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My school never issued nursing caps to us, only pins. Whenever I see old pictures of nurses wearing their caps I have this urge to want to find one for myself, if of course it looked decent. ... Read More

  1. by   AmericanRN
    Quote from rdop5388
    I would wear one. But only if I wasn't working in situations where it might get in the way. And I think special occasions all nurses should wear them. Also the elderly folks love to see nurses wearing them.

    I love hats in general and always have but I think nursing caps should only be worn for special occasions. They are rather unhygenic and I've heard stories of them falling off people's heads and into patients wounds from nurses that had to wear them "back in the day."

    I think it would be nice though if worn at job fairs or if a nurse passed away if their fellow nurses would wear caps at the funeral just like when police officers die and their "brotherhood" including females wear their hats. Sort of like a nursing honor guard.
  2. by   ann945n
    I would wear one and think about starting to wear one but perhaps I do not have the guts. I agree with other posters, there is something about tradition that makes it special, something you earn. I would like to be recognized for what I have acheived
  3. by   mianders
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    I had a discussion on this very topic while my Gma was in the hospital over Christmas. None of us could keep track of who was who; RN, CNA, girl bringing up the food trays? . When your not feeling well (and the mind isn't all there anyway) who's going to remember "Hi, I'm Teresa your nurse, and this is Clara your aide" at 7am shift change? Many don't even have family in the room that early to help remember what they said. There were times I had to run to the board and search for the name next to RN when Gma needed more meds. There should be some way to distinguish RNs on sight.

    Heck, maybe its just me and my experience with patients who seem to have K.R.S.
    At our hospital each department has to wear a certain color scrub. Nursing wears royal blue, CNA's wear green and so on. It is a pain not to wear anything but royal blue but it does look very professional when you walk through the hospital.
  4. by   chibear55
    I Did Wear One And I Can Tell you They Are A Huge Infection Control Issue As Well As A Huge Pain In The Ass. Best thing that happened was getting rid of them.
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