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  1. love-d-OR

    St. John's CRNA program Kicked OUT hospital!!!

    Wtbcrna, I was hoping you would come out and shed some wisdom on this. Well said, thank you
  2. love-d-OR

    St. John's CRNA Program Kicked OUT!!!

    Wow, if indeed this is true, that is crazy, but What's the official reason for them bein kicked out? I'm sure they are not telling people it's because of the MDAs. Just curious.
  3. love-d-OR

    am I that "b" nurse? or am I being an advocate?

    I don't think you are a B-nurse, but as the previous poster stated you could have handled it more delicately. Here is what I would suggest next time: 1. Do not confront the preceptor, as it is not your place to reprimand her. 2. Next time a patient is screaming, instead of calling the house supervisor (you are skipping chain of command here), go to the patient and find out what the patient needs first. You said you told the LVN to get you, but you should have done this BEFORE involving the supervisor. What if the charge RN was in the middle of a code somewhere, and the second RN had legit reasons to not make herself available? You calling the supervisor whithout knowing whats going on sounds pretty drastic. I'm actually suprised she/he came up to see what was going on. I and am pretty sure my supervisor would have asked me why the patient was screaming, what I wanted her to do about it and why I had not called the charge nurse first.
  4. love-d-OR

    NP thinking about CRNA

    Have you considered acute care NP? or working as an NP in radiology, ER, GI, or HD? Don't limit yourself to an office setting if you don't want to see the same people over and over again.
  5. love-d-OR

    Do I have a Chance? IF not, how can I give myself one?

    It's never really too late... I would shadow a CRNA FIRST, just to solidify that it is indeed what you want. I'm yet to hear of a CRNA that does not like her/his career choice, but you never know. How do you know for sure that it is what you want to do, if you have not shadowed a CRNA yet? I started shadowing in nursing school... I'm sure you have done your homework, but I know of people that decided it was not for them. As far as GRE, you could look at schools that do not require it or list lower scores as minimum requirement. A friend of mine got an interview at TWU with barely a 900 overall score, but graduated with honors. I believe the minimum GPA for most schools is a 3.0, although most applicants have over a 3.5. You coul take biochemistry, take on leadership roles in your unit, and get involved in committees. Also, it ould be a good idea to call the school and see if they would grant you a counseling session to advice you on what you could do to be more competitive.
  6. love-d-OR

    What did you want to be when you grew up?

    I wanted to be a surgeon, and now I'm headed to NA school! talk about wanting to cross the blood brain barrier :)...
  7. love-d-OR

    Help: Tattoo Ideas!!

    just realise the OP started the thread in 2008!!! Did you get one? what did you get?
  8. love-d-OR

    Where are we headed?

    I have not being around the forums as often as I have in the past, so maybe this is not a new issue, but recently I have noticed an increased amount of posts asking for quick and easy ways to becoming a nurse, advanced practice nurse or getting into a "less competitive" program. Coupled with the fact that there are commercials on TV advertising 8 month long nursing schools and " you don't need a high school diploma" to apply, I wonder if we are sending the public the wrong message. We have worker so hard to be recognised as intellient professionals, to educate the public on our role, and gain the respect of our colleagues and yet we still discuss nursing as though it was a degree one can just earn overnight, with little to no effort. Sorry, but if you want something easy then you are looking into the wrong field. I hope I am not losing my point here, but where are we headed? If you want to be a nurse please stop asking for easy schools or the best way to do the minimum. If you want to be a nurse, then sacrifice your time and energy like everyone else. How often do you hear MDs, PTs, Pharmacists or even OTs talking about the easiest school? I get that schools are impacted and that there are some who have wanted to get into nursing really badly, but come on... Don't you want to get the best education? Don't you want to be knowledgable? As an advance practitioner don't you want to be able to handle your own if you will be the PCP? How can you not expect an MD to read/hear this and wonder how competent you are? I guess I'm just tired of nursing being seen as an easy job that anyone with two hands and ears can perform. Every one wants to be a nurse now, before we know it even birds are going to be talking about how " I'm wonna get my RN"! You don't get an RN, you get a nursing degree/diploma!! Nursing is a profession, so let's keep it that way. No moving back, just forward. Finally, I empathise with those that have repeatedly tried to get into a nursing school with top notch stats only to be told there is a wait list (something I do not personally agree with). Keep trying, as I know you have given it your all. To those that are seeking a quick and easy route, I strongly suggest you shadow a RN for a while or just change fields. Getting into nursing school does not even come close to the difficulty of being a practicing nurse. Enough said!
  9. love-d-OR

    Help: Tattoo Ideas!!

    Professional or not, wait until YOU are 100% sure. And by the way, congrats on finishing school... you could get the date you passed boards, or your graduation date, or maybe the words "watchful care"
  10. love-d-OR

    GPA a little low...Help:(

    If I recall correctly, Arizona State only requires a 2.7. However, the average admitted student has way more than that. As you have been adviced by previous posters, I would suggest taking advanced hard core science classes to show you can handle the load. With 10 years experience (hopefully in a high acuity teaching hospital), you would be able to offset your GPA issue. As far as the GRE, take a prep class. Another option is for you to get a masters in another field in hopes that it would boost your GPA. It's a long shot, but not unrealistic. Good luck
  11. love-d-OR

    How many letters of reference should I send?

    If the application did not ask to obtain letters from specific people, then I would go with: CRNA, supervisor and a co-worker/or a doc. On the other hand, if you have the opportunity to read the letters before they are sent out, then choos the best of 3. Hopefully they are all great. As far as the number of letters, stick with the instructions. If it says 3, then only send 3. Good luck on the process, I know it's a though road!
  12. love-d-OR

    CRNA harder than RN school?

    Seriously? This question makes me laugh! Nurse anesthesia school is an ADVANCED degree, a CRNA is an ADVANCED practitioner. Why in the world would anyone even think that it would not be harder than an UNDERGRADUATE nursing degree?! Again, seriously?
  13. love-d-OR

    Trying my hardest to become a CRNA! Advice please??

    As Manusko stated, you should look at the specific school you are interested in, however there are some general requirements which you shoudl inform yourself with by doing research as you have so far. By the time you would be admitted to a nursing program and have worked on a unit, some things may have changed i.e DNP requirement. Also, keep in mind, that the nurse anesthesia profession is VERY POPULAR now among nurses, nursing students, non-nursing students... this makes for an abundant applicant pool (read competitive), so the 1-2 years may NOT cut it! Keep your eyes closer on a BSN, get good grades and be active in the nursing community. At the same time, inform yourself of different specialties in nursing, including advanced practice. Good luck
  14. love-d-OR

    Help - I am interested in nursing but worried about the level of respect

    I can count on one hand how many times I have felt disrespected at work in my almost 3 years in the profession, on the other hand I could use more hands to count the unintentional disrespect/ignorance/deamining attitute/whatever you want to call it that the general public has about nurses. If you want to attain social status, unless you come from certain immigrant groups, nursing will not be your best option!
  15. love-d-OR

    Dismissed from BSN program not in good standing. Suggestions?!

    You were dismissed twice? Why were you dismissed the first time? Does not sound too good