If not nursing what other career would you have done? - page 9

Just for fun, if you were to choose a career other than nursing what would it be and why?... Read More

  1. by   ILUVERNSG
    Hairdresser. Gives me a creative outlet!
  2. by   BlueShoes12
    Lottery winner.

    If not that, then:

    Travel writer.
    Horse trainer.
    Environmental scientist.
  3. by   daylillyone
    1. Landscape design/Horticulture
    2. Tour Guide
    3. History Teacher
    4. Dentist
    5. Philantrhopist
  4. by   mslove
    Librarian. I even got into an MS in Library Science program, but couldn't attend due to logistics right away (in another city) and then got the nursing bug in the meantime
  5. by   DoeRN
    A mortician
  6. by   nutsonurse
    cam girl/sugar baby would be high up on my list....i probably would've ended up getting my MPH or join the peace corps or get a PsychD. obviously all my money would be made by being a sex worker though
  7. by   Miiki
    Computer science/IT
  8. by   Miiki
    Quote from silverbat
    Its late. I'm tired, and I read this as MAD lab scientist!!!

    That sounds fun too... If only I could find a sponsor for that since I'm not independently wealthy.
  9. by   AlabamaBelle
    Quote from meanmaryjean
    Exotic Dancer
    If I only had the body! Maybe somebody likes an over the hill, slightly saggy (haha on slightly) woman!
  10. by   nurse2033
    Th usual;
    Opera singer
  11. by   melmal57#
  12. by   CelticGoddess
    Quote from Penelope_Pitstop
    I read it as METH lab scientist.
    I'm so glad I'm not alone! That's how I read it at first also!
  13. by   Kitiger
    Band Director. Absolutely! I worked toward that goal all through Junior & senior high. (College Prep. Clarinet. French Horn. Alto Sax. Piano. Choir.)

    Then I got a job fresh out of high school as a nurse's aide, and the rest is history.