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Soooo...I worked Thanksgiving and Christmas last year. I have both off this year:p Our ER has tried really hard to be fair in who works what. Usually the newest staff work Christmas. That means... Read More

  1. by   hikernurse
    Quote from Mulan
    In my opinion, if you call in sick on a holiday, you had better be dead and have the certificate to prove it.
    Without a Dr's note, someone who calls in sick on a holiday (even a dumb one like Labor Day) gets counted as a no show.

    I agree with the other posters that "parent status" shouldn't determine whether you work Christmas/Thanksgiving. Most managers at the hospital I work at put up request lists for holidays--the one shift you absolutely don't want to work and then 3-4 you're willing promises, however. And if you had last Christmas or Thanksgiving off, plan on working that day this year. It's a pretty fair system, but I'd still hate to be the one who has to do the scheduling, LOL.
  2. by   AfloydRN
    Sounds like your manager needs to remember the " rules". Unfortunately she let it happen. That would not work for me....
  3. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from scrmblr
    The first nurse (with "little kids") was scheduled for Christmas. ohmyholycow...She pitched a FIT. Crying and throwing things in the break room about how "she has little kids" It was a scene. She went down the schedule and realized that many of us have both holidays off and really went crazy.

    Anyhow...What do you think was "fair" She managed to throw enough of a hissy fit that our director posted the position as "open" and another nurse actually wanted to trade for Thanksgiving... I just thought the nurse throwing a hissy was ridiculous.

    Did this nurse learn how to throw hissy fits from her kids? She is acting more like one of the little kids, not the mother. Lots of two year old have learned to get their way by throwing tantrums. Guess this nurse has learned this technique, as well. Shame on the manager for giving in.

    In my 14 years in nursing, I have worked 11 Christmas days. The only reason I'm getting Dec 25 off this year is because I'm unemployed. (too many nurses, few jobs, where I live. I'm a traveler, between contracts).
  4. by   Hellllllo Nurse
    Quote from solidaritynurse
    OK, as a mother of an 8,6 and 4 year old, I would just like to say I can't stand the "but I have little kids" tantrum. I would never be so obnoxious as to think someone without children does not deserve to enjoy the holiday as much as I do.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Working Christmas Eve night. Home by 0800 to open gifts w/kids.

    No complaints here.
  6. by   ANnot4me
    When people try the "But you don't have kids" routine with me, I remind them that I was neither present when their children were conceived nor given a vote as to whether or not they should have children. However, I do usually volunteer to work holidays as my family is 8200 miles away.
  7. by   joyflnoyz
    yeah, it's starting already---where I work (corporation owned retirement"one stop shopping" center. Everything from Independent apts all the way to LTC) This is the only place I've ever worked that has a nurisng staff for weekdays (M-F) and a totally different staff for weekends.. I the holiday falls on M-F, and those are your normal days to work, you work. Same with weekends. (unless, of course, you can get someone to work for you , which DOES NOT HAPPEN)) It's a small enough facility that there are 3 nurses working days and eves, 2 nurses nocs. CNAs have a 4 on 2 off schedule.

    Me? I'd rather work every other /every 3rd weekend, have days off during the week, and rotate holidays.
    We've just been "bought out" by the largest retirement services corp in the country--I wonder if things'll change.

    Nah. they left middle management in place
  8. by   bethin
    Throwing fits? Now, that's unprofessional. Someone should have told her in nursing school that nursing is a 24/7/365 day job. Hospitals don't close for holidays or vacations.

    I don't like doing holidays but I realize that the hospital needs to be safely staffed. Our supervisor puts up a schedule and people mark what shift they want to work. For the most part it works out and she does try to put you on the shift you signed up for. I request Christmas Day off but I agree to work Christmas Eve, New Years Eve and day, Thanksgiving and I was scheduled Easter and July 4th. So I think it's fair that I should get one holiday off. Not to mention I work Mother's Day and Father's Day (I'm weekend option).

    The supervisor has tried screwing over another supervisor over the holiday schedule. She works every weekend and works 2 extra days during the week. She requested Christmas Day off, and worked all the days I worked above but now they're making her work Christmas Day. And another thing, you never see the nurse managers working on holdiays. Would it kill them to come in?
  9. by   twinmommy+2
    I have little ones too but wouldn't start throwing a fit over working Christmas. Thankfully, this year I am working Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, and Newyears Day. The unit split it up so each person is working at least some holidays but not all.
  10. by   Quickbeam
    I am a straight evening shift and they put me on days for Christmas.
    CoopergrrlRN, I always hated that and I think it is unfair. It bugged me that I was good enough to work straight nights all year and then BAM! everyone wanted to work Christmas Day night shift as their holiday. It just seems wrong to get bumped from a straight shift when it is convenient for others.
  11. by   puglie
    My children are grown and I always choose to work christmas so that a mom with small kiddies can have it off . I would not want to miss my kids opening the gifts on x-mass day. That being said, She should not have had hissy fit , and if there are a lot of nurses that have small children ,OH well you have to take turns. It's the only fair wayto do it.
  12. by   Antikigirl
    I volunteered for Thanksgiving and Christmas eve since my hubby has to work those anyway as well (oh the money will be sweet!). Then there was a switch and now hubby is working Christmas day...I said "well at least there will be one parent there with the kids at eve and day!" He is not pleased and wanted me to switch..yeah right!

    What I did was take New Years eve and day off and we are going to have a party (hubby has it off too). This will be our Christmas and New Year holiday in one for family and friends!

    Then, on Christmas eve Hubby will do the typical things with the kids (I have a dinner ordered and all they have to do it heat it all up), and I will be there during the day (and hubby will be home till 1000 so we can open gifts!). So it will all work out fine.

    I have learned to roll with the punches on holidays, and we do whatever we can to help the kids celebrate on time (they are getting older and more understanding now thank goodness!)...but it would be tough to do it all again when my kids were little! But now a days both parents work, things are open 24/7 or 7 days a week...and it isn't a medical professional thing anymore. Most folks are struggling with this...

    I am happy though, most of our surgeons are not even doing surgeries near Christmas so I won't have to deal with post ops...just ER and PCU transfers...which we are hopefull will be down this year! So maybe...just maybe...low census can be declaired and some folks can go home early . I will stay because I have made plans, and I want that double time! LOL! But someone else may get an Christmas gift and get to go home early never know!
  13. by   Antikigirl
    Oh yeah..the only time I about threw a fit...but just went all quiet and down to facts (scary like) was in the summer when I had a vacation planned months in advanced and they tried to bump me for another nurse and told me I had to come in...I simply said (and like I said...just matter a factly but with a bold look) ' can have my name there, but that doesn't mean I am going to fly back one day from Utah to work, and go back unless you pay for it leaves us two either respect the time you gave me and let me have it will have a no show and one less nurse on your team (no show is an instant loss of job!)."

    Luckily they saw it my way..LOL! But my first gut reaction was to throddle them! LOL!!!!!!! (they had done this to me every year...and I started warning them a year in advanced that would NOT be tolerated ever again!).

    A tizzy isn't professional and it shows a lack of emotional control. Heck, I was soooooo ticked off I couldn't see straight when they threw that one at me, but I took a breath and did the old soft but firm voice using logic and stating my point so scared them more than any tizzy I could throw! (I am a very happy go lucky gal at work...always if I all the sudden go quiet and matter a factly...that is totally against character for me unless I am beyond ticked...and it scares folks!).