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  1. I posted this question yesterday and can't find it anywhere, but had 1 person reply. I must have CRS syndrome (can't remember sh#t), so i'll ask again. has anyone ever used I study Smart.com in regards to getting pre reqs for nursing, as apposed to using the classes from Excelsior??
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  3. by   ERNurse752
    I've never heard of it.
    CRS...hehe, I like that.
  4. by   niteshiftnurse
    Istudysmart.com is a website that guarantees you pass all their tests, which are about the same as Excelsior's. You buy the same book that you would from Excelsior, except i study smart.com send you a work book with test questions and it tells you where in the book to look up the answer if you get one wrong
  5. by   sjoe
    You might also try the student nursing forum.
  6. by   nimbex
    nope. sorry
  7. by   BladderMouth
    I am using Rue Educational Publishers for my indepentent in home study to get my RN degree thur Excelsior also.
    They have a web site you could take a look at too. Might be what you are looking for.
    Hope this helps.
  8. by   kavi
    You know, I'm doing it through Excelsior, and they warn you to be careful about other people's learning devices. I got the exact textbooks, workbooks, etc. needed off of the Excelsior Website. Then went to E-Bay/Half-Bay and found most of them used, and for about half the price of anywhere else. Excelsior also has a support network and study groups and online discussions about the tests.

    I haven't tested yet, but I feel the responses and suggestions I've found at their site will be helpful.

    I also have found quite a few online sites and tutorials on various topics related to A & P, Microbiology, Chemistry, etc. that are helpful.

    There's another thread somewhere here about those who finished the Excelsior program. It seems like each person did it slightly differently---we definitely are a self-motivated bunch of 'individuals"!

    Let's keep each other posted so we can continue to compare programs.
  9. by   Mkue
    I've heard of them but never used them.
  10. by   BladderMouth
    You don't have to beware of Rue Educational program for indepentent studies to get your RN degree. They are one of the recommened study programs thru Excelsior.
  11. by   BladderMouth
    Woops...I forgot to mention Rue's web site also has a forum room to exchange questions and help.
  12. by   P_RN
    Bladdermouth Commercial endorsement and advertising are not permitted on allnurses.com.
  13. by   Spazzy Nurse
    Hmmm..... think there's a chance that Bladdermouth works for RUE?
  14. by   KolkataMomRN
    Heard of them, visited their site, but never used them. Haven't spoken with anyone who used them either. Am with Excelsior and studying for the weekend clinical.........