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Hey everyone... I want to thank everyone for the prayers. I'm sorry I haven't been able to explain why I needed them and what I meant by saying I was in trouble, but I have recovered enough... Read More

  1. by   LoriAlabamaRN
    I want to thank everyone for your support and prayers. You guys have done more than you know to help me through this. I never thought I would be in this situation. This has been without a doubt the worst experience of my life. Knowing that I had friends here has made all the difference though... it has really helped me to hang on.
  2. by   leslie :-D
    sadly lori, this does not surprise me at all.
    the sanctimonious b.s. is just one of our more attractive qualities.
    we don't just eat our young.
    we eat anyone we damn well please.
    whatever the outcome, i'm not sure i'd choose to stay at a place that so readily judges and condemns its' colleagues.
    please, do not feel humiliated.
    do not let this don speak down to you.
    i sincerely am hoping this is a sign of better days ahead.

    with peace,

  3. by   Nurseboy1

    I will keep you in my prayers
  4. by   Corvette Guy
    Lori, have you considered seeking legal advice, or retaining a lawyer? Surely, your nursing license is not in danger. However, this facility has seemed to have turned their back on you & you need some one [a lawyer] in your corner.

    Good luck!
  5. by   Midwest4me
    Lori, I too am thinking of you and have you in my prayers. What a terribly unjust situation! Please let us know how things turn out...and I agree with CorvetteGuy, perhaps you need a lawyer in your corner. HUGS to you.
  6. by   TallGirlAni
    Sorry this is happening to you, especially at a time with your grandmother in a decline. How did the opiates show up in your results?
  7. by   weetziebat
    Soo sorry about what happened to you. It was an understandable error, and considering your excellent background at this job, if they fire you over something like this, it is definately their loss.

    I hear you when you say how much you love your job, but many times managers unfortunately don't know how to do their job. No discussion with you about the situation, a drug test showing a med prescribed for you, and you expect to perhaps be fired!

    If they fire you, I'd call it discrimination and contact the BON. Not that I would want to fight for a job back in a facility where they don't want you, and the lovely staff, without any info, suspect the worst, but just to clear your name and get the correct info on the record.

    Last Jan. when I had a severe burn and was on Dilaudid, I also was job hunting. Had to take a urine test and the Dilaudid never even showed up. I was amazed. Had a script for it but just had to wonder just what drugs they test for, you know? Seems kind of skewed to me.
  8. by   smk1
    I hope everything works out for the best!
  9. by   Haunted
    It would be intersesting to see what, if anything they write you up for, being "out of it"? You are pre occupied with a family members declining health, doesn't mean you are not a competant professional, bet they cannot find a single mistake during your shift.

    I hope they will prove to be human and give you a few days off to spend with Grandmother and perhaps it is time to adjust your work/sleep schedule for a while. Maybe consider working day or evening shift, possibly part time?

    Don't allow anyone to bully you. Your health andd that of your family has become primary at this time in your life. Sleep well and give Grandma a hug for me, she sounds like a great and courageous lady.
  10. by   suzy253
    {{{Lori}}} I'm so very sorry you're going thru this BS! You'll be in my thoughts!!!
  11. by   Elisheva
    Okay, I'm probably being extreme here, but I'd call my lawyer. I would just want to explain to him what happened and document my side of the story with him for future reference.
  12. by   dekatn
    Lori, so sorry for what you are going through. A nurse at my facility went through a similar situation. She is an awesome person and nurse. I will continue prayers for you. Keep us posted and hang in there.
  13. by   jellybean_1
    I'm so sorry for you, what a croc, nurses are always guilty
    and then they have to prove their innocence.I will certainly
    pray for you and hope they believe you. You had so much
    on your mind, human error does happen. So true about not
    being able to call (late) and say you are not feeling well
    enough to work.