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I am a new grad RN 9 months into my first year and 3 months into my current rotation. A few weeks ago I had a black eye. Being in my first year though it was just not possible for me to take off... Read More

  1. by   DowntheRiver
    I had a strange bruise show up on my neck and shoulder this past Thursday that looked like it could be as a result of DV or "rough play." It was not, I have no idea what caused it, and I assured everyone before they asked. I left work to get it checked out and it turns out I have a pinched nerve due to some bone spurs in my neck and shoulder.

    No idea what caused the bruising but I appreciated that everyone was concerned. With everything that is going on with women coming forward about DV, harassment, and rape you cannot be too careful in my opinion.
  2. by   Koshea61
    She is required to offer assistance. She doesn't have to accept it.
  3. by   hppygr8ful
    Quote from Wuzzie
    Nurses, teachers and school administrators are obligated reporters. With children and vulnerable adults we are required to notify the authorities of suspected abuse. It's a little stickier with adults that don't fall into the "vulnerable" category. If we suspect abuse we are required to assess the situation if possible and provide resources.
    Mandated reporters are only required to report suspected abuse that they encounter within the scope of their practice. So no a manager is not required to report to authorities if she see bruises on an employee. Think about it - In the course of daily living I see many thing's that "Just don't seem right" I would be forever reporting everyone if I was required to do so.

    Nor or we "Required to act outside our scope of practice." While most decent people would want to help they are not required to do so.

    As a scenario to show how ridiculous this is imagine walking in a large store and seeing some woman you don't know with bruises on her face. Do you, a total stranger to her, pull her aside and begin to investigate and assess for DV. Do you call the police to come right away before she leaves the store?

    I once was involved in a scenario where I saw an older woman walking down the street with a bleeding head injury, she was walking quickly yelling back over her shoulder at a man who was following her down the street. Concerned that I was witness to a possible crime in action I called the authorities and gave information about the location and followed the pair until the police arrived. I later found out that the woman in question had dementia and had fallen. The man following her was her son and he was waiting for her to calm down enough so he could walk her home and seek treatment for her injuries. Every thing is not always what it seems.

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  4. by   Flatline
    When my wife and I were...ahem...having relations...I moved to put my head down somewhere and she misinterpreted my move and brought her knees up in a knee/chest position and caught me in the face.

    HUGE black eye.

    I had to make up a story about a car accident.

    How do you explain that your SO gave you a black eye during intercourse/foreplay in the workplace? Answer is, you don't.
  5. by   sevensonnets
    I've never been a victim of spousal abuse and don't even have a spouse anymore. I had a really sore knee, smeared some Bengay on it, and went to bed. My dog decided to get under the covers with me but once she smelled that nasty stuff, she crawled back out. Then she SMACKED ME right in the face! I saw stars and little flashes of light! I did not know I had a black eye till it was too late to call in sick the next morning, so I covered it up with makeup but it still showed through. I went on to work and decided to be upfront with my coworkers and just admit I had been a victim of doggal abuse!
  6. by   hppygr8ful
    I once showed up to work covered in bruises on my face, arms and legs, scratches on my neck etc... My boss was concerned and when she asked I said that I had to move my mother with Alzheimer's out of her house yesterday and she literally went kicking and screaming.