I'm septic, or malignant, you decide

  1. I am about 4 weeks TVH from a butcher in California who pretty much kicked me out the following morning with no pain meds and no dc instructions, except to say "NO SEX and NO JACUZZI for 6 weeks" and left. I was wondering, is that no sex in a jacuzzi, no jacuzzi sex, no sex and a jacuzzi or where my next 6 weeks just going to be hell?

    Well, it's Hell. Hell has hardwood floors, a cute car that you can't drive, a dog who loves you but won't come near you, lot';s of mini pads and ruined panties, lot's of sleepless nites respendent with musical gas,, no appetite, hair that falls out in clumps, no energy, pelvic pain and cramping and a bladder that feels like a tether ball during recess. Since my original Doc is a woman of few words that are mumbled as your leaving her office like a reading for the "rainman" movie..."since you have a cardiac insufficiency you will need an additional antibiotic prior to this train wreck" and with that she snaps up her papers is out the door.

    My surgery and it's aftermath are documented on this site. Tonight I am in New Orleans staying at my Mom in Laws huge lovely home alone with my darling hubby. When I got here I was running a low grade temp, feeling lousy and no appetite. His college roomie is a Doc here so we went to his urgent care where they did an exam, discovered I had crotch rot with green and clotty discharge, a temp and sent me to the nearest GH for a CT scan with contrast. 3 hours later I have about a 4 cm absess where my uterus used to be, GAS FORMING and they are surprised I don't have a higher temp or in more pain.

    Slapped into a lovely private room, on Zosyn q 6 hours with MS IVP PRN, my blood pressure is high, my c reactive protien is VERY high indicating an acute infection. I finally fall asleep and into the routine. Up at 6 for vitals, food trays like clockwork, here it's eggs, bacon, bisquit and gravy and grits. I finally got the dietition to order mt the veggie plate which was fruit and veggies with juices. They were wonderful to me.

    The antibiotic regiment did not shrink this absess and the OB on call went downtown to poke around, trying to drain this bad boy, without any anestheshia. I had ENOUGH after 10 minutes and wimped out, still having nasty clots and blood draining even though she says me sutures are intact and the nasty smell is gone. They wanted to keep me there until my plane left for California tomorrow even though this absess is getting bigger and the antibiotics are not affecting it.

    Got a copy of my medical records. CT scan with IV and PO contrast also shows a lesion on an ovary as well a a 4 mm nodule on my right anterior lung base. Liver, gall bladder and pancreas all look normal, no other mention of lymph node involvement, I am far away from home, from my peers and friends, you guys are it, I am weak, now having low grade temp, shakey and pelvic tenderness. Gotta fly home tomorrow and follow this up. I feel in my heart and soul that the masses are just the beginning, I'n not getting better, I won't be getting better and when I come home I better set my affairs in order. This is sad. I'm also pretty angry and have little trust in the medical profession. They could have shared this information about the ovary mass and lung nodule. Is it common? Is it scar tissue? 4 mm is pretty big to be hanging around your lung. I am 48 years old, I am starting a new life, should I just wrap this one up and call it a dirt nap? Can I go back to work, ever?

    I hate being a burden on everyone. You guys can take it and I value your advise. I don't want to end stage burden my friends, my husband, my family.

    Please talk to me. Thanks
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  3. by   Gompers
    I'm so sorry to hear what you've been going through. Of course we cannot offer medical advice on this website per our Terms of Service, but we are always here for emotional support.

    Whether you stay where you are or fly back home, just make sure that you continue to get medical treatment. Perhaps a second opinion is in order, as a fresh set of eyes and brains can sometimes make all the difference. Just take care of yourself, okay?
  4. by   Justhere
    Try to look up. Maybe your docs at home can sort this all out. If you don't like the care you are recieving from you OB/GYN find a new one. Ask around at home and find one that is good. Hope you get better and everything is ok. You will be in my prayers.
  5. by   TazziRN

    I've wondered how you were doing. I'm so sorry about the rough trek you've been having. You definitely need a second opinion, perhaps from a university medical center?
  6. by   BabyRN2Be

    I'm so sorry that this is going on. I've read your previous posts about this and I was wondering if you were OK. Although the docs paint a bleak picture of things, try your best to stay positive - yes, I know, easier said than done.

    I think that it's awful that the doc didn't send you home w/0 pain meds. :angryfire Thank just really made me mad. One of my friends had a c/s to deliver a 10+ baby boy and the doc comes in and says, I'm giving you a script for 10 Tylox, and that's all you're going to get. She was in so much pain but wouldn't take the Tylox because she was afraid that she'd have even more severe pain later and she couldn't ask her doc for more. I remember giving her rides and she'd moan in pain at every bump in the road. Combined with other things that have happened, if a doula client asks for a doctor, I absolutely DO NOT refer to this guy.

    Sorry about the story, it was longer than what I mentioned. I know that this is a rough time for you, but try to get some sleep, eat as healthy as you can, and just wish. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
  7. by   augigi
    Sorry to hear you're having such a nightmare.

    Get a second opinion, or a third, or a fourth, until you get the answers you need. Don't start making plans to depart the earth until you know what you're dealing with. Good luck.
  8. by   tryingtomakeit
    Just wanted to send my prayers your way. Know that there are so many out here pulling for you and thinking of you. Please, please keep us posted.
  9. by   tridil2000
    poor thing!

    well, maybe you need antidepressants added to your med list! you are going through hell!

    nonetheless, i think you need to get an ob/gyn who will explore you surgically to see what's really going on in there. home iv antibiodics may help control the abcess in the meantime.

    although silly, eat that yogurt. antibiodics and vaginal issues combined spell trouble!

    best wishes. it will be a long road but don't give up. no one's going to take care of you except you! get another dr!
  10. by   gonzo1
    Hugs and prayers to you. Keep searching for answers, try more doctors. I was once told I would never walk again. It took three years, five surgeries and five doctors, but I finally found one that knew what he was doing. He saved my life and now I get to work 12 hours days on my feet and couldn't be more grateful. Don't give up yet. We care and please keep us posted.
  11. by   SmilingBluEyes
    My warmest thoughts remain with you, throughout this immense suffering and long and difficult recovery.

    I second those who urge you toward getting a 2nd or 3rd opinion. I truly wish you healing and eventual complete recovery. Don't neglect your emotional and mental health, either. If you need, seek some counseling. This is truly a traumatic event in your life.

  12. by   smk1
    Thinking of you.
  13. by   sweetnnurse
    :icon_hug: You are going through a difficult time. I wish you all the best and the strength to make the right decisions and the willpower to fight. You are in my prayers. Take care
  14. by   muffie
    good luck to you