just wanting to share.....

  1. HI guys!
    I just wanted to share a Wonderful experience that happened yesterday at work.
    I work with 90% ventilator dependent patients and trache's. After a lot of work we get them off the vent and sometimes back to eating and walking but most of the time they just cannot make it and die.
    anyways, about 6 months ago we had a patient a very young lady, about 31 years old that suffered eclampsia after she had her baby and became comatose. She had a trach, peg tube, totally comatose. She stay with us for about 5 months with her husband sleeping at her bedsid every night and bringing her baby on the weekends to see her.
    Well, she left to a rehab once she started to show some signs of improvement. yesterday she came by to say HELLO!!!!
    She was talking, walking, joking around, I couldn't believe it, the whole staff was in shock because she really touched everybody when she was in our facility.
    It was an amazing feeling, miracles do happened, I felt so good thinking that our hard work was worth it.
    She thanked everybody, she said that she does not remember anybody and that she "woke up" of the coma about 3 months ago.
    It was awesome and make me realize that I really love being a nurse after all.
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  3. by   New CCU RN
    what a wonderful story
  4. by   vashka25
    Thanks for adding a little sunshine to my cloudy day !!!!!!! Sometimes we all need a reminder that every cloud has a silver lining!!!!!
  5. by   RNsweetie
    Thank you!!!
    In class we are learning about the lagal ramifications of being a nurse, and it is nice to hear a story like yours and know that it is not all bad. I can't wait for that first experiance that I will never forget.
  6. by   Lausana
    That's wonderful Pamelita! It's always great to hear news like that
  7. by   cactus wren
    Wonderful, Pam, what a neat story............Nice to see that we Do make a difference...........
    :angel2: :angel2:
  8. by   almostanurse
    thats great!!! I bet It feals so good to know that you played a part in something like that.
  9. by   eltrip
    Thank you for sharing the good news, Pamelita! We can all use it. Kudos to you & your team for caring for this woman. Without you, her child might have been motherless.

    Happy Monday,
  10. by   live4today
    It is patients like that woman who make nursing so enjoyable for me. Thanks for sharing that miracle of a story with us Pam.
  11. by   nursedawn67
    Cool!! What a miracle!!
  12. by   Tweety
    That's wonderful to hear! Every now an then a trauma patient will come back to visit. We had a 17 year patient in a semi-coma state (awake but nonverbal, restless, etc.) that was trached, tube fed, etc. The neurologist said to the mom give him a year and he'll be fine. We all just rolled our eyes and said "yeah right". He came to visit us later, amnesic as your client was. I was in awe at how well he was. It's great when they come back and thank you. You get close to them when they've been with you a long time.

    Thanks for sharing.
  13. by   BadBird
    Wow, a great story, thanks for sharing.
  14. by   baseline
    Cheerful news!! I think there was a thread about why we stay........ :-)