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  1. I was an adoptive mom in 2007 to a newborn baby with HLHS and an intact atrial septum. He was born very sick. I didn't want to induce lactation with him, so I didn't. I was happy to bottle feed him. When he graduated from PICU to NICU, I distinctly remember the looks and comments I got after I told the nurse I wouldn't need the fridge in the room for breast milk. I explained that I was his adoptive mom, and she still made comments that implied I should have tried. And the ironic part, because he was so tiny and SO weak, he ended up a tube feeder. I bottle fed him about 2 weeks. And I missed it! Tube feeding just wasn't the same. But you know, I had to report his weight every day to his CT surgeon and I remember the struggle to get him to gain .1kg! 10 years later, and I still remember the guilt that a nurse tried to place on me when my baby didn't even have the strength to eat.
  2. Trachs, vents, feeding tubes and congenital heart disease/medically fragile children.