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Cancer research/ Orthopedics/ Surgery
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RITA2007 has 5 years experience and specializes in Cancer research/ Orthopedics/ Surgery.

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  1. RITA2007

    University of South Alabama MSN-FNP Program

    I just started the first clinical semester of the FNP program. I am set to graduate December 2012. One piece of advice: start looking for preceptors early. A FNP is the first one your will need. It greatly helps to know one on a personal level.
  2. RITA2007

    Biting your tongue when it comes to visitors!!

    I took care of an elderly patient yesterday who required a blood transfusion secondary to blood loss after a knee replacement. During report, her son chased me down demanding to know why he wasn't called and informed that his mom getting a blood transfusion....She was alert and oriented and could've very easily informed her family why she needed blood. Ugh..she's old, not dumb!!!
  3. RITA2007

    Is this going to be doable re: work,home,etc.

    Are you starting the FNP program through USA? I just took health care policy this summer and am taking the same classes this fall. My friend took the policy class later in the program and he said he wishes he wouldve gotten it over with sooner. Gotta work it in somewhere.
  4. RITA2007

    University of South Alabama Fall 2010 anyone??

    Thenise22, I'm also in the FNP program, just started with health policy as well this summer. I enjoy it so far and am excited (and scared) for patho this fall. Katie
  5. RITA2007

    How to get over a pt complaint

    You can't please everyone, all the time. I used to KILL myself trying to be at everyone's beckon call. Now I just prioritize and do my best to keep my patients comfortable. If it takes me more than 10 minutes to retrieve pain medication, I apologize upon delivery. I don't make excuses, I just apologize. If that doesn't work, then I don't know what would.
  6. RITA2007

    Having anxiety over my decision to be an FNP

    I share in your anxiety about my decision to become a FNP. I tend to lack self-confidence and I can be a pushover at times. These are things that I know I have to overcome if I can expect to be a well-functioning nurse practitioner. Any advice from anyone with similar personality traits who have overcome them?
  7. RITA2007

    If you have rec' d the H1N1 vaccine - please report

    I took the LAIV dose, no adverse effects, honestly forgot I recieved it!
  8. RITA2007

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    This is correct. I work at Healthsouth rehab and work with A LOT of LPNs. I look to them for guidance a lot because they have a lot of experience. But we need RNs too to admit patients: ie, do their physical assessments and push IV meds (some patients have PICCs).
  9. RITA2007

    LVN before RN? Should I? Help!

    I graduated nursing (RN) school at 21. I did it by working through my pre-requisites and taking classes towards my AA at the same time. If you have a good GPA and have made A's and B's in your pre-reqs, you're more likelly to get in to RN school. I'd personally recommend getting your RN license. That way you can work in a hospital on an acute care floor. Also, start working as a nurse tech when you finish your first semester of RN school. It's great experience, believe me!
  10. RITA2007

    RN to BSN online???

    I went through Jacksonville University's online RN to BSN. It was accelerated, one year for me to complete. 8 week courses, 11 courses to get my BSN. But I had already taken the pre-reqs like statistics and developmental psych though. I enjoyed being able to work all hours of the day, travel, etc. The last 2 courses required MINIMAL clinicals. I recommend it! I am going to do USA's online ARNP track starting next summer.
  11. RITA2007

    Per Diem Nursing

    I think at most they should ask you to work EITHER Thanksgiving or Christmas, not both.
  12. RITA2007

    Rehab Staff Ratio

    I'm at Healthsouth rehab hospital in Florida. Dayshift and evening nurses have 7-8 patients, 12 on nights, every patient has a nurse tech assigned as well. I feel VERY lucky after reading some of the other replies.
  13. RITA2007

    New Grad starting on Telemetry

    I started on a telemetry floor; every patient had a monitor at the bedside. They sent us to a course called ELTA: Emergency Treatment of Lethal Arrhythmias. It was a great class! It breaks down the rhythms, what to watch for, and when to call the dr, etc. I felt a lot more comfortable after I took that course.
  14. RITA2007

    Accepted for Spring 2010 NP - USA

    Congrats! I have applied for Summer session, fingers crossed here! Will you message me your email address so I can keep in touch on how you like the program, advice, etc? Thanks! Katie in Florida
  15. thanks for the advice! i have applied to usa to start in summer 2010. my husband and i were having a discussion tonight. he is very supportive of me going back to school, and through this program because we know it is great. but he was expressing his opinion that you don't get the same kind of teaching through an online program as you do when you attend class. i finished my bsn through ju online so i'm familiar with how it works. basically we're teaching ourselves from the textbooks and being tested online, as well as writing papers. what is your opinion of this? do you feel that you're learning this well and will be a well-prepared arnp? i also told him we'll have lots of clinical time with np's and have an abundance of hands on training. it's not like they're going to send us out there unprepared! thanks.
  16. RITA2007

    University of South Alabama online program

    Online programs require a great deal of discipline and independence, obviously. I completed my BSN online and loved it because I could do my school work anytime, anywhere. I know doing the FNP program is going to be the HARDEST and most trying thing I've ever done in my life, but I'm going to give it my all. I hope I have it in me! I already asked my husband to please buy me a good chair with great back support for all the reading I will be doing!