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  1. chibear55

    Survey: Are your staff meetings productive?

    No....is Usually Just Someone Other Than Nursing Making Decisions For Nursing. We Just Listen And Sign Our Name.
  2. chibear55

    Do you/ did you have a Nurses Cap? Pin?

    I Had A Cap And Pin. Lost The Pin In 2 Weeks.
  3. chibear55

    White Nursing Dresses?

    Dresses?? Why Would You Want One? It Was Always Up Over Our Heads While Making Beds, Giving Baths, Bending, Stooping, Lifting, Pulling, Etc. They Are As Logical As Those Stupid Hats We Used To Have To Wear.
  4. chibear55

    Nursing for compassion or the financial reward?

    Finiancial Reward?????? Not In The Rural Areas. Thats Just Funny.
  5. chibear55

    How Many Nurses are Glad They Have a Union

    I Pay Union Dues Because I Have To. I See No Use To Have A Union In Healthcare. I Would Never Strike So Therefore What Is The Use. This Isn't A Factory Tho Sometimes It Feels Like It Lol.
  6. We Rotate Every 2 Weeks Between Nights And Days. No One Can Grip That Way.
  7. chibear55

    What are the worst reasons to get into nursing?

    Good Money- Haha Thats Funny
  8. chibear55

    How did you pay for nursing school?

    I Worked As A Nurse Aide And A Waitress And Put Myself Through School.
  9. chibear55

    If nursing caps looked decent, would you wear one?

    I Did Wear One And I Can Tell you They Are A Huge Infection Control Issue As Well As A Huge Pain In The Ass. Best thing that happened was getting rid of them.
  10. chibear55

    Nursing Uniform Policy

    It Doesnt Matter..policy Is Policy
  11. chibear55

    Should assaults on medical personnel be a Felony Offense?

    Yes They Should
  12. chibear55

    Would you call in because you didn't get any sleep?

    No!! I Would Not Call In.
  13. chibear55

    How Many Times Did You Apply to Nursing School

    There Was Not Requirements Other Than Being A Nurse Aide For One Year To Get Into Lpn School Back When I Started. No Waiting List Or Prereq Bs. If Someone Wanted To Go....you Went. If You Didnt Make It...so What. The School Lost Nothing. All The Hype And Waiting Lists, Etc Is Dumb And For $$$$$$ Only. There Is To Big Of A Demand For Nurses. Cut Out All The Crap To Get Into School.
  14. chibear55

    Were You a Nursing Assistant

    Yes And It Was Required Before You Could Go To Nursing School. Also Being An Lpn For One Year Was Required For Rn School. Both Are A Very Good Idea.
  15. chibear55

    Do you talk about allnurses.com at work?

    Im At Work Now!!
  16. chibear55

    Who Is The Best

    Nurses Aide.