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Hello All could I have Another Nurses prespective! Sunday I fell in the parking lot at work and dislocated my right shoulder.:eek: . I had it reset in the ER. Today i went to my ortho and he said ... Read More

  1. by   Buddha
    Well girls guys and fellow nurses,
    Today I took and plunge or maybe it was sticking my toe in the water. I called and left a message on my attorney's phone. Well
    I go off to work tomarrrow (without my narcs Thirdshiftguy) and we see what happens. I personaly think I should at least get a
    "I am sorry for not getting the parking lot shoveled" but I know the company I work for. No such luck. The maintance man fell three months ago and was just recently fired for not coming back when his FMLA expired he was awaiting surgery. He got a Thank you come back when your better we'll hunt somthing up for you letter.
    Well today I went in and the DON made me push a med cart to see if it could be done. Tomarrow she wants me to be the nurse on the interm. side LMAO!! I write and let you all know what happens

    : :roll :roll :roll :roll :roll
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  2. by   BadBird
    I suggest you call your doctor and have him write a letter stating that since you will be on pain medication it is not safe for you to function as a RN at work. I am sorry you are hurt. I fell down my front steps today from ice and my butt is so sore I can't imagine dislocating my shoulder. Feel better soon.
  3. by   Tweety
    What Badbird said, also he/she needs to be specific about what duties he expects you to perform. If he means for you to have a desk job, then ask her/him to write that. Especially if your pain is not managed without the narcs at this time.
  4. by   CashewLPN
    hmm... I was on 'light duty' for 2 months, not too long ago... I tore my trapezius near my left shoulder when boosting a patient... it was horrible...the day after the injury, I had to go to work.... I was in so much pain, I totally broke down at the nurses station and nearly freaked out when someone tried to get my attention by tapping on my shoulder... (lets say the pain went from a 5-6, constant dull, to a 10-11 searing sharp pain)
    then came physical therapy and 2 months of 'light' duty (essentially, I was doing paperwork in a insane nurses station, getting my arm bumped on a constant basis....oh.. .mind you, I'm an LPN, and they wanted me to do all the RN assessments which I refused, and on my eval for that period-got spot eval'd- they listed me as uncooperative and moody... then again... the manager hated me.... I was enemy numero uno... and she wanted me off the unit for a very long time... lots of union battles...)
    oh... if you're gonna go in... AVOID WELLWISHERS--- they always tend to tap/pop ya on the shoulder when its most sore..

    Get it tended to getting A SPECIFIC list of duties... make sure it involves no lifting period... and, perhaps, if you're on narcs, ask for a medical leave of absence until you find alternate pain relief....

    feel better!
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Good advice from all. I wish you a speedy recovery and do not let the hospital shaft you...look out for #1 and make sure your doc is on your side totally...or get another one who IS. I learned the hard way about that.....
  6. by   tattooednursie
    Maybe you could be a ward clerk for a little hile until your shoulder heals.
  7. by   Buddha
    Well today was my first day back to work and it sucked. They first had me working an interm side, then pulled me off to do the
    unit clerk on the subacute side, then on top of it threw 55 changeover assements over that. The the other dept heads thought since I was doing nothing I could make calls for them.
    The pain was ok but later on in the shift it really hurt.
    To yop it off the payroll lady told me she doesn't understand
    WHY i AM WORKING. Gosh get real like i begged my doc to let me work.
  8. by   Emery
    I'm so sorry to hear about your shoulder. I separated mine about 2 years ago. It was very very painful. but what made it even worse was I had just gotten out of a cast 6 weeks earlier for a broken wrist!!

    Hope your feelin better soon!

  9. by   rnparrot
    buddah and everyone else. i live in pa....i just settled a wc claim that took 2 and a half years! i had just returned to work by about a few weeks from having my knee scoped. i started my shift by checking on a fresh post op...long story short...tripped and fell on a phone cord......blew my knee out...ended up having a total knee replacement after having another scope, pt...you name it. After being on wc for 6 months and not returning to my job...they fired me!! i couldn't believe it. fortunately i had retained a lawyer . anyone that is on wc the first thing you need to do to protect YOURSELF in the cut throat world of nursing/medicine..is get yourself a GOOD wc attorney. because those insurance companies that the hosp's hire will pull every trick in the book...oh and don't forget..they can and WILL follow you, they do not want to be paying you. buddah, i am wondering why your employer even wants you working with an injury...if your injury worsens...they are looking at some serious payouts! that was my experience...went to the poor house, got a settlement that was supposed to last me a "lifetime"...was enough to pay off the bills i had...nothing more...it sucks. good luck!