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As a new LPN graduate I constantly here "Congratulations, we need more male nurses." & "As a man most employers will hire you on the spot!"..... But it has been my clinical experience that there was... Read More

  1. by   Thunderwolf
    I agree, NurseforPreggers. Well said.
  2. by   wam79
    OK my .02 cents worth. There is no difference in the ability of one gender over another to care for patients. I have taken the "there should be more men in nursing" comments for over twenty years now. I fell that the meaning behind the statement is that a man who is able to care for people as a nurse is appreciated. Period. It's not as common now ,but when I started work most of my patients had never even imagined a male nurse. I can honestly say I have never had a patient refuse care. I feel that it is a sad fact that people don't expect men to be able to care for people as a nurse.
    Now I don't feel any unease from my patients at all. Except for a few specific areas I can't think of any reason to have one gender or another assigned to a patient.
    FWIW-- The lack of respect towards nursing will not improve magically by having more males. There are more females in management and that hasn't helped change anything.
  3. by   celticqueen
    Quote from zenman
    Can't remember any bum pinchers, but do remember how strong a little old lady can be when she reaches through the bedrails and cranks your wrench!

    Get this woman off me!
    Ha Ha, so you know what I mean then?????????:wink2:

    Emma :hatparty:
  4. by   hypnotic_nurse
    Quote from wam79
    I fell that the meaning behind the statement is that a man who is able to care for people as a nurse is appreciated. Period.
    We're in agreement here (funny, men teaching elementary school used to get the same kind of comments).

    It doesn't belittle women when someone says that; I think it's much more an "Oh, so you're a guy and a nurse and that's OK with me" statement by people who are a little surprised at having a guy as a nurse.

    I think no matter how many men enter the profession, we'll be paid on whether or not someone is willing to do the job and for how much -- back in the days when professional women could either be teachers or nurses, none of them were paid much -- women weren't supposed to make a living for themselves or their families back then, at least according to the cultural norms of the time. The teaching profession lags even behind nurses as far as pay is concerned, and I'd tend to believe that there are far more males in that profession.

    I think our credibility will rest on our collective abilities to do the job well, not on whether or not we have men in the profession.

    All that said, I do think more males are a welcome addition to our profession, as are more nurses of every cultural element and ethnic background. More diversity makes for better problem solving, IMHO, and heaven knows, there are plenty of problems to solve.
  5. by   CCU NRS
    Quote from mattsmom81
    There are some out there who believe more men in the nursing profession will help.

    With salaries, respect, etc. Because men have a tendency not to take the shyt like women do, i think there is a hopefulness among some women that men will 'help'.

    Probably a fairy tale mentality but it is still out there in some. Most of us are glad to have helpful coworkers....and we generally would like to see more of them. And because our backs are probably aching, it may soothe our aching muscles to think someone stronger might give us a break...maybe...LOL!

    Truth is, most men physiologically will posess greater upper body strength that serves them well in the direct care setting; this type work is heavier than is let on, as those of us who have done it awhile can attest. It takes its toll after several decades.

    So...guys, please take it with a grain of salt when someone says 'Oh good a man' could mean lots of things...maybe just that they are glad to see something other than the usual estrogen overload on shift that day. I believe the best workplaces employ a mix of men and women to bring balance, as someone already pointed out.

    Like everyone else here, I'm just glad to have a competent caring nurse coworker...of any 'type'.
    Very well put. Just let me add that I do tend to get asked to help reposition Pts by every nurse on the unit and many go out of their way to ask me rather than a nurse working right next to them (either male or female) I take this as a sign that they know I am willing to help without gritching and am cheerful and pleasant to the Pt to boot. I guess I am just a wonderful person...kidding please don't execute me for my humor LOL

    I have been asked why there aren't more males in nursing to which I usually reply "OH we are coming up!"

    BTW there were 10 males in my LPN class of 40 in 1994
    and when I did my ASN 2002 we were 1/2 and 1/2 in my distance program we were also 1/2 LNP 1/2 Paramedic.

    Redd I didn't think any of your posts were impolite but you used humor to good advantage.
  6. by   Antikigirl
    Male or female...we simply need more nurses period
  7. by   Roy Fokker
    Funny ~ I actually fell for the "Be the ones who dare to care" posters on campus.....

    I don't think half of my friends even know what being a Nurse involves. Hopefully, I'll help break some stereotypes...
  8. by   Thunderwolf
    Roy, don't feel bad. Many of my family or friends don't know what a Nurse is or means or entails...unless they are already a nurse or work in the setting....and I've been a nurse for 19 years! It truly is amazing.
  9. by   CHATSDALE
    my pet peeve is gender male nurse, lady cop, etc....people should be accepted if they are doing their jobs..

    but i know what the guys [male] are talking about..we had an inservice the other day about combative pts [of which we have more than our share] and the moderator said we should have the person most likely to command respect take charge when dealing with these pts...she didn't say male and she didn't say anything about short females need to hide behind the door but you could read between the lines...unforturnately these disruptions seem to occur when orderlys are not available...

    anyway welcome to the profession b ye m r f
  10. by   NurseGuy_in_06
    I was in clinicals yesterday with a great nurse who has taught me a lot and who is also male when I tried to start an IV, again on a male patient. After neither of us could start the IV due to there being practically no veins in the arm we endured the comment about "boy nurses". I thought nothing of it as I am learning to be a good nurse. By the way, when someone asks me if I am going to be a male nurse I tell them no, I will work on female patients also.