Sounds to me like this Doctor should be reported. Not only did he insult you..which you will not be able to prove..he imposed his religious beliefs on you in front of a witness. That you can prove. Make some phone calls...today!!!
  4. welnet66

    Help...back from Iraq and miserable

    What specialty are you working in??
  5. welnet66

    MBT or Danskos?

    If MBT feels better...go with those. Look on the internet to compare prices. You may find a bargain. I wear Danskos..they are OK but feel like you're clopping around on a 2X4 for a few days and like any professional shoe..are over priced. Not worth it if you're going to suffer. Good luck keeping your feet happy!!
  6. welnet66

    Dreading Work Again!

    hi kona2, i'm in the same situation you are in!!! i'm scheduled to work tonight and my stomach is in knots!! there are answers though...check out nursing spectum..that web site has the best career advice i've seen yet! good luck!
  7. welnet66

    Alternative Carrers for Nurses?

    Send me a PM if anyone's interested in those web sites!
  8. welnet66

    Alternative Carrers for Nurses?

    check out donna cardillo's site at *****it's loaded with great info! she also has a faq forum at ***** so far, she has the most relevant and effective advice for nurses i have found so far! cath *****brefni as that is a commercial site, i'd ask that folks wanting to know the address pm you. thanks p_rn mod.
  9. welnet66

    Alternative Carrers for Nurses?

    Thanks everyone! I see I'm not the only one interested in this topic....great ideas!!! I have been researching alternative careers for years now but my greatest barrier is fear (I have a great weekend plan and a HUGE pay cut would be reality no matter what I choose) and I can't seem to find any nurses who have taken the plunge. After bedside nursing for 15 years, I'm aware of nurses' skill sets but how do you package and sell that? We all know that nurses never really had to do such a thing. Employers come to us! Did Donna Cardillo's seminars talk about that? Does anyone out there know of any good guides specific for nurses? Thanks, Cath
  10. welnet66

    Alternative Carrers for Nurses?

    This is actually a question about those seminars by Donna Cardillo called "Alternative Careers for Nurses." She also sells the video/audio tapes with a book if you can't make the seminar. Has anyone out there ever gone to one of these things or bought the tapes. If so, was it worth it? Thanks, Cath
  11. welnet66

    Stuck in MED/SURG?!!!

    I got a flyer from them in the mail the other day....maybe it's destined!!! I'll check out their web site too. Thanks Debbie. Cath
  12. welnet66

    Clairol advertisement disrespects RNs?

    Thanks JNJ for the nudge. Those Clairol commercials are unbearable but their recent one with the nurse stealing a patient's shampoo, sneaking a quick hair wash and moaning in ecstasy in the bathroom is no doubt degrading. Clairol will be hearing from me too.
  13. welnet66

    do you know a hospital with good ratios???

    UNC Hospitals in Chapel Hill, NC has a MED/SURG nurse patient ratio of 1:4/5/6 ON ALL SHIFTS!!!!!!! Came here 12 years ago with nurse patient ratio my main priority. I interviewed up and down the east coast for 18 months before I found a hospital and area with characteristics I wanted. There are many hospitals out there that will state a certain ratio, but until you wait outside and grab a nurse going home and ask them what their day was like, do you hear the truth. Good Luck! Catherine:cool:
  14. welnet66

    Stuck in MED/SURG?!!!

    Thanks guys for your input. The issue I have with traveliing and taking a position in med/surg (besides the fact that I'm tired of it) is the "devil you don't know" syndrome. I have worked in many facilities and am all too familiar with horrific nurse:patient ratios. Ratios where I work now are actually very good and I'm not willing to take on 8, 10 & 15 patients again. As far as a pay cut, I work weekend nights and no matter where I go there will be a pay cut. Yes, I have applied for two positions where I work now (OR & PACU)and despite my experience and outstanding evals, I was not hired because I had no experience in that specialty...shocking ay?! I'm gonna keep looking! Thanks again! Cath
  15. welnet66

    Stuck in MED/SURG?!!!

    I work with quite a few travel nurses from many different companies and they all seem very happy with their lifestyles. I am interested in a unique situation though. I have 15 years experience in med/surg and am desperate to get out. I have contacted a few companies and in exchange for training offered long term contracts but they acted as if I were speaking another language. I don't want to quit my present job to train in a specialty for a year with a significant pay cut. In other words, since I don't have experience in anything other than med/surg, I'm stuck. What I'd like is a company that will hire me, send me to a hospital, that hopital will train me in a specialty ( OR, ICU L&D, anything) and in exchange I will sign a contract for however long they feel their investment has been met. Any advice? Are there any companies out there that offer this? Thanks, Cath
  16. welnet66

    MCdonalds in Hospital

    We have a Wendy's and just happen to be located in the stroke capital of the US! Cath