Kinda Worried!!! Advice Please!

  1. I was reading some posts on another board and became alittle worried.....any advice you can give me is really appriciated. Here's my story...

    I will "hopefully" begin Nursing school Fall 07 or Spring 08. Anyways, I am really interested in this field, HATE 9-5 office jobs, love moving around when I work, and also need to have different obsticles in order for me to not become bored with a job.

    Furthermore, I am entergetic and VERY much a people person! I can't say I have an undying urge to "help" people, but I do love people and would enjoy helping and caring for them.

    I was recently reading some nursing threads on another website (that I was directed to from a thread on this site) and the things people were saying about their jobs were AWFUL!!! They pretty much said it was the worst decision they've ever made. Some people even said it changed them as people and ruined their once good marriages b/c they became so depressed and angry.

    The major reasons these people seemed to hate their jobs was b/c of the way they were treated by pt. family members, md's, and managers. They said if you have a good attitute you are a target and you will be broken down to be one of them. question is if this is true?
    Is Nursing so awful?
    If you had to do it all over agian would you be a Nurse?
    Are you treated like dirt by everyone?
    Do you "truely" enjoy your job?
    If so, why do you enjoy it?
    Why is there so much negative talk about nursing?

    Thanks for your answers!!!!!!!!!!
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  3. by   dosamigos76
    Follow your heart!!!! I LOVE being a nurse. It is such a priviledge and an honor. I have been a nurse for only three years, but I'm 48 years old. Nursing School was absolutely awful in so many ways, but it was worth every bit of it. It was awful in that it shook every bit of my confidence in myself because I was so unsure of myself and my ability to be a good nurse. I do not regret my decision in any way.
    I am in my second nursing job, and I enjoyed my time in the hospital and I now work in Hospice and it "fits" me sooooooo well. If I had REALLY known that I would find the right fit for me, nursing school would have been much easier. I made it harder than it was because of my own doubts.

    Nursing is like everything else in that there are some that love it and some people that should go on to something else instead of staying in a job or a field that they don't love. Life is too short not to love what you do.

  4. by   GingerSue
    I was happy in my years of nursing
    I went into this field with motivation, therefore I learned easily, easily adapted to each new environment
    Many people appreciated my help and told me so (I did not experience the disrespect that you mention - although I can think of eg of various people who just had their own bad manners - so any disrespectful behaviour form them is kind of understandable, but it wasn't common

    There were a lot of things that I liked about my various jobs - being able to provide the needed help, knowing additional resources, seeing people learn, seeing improvement, or assisting people to be able to manage in their own homes with various services.
    And meeting some of the most fantastic nurses in the country - these people are wonderful

    Good luck in your chosen field
    I wish for you the best
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  5. by   RITA2007
    I've been an RN for about 8 months now and I'm just starting to LOVE what I do. At first, I was constanly coming home stressed out, even cryings sometimes because I felt so overwhelmed at work. But now, I have the confidence that I can handle my patients and hectic times. I've learned how to manage one thing at a time, and sometimes multiple at the same time, without becoming too stressed out. Basically, the first couple of months were awful. But every job is difficult when you first start out. Now, I love working with the patients because I'm better at what I do. You learn how to handle those pain in the a** patients and families!

    You sound like you'd be an awesome nurse. We need more of those! Go for it! It's very rewarding and you'll create lots of lasting memories.
  6. by   2008rn2be
    I know exactly how you feel. I am entering Nursing School in a week and a half, and with all of the negative things that are said regarding nursing, I was really wondering if I made a good decision. I wish more people would focus on their positive experiences as a nurse. Should would help the image of nursing!

    Good luck with your decision.
  7. by   Pompom
    I have been a nurse for 12 years and have never been treated like dirt. There have been occasions where I had to stick up for myself and my staff but if done professionally there is not a problem. I truly believe that the marriages that failed did not do so because of nursing school but because the relationships were weak to begin with. Once a person graduates from nursing school and has gained a degree, maturity and independence some men feel threatened. Instead of the men in their lives improving their education and work possibilities they try to hold women back. This is what leads to seperations in my opinion. If you truly like helping others then nursing is for you.
  8. by   marilynmom
    I just finished my first semester of nursing school and I also work part time as a nurse tech so I only have limited experience but wanted to share what I know.

    All the nurses I work with at my hospital LOVE their job, or at least like it. Everyone I work with has been nothing but nice, helpful, great, friendly, etc. Most of the nurses I have worked with at clinicals also like their job. I have to yet to met a nurse who "eats their young". Maybe I'm just lucky? I don't know. I work in a magnet hospital, most of the nurses have about 5 patients. I've been other places where the nurses have had up to 11 patients and came home crying! No thanks.

    It REALLY depends on where you work because, YES, there are some bad working conditions out there, but you don't have to work in those places. I've talked with other nurses working in other hospitals around town who do hate their jobs, most of them quite and go work someplace look for places that have a high turnover, and stay away from them, even if they pay more or offer sign on bonuses (sometimes those are not all cracked up to be what they seem).

    Another good thing about nursing is that you have a lot of opportunity...if your hate the hospital environment, work in a clinic, go back to school for a masters, teach!, go into pharm, school nursing, public health nursing, camp nursing, etc The possibilities are endless.
  9. by   nnurlaw
    Don't Worry. Many nurses entered the field because they didn't know what else to do. They may have had fantasy 'Marcus Welby' ideas about marrying a doctor and bustin' out of the nursing profession. (Don't laugh, I still see it happening!!!)
    This is the greatest profession...period. I work which ever shift fits my needs, I can move anywhere in the country (world) and find a decent paying job, I can travel (my sister did and loved it!)
    It is not easy by any means. This is backbreaking work, but very rewarding. I have been an ICU nurse for 24 years. I can't picture myself doing anything else, I love it. The years have taken a toll on my back, and I am in grad school so that I might teach the next generation of nurses.
    Burnout happens. It can make nurses bitter and resentful of their work. Choose the specialty that fills your heart. Pursue excellence in that specialty. (certifications, etc) Don't settle for the first job opening that comes along, do what YOU want to do. Good Luck future nurse!!
  10. by   purplemania
    Nursing is not for everyone. But it was the best thing that ever happened to me. I too like variety and spice. You will definitely get that in nursing.
  11. by   chenoaspirit
    I can say that I treat my patients with respect and care, I usually get the same in return from them (with a few exceptions). I love being a nurse, but not at the hospital I work at. Why dont you try being a Nursing Assistant first and get a feel of it before making a decision. From how you described yourself, you would make a great nurse.
  12. by   gonzo1
    Allnurses is a place we come to vent and share, good and bad. I am very happy being a nurse. Work with a great bunch in the ER that I reallly like now. There have been some rotten spots along the way, but nursing offers so many opportunities. And it has broadened my horizens, taught me so much. I am very glad I became a nurse, at the tender age of 47. There is always good and bad in every field, and alot of people become nurses because they don't know what else to do.
    I didn't want to be a nurse, but did it for the job security. Now I love it and am very happy I did this.
  13. by   WanaBaNurse
    Thanks everyone!

    I can't wait to begin Nursing School and be on my way to becoming an RN!!! I think I'll stay away from that other website and stick to this one!

    Thanks again!
  14. by   ALF_LPN
    Don't let some of the discussions on this board turn you from becoming a nurse. Look up the many discussions about nurses who love their jobs, amazing experiences, or the discussions about why they became a nurse. Of course there are challenges in the field of nursing. That is why this website is so great, it can be used to vent, ask questions, discuss wonderful things that have happend, or just to find support from people who know what nursing is about. Follow your heart, this is a wonderful profession! I am an LPN, on a waiting list to become an RN, I love my job, and wouldn't trade it for anything.