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Going along with the thread about the missing children--I wonder how many of you leave your children in the car when you are running errands. I have known parents to leave young children in... Read More

  1. by   Furball
    That poor 9 year old will probably become a nurse eh?
    You know...the gotta take care of everything, overly responsible type that always puts their own needs last?
  2. by   nurs2bhopefully
    Scenerio: Lady goes into Rite Aid, leaves a 5 year old and a 3 year old sitting in a truck running- 3 year old somehow reaches gear shift (was he in a car seat at all?) and knocks the truck out of gear- the truck with the two little ones rolls into very busy intersection and is hit by two vehicles simultaneously-Luckily only minor bumps and bruises- When police arrived the mother denied responsibility for the wreckage, said she wasn't even in the vehicle and they couldn't charge her with anything- Oh how she was wrong. They not only charged her with the accident but charged her for neglect and wreckless endangerment! When asked what possessed her to leave her two helpless children in the car unattended she replied "They're not helpless, they know better than what they did". She had the audacity to blame it on the children! Some people!
  3. by   zudy
    Never left my kids alone, never will. So many creeps in this world.Recently, in a small town in Arkansas, a man climbed into a 9 yr olds room, he told her the house was on fire, he was a firefighter, and he was there to save her. He got her out the window( the parents were asleep in the next room) . When the little girl was out of the house the told the abducter she was supposed to go to the family emergency meeting place. He pickedher up took her away in his car and raped her.. Good Lord help us.
  4. by   SmilingBluEyes
    OMG nurse2b....GIVE THAT IDIOT HER SIGN right before the STATE TAKES those KIDS AWAY! What a FOOL! And Zudy, that is just a horrifying story. How sad indeed.
  5. by   Tookie
    We have had a couple of cases over here of people leaving their children in their cars whilst to go to gamble at the pokies /casino -
    There are signs on these places now telling parents them not to leave them in cars and l think they say they will ring the police and report them- We have a case where a child died following heat stroke whilst the parent gambled.

    This is a tragedy of the pokie machines - as well as a number of other tragedys - however that could be another thread. in itself.

    Every summer our papers are full of advice about about leaving children or animals in the car.

    Sad world that we have to tell them these facts.
  6. by   mario_ragucci
    Heather- you have no business mentioning my name in vain here, or at any thread. You can raise your kids any way you like. You shouldn't make sarcastic comments about a person just because they are different than you.

    If you have to get gas or leave kids in a car out in stripmall, USA, thats all your call. I would frown on taking a male into the female restroom, past a certain age. There is no way I can even offer words here because it is so far from me, the life you lead, and the things you instill in your kids. Best of luck to you, and I love you for doing the best you can.
    Originally posted by mario_ragucci
    Heather- you have no business mentioning my name in vain here, or at any thread. You shouldn't make sarcastic comments about a person just because they are different than you.
    Actually Mario, this is a BB, open to everyone's thoughts, ideas, and words. I'll say any word I darn well please.

    I guess then, that your comment in the chat room last night was for me? Why didn't you have the balls to address me then?

  8. by   eltrip
    I am grateful for being able to pay at the pump when my gal is with me. She goes with me while we put away the shopping cart, too. This way, I teach her responsiblity and consideration while not speaking a word on either subject!

    Kudos to all parents who protect their young'uns! I know of a few who don't...and am actually related to one (I am praying for wisdom on her behalf, but that's another thread!).
  9. by   Aussienurse2
    I take my boys into the baby change rooms to use the loo, my youngest is four and no longer breast feeds, the eldest is ten and if he complains I tell him it's here or in his pants. I wont even let them out of sight in the backyard unless the dogs are out there ( two burly German shepards) No-one can get into the house with out having to go past the dogs.... and then there's the cat who thinks its a dog, she once attacked a religious visitor who tried to pat her...not pretty. I never let the boys stay in the car, it's way to hot here, not to mention someone stealing the car. My husband used to work road side assist and got called out to break into a car, the father wouldn't let anyone break a window, the kid nearly died. He just walked up to the car, smashed the window and hauled the kid out while he was on the phone to 000. The guy tried to sue and RACQ told him he could be charged with abandonment, he went away after that.
  10. by   colleen10
    I leave my kid in the car all of the time. Unfortunately no one will take him ...sigh.
    :roll :roll :roll
  11. by   mario_ragucci
    Walking a child around attached to a leash develops the childs ability to become independant. Bird-dogging my child, constantly hounding my child will provide a happy childhood. Applying extreme boarders to a child encourages him/her to be happy. Instilling the omnipresent sense of danger is what childhood is all about. Children need to be joined with adults at the hip. Ensuring a child is around me means the child will eventually reach adulthood. Explaining to a child that all strangers are bad encourages social development. Presenting your fear and terror to a child during it's psycho-sexual development won't do any harm. Always being in a car with adults is safe for a kid.

    Heather's blessed childhood of yore :-)
  12. by   nurs2bhopefully

    I'm not really sure as to how to take your post, but it seems as if you're poking fun. I may have read it the wrong way, or you may merely be joking, but if it's an attempt to insult someone about their parenting skills, you may want to run and hide right quick!
  13. by   mario_ragucci
    See Heather? This is what you start by fooling around. Then I fool around too. As I said, I know no one here, and pass no judgement. I'm just joking the way other kids would joke if they were here too. This is the internet, and I'm just messing around with the topic in general.
    Let me stop kidding now about parenting. please, i'm sorry. No offense heather or any parents/anyone. If david letterman, or someone else jokes, you laugh. but if mario kids around, you attack me. Why? Please stop.