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  1. nurse2bnoob101

    Should I do it or try something else?

    Currently work in healthcare as a MA and I am a bit uncertain whether I should do nursing. I already got into a program and I am scheduled to go in 4 months. I think like with anything there will always be a sense of doubt when investing some time and debt into something. I am naturally an introvert and I can deal with people but it is draining, especially the difficult patients. It is a very customer service oriented profession. I can do it and be good at it, but I am not sure if I like it. Yet I feel that I invested a lot of time in healthcare and I know what I can expect out of it. There is a lot of advantages such as in demand, job stability, good pay, a lot of career progression, job flexibility (go per diem, float pool etc..). I worked in other sectors before like retail and sales. They all have their pros and cons. I am thinking about doing healthcare informatics or data analyst, but it is uncharted territory and I feel like I have the grass is greener syndrome. Nursing is something I think I can be good at, the others I will have to look into it more. I know that work is work and a lot of times there are good days and bad. I am just confused and lost on what I want to do with my life. I figure tho with nursing if I hate it I can do NP, nurse informatics, nutrition counselor etc... Plus working 3 days a week it will give me opportunity to have good free time to do hobbies, side businesses, that is what I want most of all. Is the grass is greener? Help me refocus.
  2. nurse2bnoob101

    National University question

    Hi does anyone know how difficult it is to get into National University nursing program? Could you give me average gpa and teas scores? Also what is your overall thoughts on the program?
  3. nurse2bnoob101

    Nursing answer to my struggles?

    Yes I already have a bachelors in bio. I got accepted to all the nursing programs I applied to. It is not like I am applying to med or dental school lol. I am more mature and don't get excited for much. I figure nursing offers a lot of opportunities, with low debt, decent salary, and lots of room for progression. Like nurse informatics, np,crna, management. Plus I can change my life in one year since I already have a bachelors. Np or nurse informatics interest me. I was also thinking of jumping ship and doing computer science. Get a second bachelors. Mostly due to drinking the cs koolaid. I see my friends graduate get jobs straight out and makes me a bit jealous. I think they have outsourcing problem. But I came to realize that a job is a job. Most people. Go to work to pay off bills. You don't have to love it just tolerate it. I already have acceptance and it will cost me 38k, so need to make decision soon. Thoughts?
  4. nurse2bnoob101

    Nursing answer to my struggles?

    Graduated college majoring in bio. Worked odd jobs low pay. Sucks being poor and broke on top of loans to pay off. Payed off my debt. I applied to nursing program got in. It is far away and will essentially pack up all my things and drive over. 38k for total program and housing. I am getting cold feet. Nursing can be tough. But what else am I going to do? I can't continue to bum around working low paying jobs. Would love to hear your thoughts and whether it is good to get into debt again. Don't want to fail again.
  5. nurse2bnoob101

    Got into Ashland University in Ohio any thoughts?

    What was total cost of the program plus room and board? It says 38k but wondering how accurate that is. I am. Doing summer cohort
  6. nurse2bnoob101

    Will there be a huge turf war between PA and NP?

    Will there be a huge turf war between pa and NP? Such as will you see PA being the provider of choice or NP being the provider of choice all competing for same jobs? Which career do you see having the brighter future between the two? If I was a doctor that is in charge of hiring it seems more advantageous to hire a PA while if I was a hospital/manager or not a doctor it would be better to hire a NP. What are your thoughts?
  7. nurse2bnoob101

    Intimidated by being only male

    I am coming with a degree already and thinking about doing nursing. I got into a program and I am not going to lie I am pretty intimidated by all the females in my class. Just walking into lecture and just seeing 98 percent females is intimidating. Just makes me feel lonely and that I am doing something wrong with my life per se. I can't relate. Anyone feel this way?
  8. Hi, I got into this program and debating on whether to go. Anyone familiar with Ashland University in Ohio?
  9. nurse2bnoob101

    Up Davis np program

    One of the drawbacks with np is the curriculum I heard. Uc Davis has a np program that's is taught with pa. Anyone familiar with this? Seems like a great idea because you have a good medical training and have the political lobby power that np provides. You can also do fmp\np program so best of both worlds. It sounds great on the surface but I was wondering if anyone has any personal experience or thoughts on this.
  10. nurse2bnoob101

    Any advantages to being a male np?

    have you noticed any advantages or disadvantages to being a male np?
  11. nurse2bnoob101

    Is it necessary to get experience as a Rn before NP?

    thanks for the replies. Yeah I figure I will work 1 or 2 years max as a RN maybe in an urgent care since I have lots of connections there. I however am mainly going this route to become a NP. I originally tried to get into PA school and still am, but I need a back up option. I already got into absn program for nursing which is cheap. I am a second bachelors who majored in hard science so this is essentially a second chance for me. I know a coworker who tried to get into PA school about 5 times now and she did not get in. She must be stubborn as a mule lol. I applied twice with no luck and anxious to move on with my life. Time is money and I am not getting any younger. If I was having a good income then I could afford to wait longer and try to improve my stats, but I don't. Plus I think any career where you have the ability to work independently has great negotiating power.
  12. I will be going to an absn program and was wondering if it is necessary to get RN experience before NP? Two schools of thoughts: 1) get rn experience pay down my loans, makes me more employable from what I have been told 2) go straight to NP program that means more years of experience at the job, the two jobs between RN and NP are completely different. I have more interests in working in specialties like Derm or psych. What is the general consensus?
  13. Got into the program Ashland University. This is probably my top choice school at the moment. Anyone has any thoughts on the program? What are your opinions etc.. Is it a good program?
  14. nurse2bnoob101

    Union University Fall 2018 ABSN Applicants

    Hello I got into this program. However it's a religious school and I'm athiest. That is the biggest issue for me not attending this school atm. Anyone not religious go to this school would like to hear your experience.
  15. nurse2bnoob101

    Union University Fall 2018 ABSN Applicants

    I got into the Jackson campus. Anyone familiar? What was total cost of tuition, room and board? It starts kind of late for what I want which is in August I believe. I want something sooner.