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  1. Average age of SRNA?

    I'm 26, and I think I'm one of the youngest. But we may have a 25 year old, though I'm not too sure
  2. I guess overall, I feel like it's for me, but soooo not for some of the others who want to do it. Although I don't mind the job I do now, which includes a huge amount of excrement and bodily fluids... I am extremely mathematically and scientifically...
  3. Worst med error - stories?

    Talk about resuscitating a thread from the dead!
  4. Dismised from NAP-- Any chance of getting into another?

    Why would they count it against you for not getting a difficult intubation? And why where you missing case logs? Where there any 'lack of safety' issues that contributed to your dismissal?
  5. Considering transferring units help please.

    A move to the SICU/CTICU sounds like a great idea! I say go for it
  6. Looking for some advice, please!!

    Good job!!
  7. How many years ICU did most of you work?

    Least experience in my class is 3 years. Plan on a timeline, but remember to follow your gut too. If you are not ready after 2 years (finances, personal issues, clinically competent), then wait it out.
  8. Understanding lab values c Diagnosis

    Thanks HCSTEWART, I guess I'm not as bad of a teacher as I assumed I was ?
  9. crna school

    just over 300 for 31 seats!! Having said that, schools are different
  10. Accepted to U Penn!! Now in need of syllabus

    Nada! Saved up some and liquidated some investements
  11. travel nursing and applying to CRNA school

    Travelers and float pool nurses in my class... Should be no problem especially if you have a strong background
  12. I need help from an RN!!

    Looking for positives? A great sense of humor! Just look at the above post for supporting evidence
  13. Work's reaction when you mention CRNA school

    When I let the cat out of the mouse I still had good assignments, in addition people sent me farewell wishes, good bye emails, and a POTLUCK! Oh, and I was called a traitor more than once per shift Still miss that unit, but I love being unemployed ...
  14. Quickest Route Possible

    Yes it's doable, my experience is very similar to SRNA 2011, but I knew of two people from my old unit that got in with 6 and 8 months experience (at time of acceptance). The one with 8 months worked in public health prior to nursing, no certs, but t...
  15. Accepted to U Penn!! Now in need of syllabus

    I did, but it was just above the knee.