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RoaminHankRN has 14 years experience and specializes in ED, House Supervisor, IT.

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  1. RoaminHankRN


    I am with Talemed. Overall I've had a good experience with the company. The hospital... that is another story. PM me if you need to chat about your experience.
  2. RoaminHankRN

    Looking for info re: CPQ in Colorado

    Hello Look into Stat Nurses Iternational (try a Google search) I had an offer for in town travel here in the Denver area. Good luck!!
  3. One area that we look non professional is continuing education requirements vary state to state to renew ones license. I never understood why more RN's don't push for this. Some are more up in arms about having a BSN vs ASN, they forget that there are RN's practicing today that are not competent in their field. Medicine changes day to day and patients need RN's who have a current working knowledge of their specialty. If the same applies to paramedics and physicians, why not RNs?
  4. RoaminHankRN

    CRNAs in Colorado

    Sorry for the delay... little thing here called work. Not sure if you have heard of this site...http://www.healthjobsusa.com/yahoo/Denver_Colorado_Nurse:_Anesthetist_(CRNA).html Still waiting for some feedback and will post when I hear!
  5. RoaminHankRN

    CRNAs in Colorado

    Greetings from Colorado! I was born in Dayton, OH. Small world. Let me look around and see what I can find out about jobs and how things look in re: to CRNA. I will reply later in the week if that is ok. Good luck!!
  6. RoaminHankRN

    Rapid Response Team

    We have a rescue ax team. ICU Charge, RT, Pharmacy, Hospitalist, Lab, Security and House Supervisor. House sup can call on more support or wave off people if needed. If on peds or NICU, NNP will respond. We have guidelines for when to call a "RAT" It is initiated by calling the switchboard. We encourage no more than 10-15 minutes in the room and get to ICU. We actually like people to call them.. better safe than sorry and they are not abused here. Reducing code blues is a JCAHO iniative and a big patient safety issue. Good luck and encourage the use of!!
  7. RoaminHankRN

    Man commits suicide in ER

  8. RoaminHankRN

    New grant addresses minority nurse shortage

    Careful where you tread.
  9. RoaminHankRN

    Female nurses earn less than male nurses

    I did not read every single post but another classic example of what is wrong with our profession. Do we not have better things to do like improving patient satisfaction, improving our knowlegdge, than to talk about the male vs female and I make this how much do you make or it's just not fair. Life is not fair. You make the most of it but must keep an ultimate goal in mind to get through the hard times. For nursing it is our patients. I wonder if patients read these message boards. I am quite embarrassed by some. If you are unhappy with your salary, try two things. Go back to school for a higher paying job. Or at your next eval or job interview, do not take peanuts if offered to you. Negotiate! Hospitals have money.
  10. RoaminHankRN

    Is there a need for more male nurses?

    It's not more qualified or male nurses we need. Everyone who passed boards is qualified. We (the current RN's) need to be better role models in precepting the new nurses. We need to be positive, better communicators and more team players. As a male nurse I expect no better treatment or pay than my female counterpart.
  11. RoaminHankRN

    What can I do with my BSN that Assoc. RN's can't?

    We should do away with all the extra letters at the end of your name on the badge and stick with RN. Do you really think a patient, physician or other healthcare provider cares if you are BSN, ADN or what have you? Also, there are many in nursing management that got there with an ADN. Granted working toward a BSN is important to further your management track but not having a BSN does not mean one is not capable to manage or lead. Nowadays many job postings say BSN preferred.
  12. RoaminHankRN

    NY State may require nurses to obtain 4-year degrees

    Fine... but you also need to act like professionals. There are some bad apples in our profession... ASN and BSN. Just having a BSN will not make you professional. I don't hear RN's crying for CE's in every state??? Then there is teamwork, communication, a strong ANA with a voice of one to fight for better pay and safe RN to patient ratios. There is a lot wrong with our profession. Mandating BSN's will not fix things.
  13. RoaminHankRN

    Palm Pilots

    Couple points I did not see mentioned that one should consider. Get the warranty when you buy your PDA. Make sure the warranty will replace your PDA should anything go wrong. I bought my PDA at Sears and they will replace it even if I drop it. Get a case. You'd be suprised that it will save it in a fall (of short distances) If you can, get one that has a belt clip. PDA's are hot items and we've had several "lose" theirs to greedy fingers. Keeping it on your hip, your less likely to lose it or fall out of your pocket. For those that have a Mac, Sony Clie are not compatible for syncing. You have to purchase third party software that will cost another $30. http://store.markspace.com/missingsync.html Do research online for best prices on PDA's. http://www.bizrate.com/ http://www.pricewatch.com/ http://www.streetprices.com/ http://www.overstock.com/cgi-bin/d2.cgi?PAGE=HOME But in the end sometimes going to your local store will do too. I bought my Palm m500 for $99 at Sears as they had it on the wrong display case! Many have given great advice and links. PDA's should be used by anyone. They keep your life organized and great to use to kill time in the bathroom!
  14. RoaminHankRN

    Question for House Supervisors

    Need your help again. We have started to slim down our book. Question. Do you carry a print out of each unit with the patients and are you required per policy to have a report on each patients? Is that report considered medical documentation and can that be used as part of a medical chart? I will look into my nurse practice acts for my state but curious what others policies are. Thanks much and hope for some feedback!!
  15. RoaminHankRN

    2 week notice...legally obligated?????

    Just be careful not to "burn your bridges." I know you mentioned you probably will not use them as a reference. You should not. But depending on where you live and if the DON "knows" people, if you leave on bad terms, it could come back to haunt you. Play it safe! Good Luck!
  16. RoaminHankRN

    Chicago Nurses

    I work for IHS. Don't offer insurance, but pay very well. The only problem with agency is being cancelled. Some seem to cancel more than others. Don't want to mention names here though. Let me know if you would like more info.

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