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Just a general type of question. Since a lottery is really nothing more than a tax on people who are bad at math, I know I'll never win since playing is the first key. But.... lets say you did... Read More

  1. by   chenoaspirit
    I would buy property and build a nursing home, hire excellent staff so these pitiful elderly nursing home patients could receive top care. I love old people.
  2. by   SharkLPN
    Yeah, I'd instantly be calling off rich too. Probably keep the license current, just in case (it's only what? 24 hours of CEUs, and $70 every other year?)

    Beleive me, I wouldn't get bored without a job. And I doubt I'd miss it.

    Oh, Triage? Your camp for disabled kids is kinda how a local center for kids with profound disablities started back in the 50s. A nurse took in a friends child to ease the burden of caring for it. Now, it's grown to be one of the best centers in NE Ohio for kids with MR/DD.

  3. by   JailHouseTeer
    Honey, if by some strange chance i did win. I would pay off bills and continue my job, I love it!
  4. by   Tweety
    I don't play the lottery.

    If I won real big, I would quit med surg. Get my MSN and teach part time.
  5. by   AliRae
    I love my job. It's why I wake up in the mornings. I'd definitely keep working. The way things are around my unit these days, I could go per diem and still pick up loads of hours. However, I'd be glad of the time and cash with which to go overseas more. I'd probably spend a good half my time in the African bush immunizing babies and handing out malaria meds.
  6. by   Lisa CCU RN
    I'm not a nurse yet, but I know I will love being one, so no I wouldn't want to quit. But I would hope I didn't win until I had at least 5-10 years under my belt in experience and then I'd get a PhD in nursing and then start teaching and working as clinical instructor.
    Working on the floor would leave me open to a lawsuit.
  7. by   Medic/Nurse
    Winning a MILLION would NOT change my life.
    Yep, I'd have a modest new toy or two - but I'd still work, have the same house and car.

    TEN MILLION - I think my life would start to change a bit. Might not work as much - but, right now I'm kinda LOVING the job, so...

    WINNIG A HUNDRED PLUS MILLION - life as you know it would change. I think the "working" question would be IMPOSSIBLE. Too much liability, too big of a target and your safety/security would be difficult to ensure.

    Now, WHAT will I do with my time? All my FRIENDS and family would not have mortgages, debts or college worries. Several churches and charities will benefit. I have a very full life, exclusive of nursing - but, I suspect that I'd still find a way to help others. I'd devote a great deal of resources to animals, children and the elderly.

    I guess it is just this.
    It's like having a really good cookie and not sharing. Only YOU know just how good it is. When you share - others can know just how good something is too.

    I guess IT would be a good problem to have. But still a problem.

  8. by   RN mom of 2
    Quote from banditrn
    Good grief, no!! If I won the big lottery, I'd tear up my nursing license and dance on it!!

    I think people who love their jobs would keep working, because they are doing it for more than a paycheck. I'm currently a SAHM, so I'd be thrilled if I won!
  9. by   FredericksX
    If I won a certain amount of money (more than 2 million) I'd quit working bedside and head into research/education. I'd need enough to pay off all my education bills and put down for a house. I love my job, but dealing with administration and working in the Age of Lawsuits is so very stressful.
  10. by   nurse4theplanet
    I would be very tempted to quit my job, but in reality...I would stay, for a little while anyway. I would finish out my orientation and get a good solid year (all the while knowing that I could leave at anytime would make it that much better, I think...no pressure). I would definitely put my money into investments to keep it working for me and my decendents.

    Then I would finish out my degree all the way to PhD, spend some time in the peace corp or other worthy organization volunteering my nursing services in underserved countries. I believe if God blesses you in such a way, it is your duty to do something with it for the good of humanity. Therefore, that would be the BEST use of my knowledge, time, and expense account!

    Afterwards, hubby and I would retire VERY VERY young and have a ton of kids and grandkids to spoil for the remainder of our short time on this planet. I would also start a nursing scholarship at my school and teach for awhile too.
  11. by   mercyteapot
    Even though I said (or hinted, at least, hee hee...) that I would quit my job, I didn't mean I wouldn't work at all. There are so many good causes in the world, and I'd love to have the time and money to support a few of the ones I believe in most passionately.
  12. by   meownsmile
    I wouldnt work except for the hours and time i wanted. I wont say i would quit completely but i sure wouldnt take any more crap and i would make my own schedule.
  13. by   kathye1350
    Boy that's a hard one really! I would probably continue to work, but on a part time basis. You see, nursing is, aside from my children, my greatest passion. I love it and all that it entails. Besides, I would hate to think of waisting all the hours I put into school to do this. As I am a single mom of six children I would definately not work as much. But, I would certainly work because I would want my children above all to know that even though we had money, nothing in life comes easy or cheap, nothing worth having anyhow!!