I must make a confession

  1. This is something that is so dumb and so stupid, but I must confess this because it is eating me up inside.
    The other night at work (1800-0700), I was so massively busy I didnt have time to get my dinner from the cafeteria. I am a big boy, and I must eat something or I will feel light headed and dizzy. I went into a patients orders, made a food request, and then picked up the food from the tray line, and chowed down in the break room.
    Yes, I know it was dumb and wrong. I was very very hungry and I needed to eat.
    Thats all I have to say
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  3. by   Flare
    well, i can't say i ever did that, but i have taken completely untouched food off of nonresponsive patients trays before so it didn't go to waste, but that was only if it wasn't an isolation patient or if it never made it to the patient or was sealed (you know, common sense type moves). I would feel badly if a patient would get charged for a meal that i would have eaten if the billing was set up like that, but you already said you know it was dumb and wrong, so i'll spare you a lecture.
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  4. by   netglow
    BUT, most importantly, did you at least order a cardiac diet?

    Hey, one must always try to find humor....
  5. by   hopefulwhoop
    I thought this was kinda funny. Not laughing AT you though! When I read the title, I thought it was going to be some crazy, off-the-wall confession, so I guess I was also partly relieved that it was just about food. Still wrong, but you already know that. I recommend packing snacks for shifts like those!
  6. by   Ruas61
    Just pay it forward.
  7. by   xoemmylouox
    This will cost you 10 Shrute bucks (any The Office lovers out there??). I think this is a pretty minor offense.. Hope tomorrow is better.
  8. by   backalwayshurt
    Lol ! Um just happy you where able to finish your shift without passing out ..all is well your forgiven..!
  9. by   nurseprnRN
    When I worked in a big city hospital we often had visitors who had no money and even slept on the floor next to the patients (and yes, this was in the US). If we had NPO patients we always ordered extra trays for them and gave them to the families.

    And I've been known to take an unwanted oatmeal or piece of toast from time to time.
  10. by   Nurseadam
    lol, that was funny. i drink juice and eat pudding from the pantry when i'm super hungry and we're busy, so don't beat yourself for it.
  11. by   PediLove2147
    Quote from Nurseadam
    lol, that was funny. i drink juice and eat pudding from the pantry when i'm super hungry and we're busy, so don't beat yourself for it.
    Hey I do it when we're not super busy! Buying ginger ale is a waste of MY money! Haha. Their ice cream isn't bad either..

    It's not patient specific though and I feel like the hospital owes me at least a ginger ale with all cut backs they make that effect nurses.
  12. by   TiffyRN
    Wow, you can get patient trays on night shift? When I worked with adults all we could get was a generic sandwich box. I'm impressed.

    Sorry you had a rough night. I remember many nights when all I had was a 4oz grape juice and 2-3 packs of saltines.
  13. by   dah doh
    Usually trays from patients who are NPO, changed diets, or transferred are up for grabs. As long as they didn't go in the patient's room, it's clean and will just go to waste otherwise.
  14. by   BSNbeauty
    I worked in ALF and we often took grabs at some of the untouched left overs that never left the kitchen. I just hope that patient wasn't charged.

    I have a confession too: I have a vaccine and threw away the vial before getting the lot # and exp. date to document. I had to charge the patient another vaccine just to document. I feel terrible about this.