Is it possible to hold a p/t job while going to school f/t in nursing?

  1. Is anyone here working p/t while going to school? How many hours? Is it hard to keep good grades and finish your homework?

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  3. by   futurecnm
    I think it is possible if you are doing just nursing classes (have all the pre-req's done). I am in a night/weekend program and many people work full and part time (hence why they are doing the night/weekend program!) However, everyone has their pre-req's completely done (it is so competitive that you have to have them done before to even get in). I think the accelerated programs or ones where you take all your classes together would be harder to fit in study time with working.
  4. by   hogan4736
    Worked 24 hours every fri/sat nite during school...hang in there...sell your case to your nurse manager...their investment will pay 10 fold...3.2 GPA...
    grades are overrated (easy for me to say)
  5. by   81ke83
    I work 32 hours a week commute and hour each way to work, full time nursing student. I am carrying an 85% in lecture. I took a leave of absence the first 7 weeks of nursing school. It was all so new, a new culture and a new language. This doesn't give me much free time, but I am at an age and have the discipline to handle it. I tape my lectures and listen to them in the car. Very difficult to re listen to them but that is the bargain I made with myself. So in the long run it saves me some time and after listening to the lectures again, I can remember what I need to research further for the tests.
  6. by   HitmanCFYA
    I work a full-time job, and attend nursing school. I only have nursing courses, all the other stuff is out of the way. I'm a test taker though, and can get by with not as much studying.
  7. by   TazziRN
    I worked part time while in school. I did home care so I was able to set my own hours.
  8. by   mich_01085
    I worked full time while attending full time night classes for my LPN. I was on the Deans list twice. It can be done, but you have to give up having any life and free time. Good Luck!
  9. by   Captain Amazing
    Wow, some of you worked f/t? I have the utmost respect for you people that are able to go to work and school. Hope I can pull it off.
  10. by   ERNP
    I worked full time night shifts and graduated with honors for my BSN. Worked a full time floating shift the first 2 years of my MSN and went part time for the last year of MSN.

    I would say, yes it is definitely possible.
  11. by   navynurse06
    I also worked f/t the whole way through my college yrs, (going to school f/t in nursing school with clinicals, etc) and I graduated with honors. So yes its possible to work p/t and go to school f/t. You learn how to manage you time really well.
  12. by   love-d-OR
    I work 12hr shifts twice a week and go to school full time for my BSN. It is doable if you know how to manage your time.
  13. by   oso
    I have worked full time while attending school. You need to be extremely organized and have a good support system. I have found that you can do anything if you want it bad enough.
  14. by   tvccrn
    I went to school five days a week, worked 16 hours a day on Saturday and Sunday, and was a single parent of three kids.

    It can be done.