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love-d-OR has 3 years experience and specializes in Transplant/Surgical ICU.

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  1. love-d-OR

    Average age of SRNA?

    I'm 26, and I think I'm one of the youngest. But we may have a 25 year old, though I'm not too sure
  2. I guess overall, I feel like it's for me, but soooo not for some of the others who want to do it. Although I don't mind the job I do now, which includes a huge amount of excrement and bodily fluids... I am extremely mathematically and scientifically inclined, while I find that the majority of those in nursing school are not (at least not math - biology, yes). I am also a guy, and work with exactly zero male coworkers where I am now - I get along alright, but I picture life being better having other guys around again, in the OR. Nice way to boost your ego!
  3. love-d-OR

    Worst med error - stories?

    Talk about resuscitating a thread from the dead!
  4. love-d-OR

    Dismised from NAP-- Any chance of getting into another?

    Why would they count it against you for not getting a difficult intubation? And why where you missing case logs? Where there any 'lack of safety' issues that contributed to your dismissal?
  5. love-d-OR

    Considering transferring units help please.

    A move to the SICU/CTICU sounds like a great idea! I say go for it
  6. love-d-OR

    Looking for some advice, please!!

    Good job!!
  7. love-d-OR

    How many years ICU did most of you work?

    Least experience in my class is 3 years. Plan on a timeline, but remember to follow your gut too. If you are not ready after 2 years (finances, personal issues, clinically competent), then wait it out.
  8. love-d-OR

    Understanding lab values c Diagnosis

    Thanks HCSTEWART, I guess I'm not as bad of a teacher as I assumed I was 🙂
  9. love-d-OR

    crna school

    just over 300 for 31 seats!! Having said that, schools are different
  10. love-d-OR

    Accepted to U Penn!! Now in need of syllabus

    Nada! Saved up some and liquidated some investements
  11. love-d-OR

    travel nursing and applying to CRNA school

    Travelers and float pool nurses in my class... Should be no problem especially if you have a strong background
  12. love-d-OR

    I need help from an RN!!

    Looking for positives? A great sense of humor! Just look at the above post for supporting evidence
  13. love-d-OR

    Work's reaction when you mention CRNA school

    When I let the cat out of the mouse I still had good assignments, in addition people sent me farewell wishes, good bye emails, and a POTLUCK! Oh, and I was called a traitor more than once per shift Still miss that unit, but I love being unemployed more
  14. love-d-OR

    Quickest Route Possible

    Yes it's doable, my experience is very similar to SRNA 2011, but I knew of two people from my old unit that got in with 6 and 8 months experience (at time of acceptance). The one with 8 months worked in public health prior to nursing, no certs, but they may have had really good grades.
  15. love-d-OR

    Accepted to U Penn!! Now in need of syllabus

    I did, but it was just above the knee.
  16. love-d-OR

    Low GPA, what can I do?

    Yes... good luck