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Okay, ladies...I have some questions here... I'm an OB nurse. I deliver babies for a living. I have never personally given birth or ever been pregnant. So here's my question....in all honesty,... Read More

  1. by   MitziK
    Well said rncountry re: last paragraph of post.

    I forgot about the prep, with my first who is now 18, they still did enemas.....uuuuggggggghhhhhhhh.
  2. by   Hardknox
    I had my first with out anything. It was hell for the last 6 hours, starting with that DAMN enema. I remember begging God to take me--I was ready to die rather than have another contraction. That was in Connecticut. We moved back to Massachusetts and they were giving people scopalamine. Now I wasn't a nurse at this point so I had no idea what it was. The Doctor said it wouldn't harm the baby and I would feel no pain. I had 2 this way and thought it was great. Then I went into nursing and saw what scope did. People acted like they were animals and the L&D area was a snake pit! I was so angry---I thought I'd blissfully slept through my children's births and they just slipped out I was so stupid and naieve:imbar :imbar.

    My only advice to you--as a former L&D RN, is not to close your mind to any options. Take labor as it comes. You know what they say about Birth Plans :roll :roll You don't want to doom yourself to a c/section!
  3. by   mario_ragucci
    Awwww Heather, I wasn't saying nothing about you, or any woman, who goes for NICU. Even Mario was born in a hospital. And I wouldn't take no chances if my wife was delivering. Unless, of course, she felt confident to just do it.

    Would I have a say, as a father, if my wife wanted to go with a midwife, and I felt it best to go to a hospital? They baby would be OUR responsibility. Perhaps there would be rare cases where a woman wants to have a natural child birth, and the man/father/husband insists on modern health benifits.

    It would be totally up to the mom, her desicion, 100%.
  4. by   MollyJ
    Why didn't someone think of this a long time ago since we women love to talk about our labor(s).

    I agree with the poster that said she never shares labor stories with primip's.

    Labor is very different for all and none of us have the labor we envision. I think c-sections/epidurals etc are just another way to have a baby, but our local docs are so hep on induced labor that my hubby (tongue in cheek) calls a 40 weeker "post-dates".

    I will say that I elected for induction (one week before Christmas) and I wish I waited for the wisdom of the body because my son's head was transverse and it was a long, hard row for both of us.

    It was a semi-significant disappointment to me that I didn't get pregnant again, because I was really going to try to avoid induction. It's nasty. But I'm enough of an ICU nurse that I worship at the altar of technology that I wouldn't think of having a baby somewhere where there wasn't technology and skill available.

    NICU nurses do have it tough (as do peds and those of us that have worked with dd kids). Not all variables are under your control, no matter how much you avoid ice cream during pregnancy. I had two case management kids--one a home delivery gone bad, the other a baby born in a hospital and they were both very severe CP's/neurological "wrecks".

    When people are nearing delivery, I always wish them "safe passage."

    Sometimes "living" is feeling the fear and doing it anyhow.
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  5. by   Q.

    In answer to your question - which I think you asked, I don't think a father has a right to dictate any means of medical care to his wife simply because she is pregnant. Unless, she is abusing herself/the fetus, etc etc. But a woman choosing a midwife over an OB/GYN is no more your decision than it is mine, as a stranger.

    Just my opinion here.
  6. by   shay
    I talked w/a girlfriend tonight about all this. She did it au natural x 3....at a hospital.

    A much older, wiser girlfriend of mine told me to stop thinking about it so much and 'JUST DO IT!!' Says I'm holding back getting pregnant 'cause I'm so darned scared....I have to say she's probably CORRECT.

    My mother in law says I don't want to have kids 'cause I'm a labor and delivery nurse...perhaps she's right!!! LOL!!
    I have that natural prolapsed cord/meconium/abruption/ what if-what if-what if fear ingrained in my brain.

    Well, keep it coming...the stories are actually helpful. Tell me more!!
  7. by   AnaH
    With my first child, a boy, now 9 y/o, I was in labor for 6 hrs, I did get an epidural, but for some reason i still had a lot of pain, w/ my daugther now 3, my labor was induced, I got to the hospital had the epidural first, and then the pitussin. I was even able to take a nap, watch General Hospital and after only 4 1/2 hrs my baby girl was born, and the best part NO PAIN. I have no plans to have any more kids,but if I did I would ask my Doctor to be induced again.
  8. by   Mel3K
    First one was a 42-weeker, tried induction but it didn't work. Her heart rate was dropping after each (very strong but painless) contraction, and (to make a long story short) we ended up with an emergency c-section BUT a healthy, 9 lb 11 oz girl.

    Second baby was going to be as big as the first, so another c-section was planned. And a good thing, too--a 9 lb 12 oz boy who was a week early.

    Differences between the two: The first one, I hopped out of bed and bounced around all over. No problems recovering at all. Had a spinal with that one.

    Second c-section, an epidural. Which I had removed asap after surgery because I couldn't stand not feeling my legs. THEN the IV didn't work properly...it was a mess, I was discharged too early (2 full days after birth--even the dr didn't like it but the ins. co. wanted it that way) and recovery the second time 'round was not nearly as easy.

    After the first one, my mother in law told me (in a rather patronizing way) that I shouldn't feel like less of a woman because my baby wasn't delivered naturally. I told her I'd have to be crazy to feel that way--that it didn't matter to me how my baby came out, as long as she came out healthy! MIL was amazingly silent on the subject the second time around...LOL

  9. by   Marj Griggs
    My first was a 42 hour labor which started with SROM and ended with a CS. He was 9#11oz, posterior with an asynclitic presentation (had an unusually large head, too--still does LOL). My second was a secheduled CS--I wanted a VBAC but it was a different OB in a different town, and we couldn't be sure about the first uterine incision so we went the safe way. Too bad, she weighed less than 7#. Intellectually, I know the labor with that first one was pretty bad, even though his head never engaged, but I really don't _remember_ it.
  10. by   Brownms46
    MY first was 27yrs ago..and hard to remember anything but the PAIN! Geeze...I was in labor the first day...and contractions...ineffective as they were...lasted all nite. My mother slept in a chair that nite...my ex was on his way home...from military. I had decided I wanted my own doctor to deliver me...who had been my doctor since I was 13, and his wife my peds doc... Well....next day ...labor stopped ..so I went to a gyn floor. Shows you how long ago this was. I stayed there mininal contractions...watching TV. You used to have to pay for the TV seperately. A man came around and collected....geeze I'm dating myself. This was in Millard Filmore hospital in Buffalo, NY.

    Well...weirdest thing happened to me while I waiting. It was storming...really bad. And this old cleaning lady came into the room.. She asked me what did I want? And I said... I'm having a GIRL!....I had been shopping for months..and if my girlfriend hadn't stopped me I was going to buy a dresss for the baby.....lol.
    Well...she said. That's a boy! Made me mad! She said ...you see that butt sticking up in the air?? That's one of those lazy boys...LOL....(sorry guys). I was so mad at her...for even suggesting that I wasn't having a girl! Anyway...later on...I was talking to one of the nurses...and asked her what was that cleaning ladies name who had come into my room. She said what cleaning lady??? There had been no cleaning lady there during her shift???

    Anyway...got pit...had pains...that felt like they were taking over my whole body....lord have mercy...felt like something had reached into my throat and was threatening to pull my insides out from there to my toes...oowwww! Anyway...vaginal deliver... delivered at 1100hrs...(and he still sleeps late) 7 lb 13oz and 23inche long. I took one look at him...and said...."Lord he's a boy...and ugly too"! As I drifted off to sleep....I hear one of the nurses...say...oooooh my she's so disappointed. And I thought to myself...you need to get it together gurl...LOL. But he was ugly...:chuckle but I loved him with every fiber in my body...and soul.... Now tall dark and handsome.

    Second one...five years later.....barely got to the hospital in time. I had...had the burst of energy you get right before....first pain came...I thought ooh..it's nothing. Was takiing son on picnic the next morning...so I was fixing our lunch. Decided to lay down...hard contraction... one min apart.! Got up called the doc...decided I would take a bath....:chuckle...got all dressed up.in a tailor made carmel colored pant suit I had made in Korea.....put on make up....and then called my mom. My mother hit the house on the way out of the driveway...:chuckle.....Ex in Panama...when we were turing over the canal. MOM ran every red light getting there...and never saw even ONE cop...:chuckle. Also same hospital....same doctor... They met me with a wheel chair at the car....pain hit me so hard...I couldn't even move. They had me on a stretch running down the hall...and I was screaming...because I had the worst leg cramps in both legs...and was trying to get them to stop so I could stand up...:chuckle! No time for anything ...but to deliver...a girl... 7/7...21 inches.....@0500hrs..(.and she gets up early).....Yeahhhhh! Gorgeous...but in trouble..placed on a vent. The rest even a longer story...but I vowed...NEVER....NEVER again...!
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  11. by   night owl
    Labor pains are like no other pains in my book. When I was a student nurse in L&D, I swore that I was adopting because nothing that BIG was coming out of my koochie! Lo and behold it didn't for the first...he is my "little caeser!" God bless him. The second, was a four hour labor. Got to the hospital @ 0145 and she was born 0215. No drugs, but that was enough for me. If I did "do it again," I'd try to go natural. With natural you very soon forget the pain and I was ready to go out dancin'! (No episie) With the CS, I suffered weeks after it. I have a question for all of you L&D nurses that I've been wanting to ask for the last 16 1/2 years...I'll send it over to the "ob-gyn nursing" forum...
  12. by   mattsmom81
    It's so much fun reading all your stories!

    Shay, you can handle this...women have been doing this for eternity and you can too!

    The scary part for me was transition where (like other posters) I feared losing control... I sent everyone out of the room so I could focus...I needed a little Demerol (12.5 mg IV) to help me through...just decided I needed a little help at that time tho I was big on natural childbirth. My labor went too fast for me to have a paracervical block but if I'd had the choice I probably would have gone with that. Transition was also where I felt I might die--but knowledge is power....although it's very overwhelming psychologically and physically, I knew I would be OK. I think getting through this pain (I felt ripped apart) shows us women how tough we really are. Sound sappy?? LOL!

    I would have no reservations demanding that no students or residents be involved in my care, I have done this myself and it is your right. Take some birth center/hospital tours, find what's comfy for you and go with your gut! I could never forgive myself if I had a home birth and something went wrong for my baby....but it is a choice you can make and lots of women do fine with a good midwife! Good luck whatever your choice!
  13. by   BugRN
    Boy I haven't thought about this for a while!! Labor Pains....Hmm My daughter is 25, but I can imagine it like it was yesterday. 42 wks, started regular contractiions, went to the hosp. at 7am, only 2cm'.s Spent the day walking, reading, breathing thinking" This is easy". Ended up w/ FTP on Pit, enema, shave, IV, and clinging to the bed rails, feeling like my bones were breaking. Cont. fetal monitoring. Got something to take the edge off, Nysentil(sp)?? don't have around anymore I don't think. Got to fully around 8pm and then pushed for 3 hours! Finally totally exhausted, taken to the del. rm, draped, in stirrups, flat on my back, had an Epis, del. a girl 7lbs 9oz. Forgot the pain immed. after!!
    Shay, someone else mentioned you'll get a different labor story from all of us because all our labors were different, like us! I didn't have an L/D background then, I'm glad! It will be hard knowing so much, but do what you feel in your heart is best for you! All primips who choose a birthing center don't know what labor is like either. Personnally if I were to do it again, I'd go for a hospital birth w/ a birth center, w/ a birth plan. Have the labor and birth you want, just know when to compromise. and remember it's no right or wrong way, no matter how the baby comes out, enjoy the birth experience, no matter what the journey is to get there! Good Luck!!