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  1. MitziK

    LPNs in ICU

    I would also like to know the reason why an LPN can hang blood and not abx? I also have a hard time understanding why they can't take an order? I mean I understand that it's a law there but I just don't see what the reasoning would be.
  2. MitziK

    Safe administration of intravenous medications.

    We mix with NS, use a filter, and hang separately.
  3. MitziK

    LPNs in ICU

    stressedlpn, I wasn't referring to your posts.
  4. MitziK

    LPNs in ICU

    RNinICU, CYA to the max.
  5. MitziK

    Mock Legislation

    Due to the nature of some of the posts on another thread I challenge you.......well, if you're interested that is Write the Nursing Bill, Law whatever you wish to call it, that in your opinion would: Change the entry level of nursing, change to a national scope of practice, use of grandfathering to cover existing nurses in their different levels etc. If you need examples of what I mean read the posts under the topic of "Why such poor opinions of LPNs", especially the last few pages. Can be long or short, humor as always is welcome but the idea is to see if we the tired, the frustrated, but still hanging in there because we love what we do can come up with a workable plan to present to the public. Also, how would you go about presenting it to the public?
  6. MitziK

    8 hour shift vs. 12 hour shift - your opinion...

    Hi, I think all shifts have their advantages and disadvantages. I work M-F, 11-7. The advantages are that I can sleep while kids are in school and can make Dr. appts etc when needed and go to school events during the day. The disadvantage is you either sleep most of your Saturday away and start feeling human again on Sunday, or try to stay up and sleep "normally" over the weekend which can really mess up your hours. I think 5, 8 hr shifts in a row is a little too much and 4 would be better. I have worked 12 hr nights and really enjoyed that because we were off as much as we were on, got plenty of rest and things seemed to run a lot smoother with all shifts. In addition we didn't have as many "call-ins" then as we seem to now.
  7. MitziK

    Would you answer this ad?

    Rolling on the floor laughing!!!!!!!! Way too good to be true
  8. MitziK

    medication cards

    From a former student's perspective: In our LVN program we had to do med cards for every pt under our care during hospital clinicals. I believe it really helped. We had to list all the meds our pts received, know the type of drug, how it is used, possible side effects, what was compatible or not, diluent if any to be used, how to teach pt about the drug, and how to assess the pt. Yes it was very time consuming but I think putting the med with a real pt and seeing the "big picture" as it related to the diagnosis instead of just reading a prepared card helped it to sink in better.
  9. MitziK

    LVN programs in Dallas, Texas?

    I'm about an hour and half drive from DFW area. With your location I would think you would have access to several schools. However on the same note with that access why not go for RN? It would be great to have your LVN first and then go for RN coz you get more hands on with the pts which is what I'm doing. I graduated last August and am getting all the experience I can before starting on my BSN. There is also a TECH school there that teaches LVN but off hand can't remember the name. Try going SEARCH on you browser for colleges in the DFW area. Good luck!
  10. MitziK

    where is nursing headed?

    The ultimate fantasy would be that nurses could do what they do best be nurses. In reality it's the almighty dollar, move em in, move em out, fill the bed regardless of staffing. Burn out the experienced so bad that they leave the profession and replace them with the less paid new grads or techs. What I wonder is why (and yes I'm a big football and nascar fan)we pay millions of dollars to sports figures to move a ball around a field and yet the teachers that teach them, the nurses that take care of them, police and firemen to protect them, you get the idea, are on the low end of the totem pole as far as payscale?
  11. MitziK


    Scary situation, why are you having to put them on the back of her throat? I am also wondering about potential for lawsuit. It sounds like she has swallowing difficulty. This could result in her aspirating (choking) on the med or even aspiration pneumonia. I do not know the legalities of Assisted Living facilities so can't help you there but I would sure find out about them before giving a med without a license or certification. I would suggest talking to the daughter or have the director talk to her about maybe getting the med in liquid form if possible & only if she can swallow them safely. I would also do as the other reply stated and have her head elevated and keep it elevated for little while afterwards. I would definitely find out what your liability is. Your facility should have some sort of policy for you to review. Another question is do you know everything there is to know about the med you are giving, possible side effects, what to look for in case of a reaction etc? Is it a drug that you don't give if the blood pressure is a certain amount or the heart rate too low? So you see there is a lot more to giving a med than just have the pt swallow. Back yourself up with knowledge and make sure it legally safe for you to give the meds coz the person responsible will be you.
  12. MitziK

    Should new grad LPN work 11p-7a alone

    Congrats! I would not recommend that position. The best situation would be to work with experienced nurses. What are you going to do if you have 2 codes at once? I graduated LVN last August and work med-surg and some er. However I have the benefit of having lots of experienced nurses to work with. Personally, I want as much hospital experience as possible because you get a variety of pts to take care of. I'm not dishing nursing home employment at all I just think new LVN grads should work in a hospital setting first. Good Luck.