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  1. Bitter dried up nurses that need to RETIRE

    the way i see it sounds like you want to be a manager more than wanting to become a nurse - should be the other way around. there is no excuse for rudeness, but i think there is a trinket of rudeness on your part about your colleagues
  2. I Feel Like The Most Incompetent Nurse Ever!

    OMG!!! what a terrible thing to have happened. my thoughts are with you, and i hope everything works out well
  3. Share The Weirdest Reasons Patients Push The Call Light

    one of my patients rang her bell today just to ask me if too much salt was bad for her, lol
  4. i was sexually assaulted by a patient a few years ago, not sure if that can be classified as dangerous?
  5. Frontline staff to lose jobs

    whose bottler broon? whatever government are in power, the nhs suffers. The Thatcher government in the 80's damaged the NHS with the "internal market" privatization debacle, where trusts (or health authorities) were in competition with each other to...
  6. Stolen Identity

    you could have told him that he was your evil twin! lol
  7. yeah i was thinking of SEN's , but we don't have them any more. I referred to healthcare assistants with NVQ's (as ours on the ward take blood, do simple dressings, monitor observations, do ecg's etc. i know of some HCA's even taking biopsies and oth...
  8. struggling to find the equivalent here in the UK - we only have RN's or healthcare assistants. Sorry i couldn't be much more help
  9. What grosses YOU out?

    i quite enjoy suctioning.....i like the sound the the gunk makes as it goes up the tube...kinda find it quite satisfying for some reason. I like it when i suction and hit a real big patch of something...and i think to myself "yeah, gottcha!!!"
  10. What grosses YOU out?

    me too; toes, inbetween toes and toe nails (fingernails too). i will happily clean up poop, sick, phlegm, bogies, pus, blood...anything but manky feet and nails (bleurgh!!!!)
  11. OMG! i think i would have liked to slap her face!!!!
  12. i had a patient who complained bitterly about the noise while we were dealing with an emergency the other day ( it was 08.00 mane) and we woke her up (poor thing). She soon changed her tune when i informed her that we had made just as much noise when...
  13. ooooh karaoke!!!
  14. Is an LPN/LVN like a health-care assistant? ( I note the "V" stands for vocational) Alot of health care assistants in the UK have NVQ qualifications (national vocational qualifications), is this the same? Although healthcare assistants are part of ...
  15. ever think you are jinxed

    yeah, i seem to have what i call "my black cloud" that tends to follow me around: If a patient on the ward unexpectedly deteriorates or a patient has a psychotic episode, yep it's usually on my shift!!!!!! and it's not just at work either, just the o...