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Well, this is it---I resigned this morning, and even though it won't be effective until January 3rd, I've worked my last shift in Med/Surg. I went in for a CT scan (kidney stones again) and started... Read More

  1. by   angelsarch
    :Melody: I Did It---I QUIT!!
    Your caring for health is Excellent. :Holly1: Have many happy, love filled Holidays and many many :Holly3: wonderful New Years.

    This is an excellent thread.

    :typing Angelsarch :spin:
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  2. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I am so extremely happy to hear this. Now enjoy your well earned holidays with your family, and relax for a few weeks!!
  3. by   fulwood
    I wish you all the best Marla. With your skills you should have no trouble finding a job. Enjoy your time off.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    Well, the shock of actually up and quitting yesterday has finally worn off......and this morning reality hit me with both barrels: "OMG, what have I done??"

    I don't have a job to go to. I no longer have an income. Whatever was I THINKING when I waltzed in there and turned in my resignation without having another job secure in hand??

    Oh, yeah......this morning was the first one in months when I didn't feel like I was going to puke when I walked into the bathroom and saw my scrubs hanging there, waiting for me to put them on and go to work. Today is also the first day in over a year when my coughing and wheezing don't feel like an omen of worse things to come....it's just a cold, or at worse, bronchitis, and it doesn't mean I'm going to come down with something life-threatening. It's OK, I don't have to worry about trying to get through the day feeling like garbage and worrying about getting behind in my work, because I don't work Med/Surg anymore.


    Thanks again for all your help and concern.......I think I'll be all right after all
  5. by   NurseyBaby'05

    I'm so glad for you. I know it's scary to not know where you'll be financially, but I'm sure it's only temporary. No job is worth the amount of jeopardy you put your mind, body and soul into with this last one. I deliberately set my schedule for 3 12's a week and rarely do overtime. I'm usually not at work more than two days in a row. Very beneficial when I've had the shifts from h#%%. My job is just that, a job. I like it, but it's not who I am. As for your financial situation, you've been there before and have survived. You can cut some corners for awhile until you have a game plan. In the meantime, enjoy some well deserved down time with your beloved family. Some things you can't put a price on.

    :Reindeer: Elizabeth

    P.S. I find your wisdom to know your limitations admirable. :hatparty:
  6. by   dianah
    A big hug from me, as well as a resounding cheer! NurseyBaby'05 said it all, as have all the others. Keep us informed of how things work out!

  7. by   marshalbc77
    Good for you!!! I'm right behind you!!!:hatparty: :hatparty: :hatparty:
  8. by   VivaLasViejas
    I seem to be on a roll........tonight I also gave my dear but oh-so-aggravating elder sister an earful as well. She and my BIL have been crying poor all year long---she quit her legal secretary position in February and was unable to keep the job she got in October---even though they received a $30,000 settlement from his old work-related injury back in May (they went through every dime of it by August, bought themselves new and expensive furniture, a new car, and TWO refrigerators:angryfire ). In the meantime, no one in our family except our boys got birthday presents, she didn't bother to attend our anniversary party in September, and a couple of weeks ago she called to tell me they couldn't afford any Christmas gifts either.....they didn't even know where their next rent payment was coming from.

    OK, there's no real problem with that, I understand.........we all had some really bad years ourselves back there when, and in the good years we more than made up for the lean ones. There were even times when she had more money than we did, and she bought stuff for us that we couldn't afford. Well and good. And then came last weekend, when I went over to visit and was eagerly welcomed into the master bedroom, where sat a brand-new, 27-inch, flat-screen TV.......and she had the nerve to BRAG about it!! "Look what Ron and I bought ourselves for Christmas," was how she put it.

    Wait a minute. You don't know how you're even going to pay your electric bill this month, to say nothing of being able to buy Christmas gifts for your family, but you can afford a new TV?? "Oh, our eyes are so bad now that we just can't see that little 13-inch one any more," said this 59-year-old (going on 89, apparently) to her 47-year-old, bifocaled 'baby sister'. (BTW, these two already own five TVs to start with, one in the living room, one in each bedroom PLUS one in the bathroom.) But what really tore it was, she actually expected me to be HAPPY for her, when all she's done is 'forget' every birthday and special occasion all year........I just couldn't deal.

    "I'd imagine the money you spent on that TV would've bought a LOT of Christmas gifts", I said to her, unable---and suddenly unwilling---to swallow my hurt and disappointment. I mean, I don't care if she can't afford presents, I don't want her to take food off her table or go into debt to buy gifts, and we certainly don't need more stuff than we already have. But dammit, I thought it was selfish of her to gloat over buying a new TV (to say nothing of ignoring the family when she and her DH were racing through his settlement money), and I wasn't going to hide it. I didn't go into it any further then, but evidently what I said got under her skin because she told my 14-year-old tonight that she was "upset" about it.

    Well, that REALLY did it. I confronted her in the dining room and told her, in no uncertain terms, exactly what I thought about all of this: "YOU'RE 'upset' about that? I'M the one who's upset"......and that was just the beginning. Now, mind you, I'm 12 years younger and have never in my life climbed into her like that, but the way I see it, it's about 15 years overdue. She's always been very self-involved, always had this attitude like she deserved the best of everything and the rest of us peons were put here to serve her; of course, my being the younger of us two also means that I know absolutely NOTHING about life, even though I myself am nearing the half-century mark and have experienced many things she has no clue about.

    I love her dearly, but I have gotten to the point where I can't stand to be around her; now, since she got fired from her latest job, she has taken to her bed with only her Ativan and her self-pity for company (I guess that's why she needed the big new TV); my BIL cooks for her, waits on her, cleans up after her, and otherwise caters to her every whim, but there is no real emotional connection. I know she's depressed, but a lot of it is of her own making........she takes the pills for her 'nerves', she broods about how crappy her life is, and then she does everything she can to anger the few people who still give a rip about her. Her kids don't; she spent way too many of their childhood years in a stupor (the pills are NOT a new problem) and wasn't emotionally available to them, so now they pretty much ignore her. Her husband left her 15 years ago, and now that they've been back together for the past year-and-a-half, they're both remembering why they split in the first place (he's always complaining about his back hurting, she's always making him do stuff for her that she should be doing for herself).

    And now, she's succeeded in alienating my oldest daughter (with whom she used to spend a great deal of time only a few short years ago) by being openly antagonistic toward our son-in-law, and she's even managed to push me away. The thing is, while I'm deeply saddened by this turn of events, I've progressed just far enough in therapy to realize that I cannot let this relationship keep dragging me down. She is my last living relative; but even so, I can't save her from herself when I've got so very much work to do on MY self. I'm sure she thinks I'm quite the selfish bee-yotch, especially now that I've dumped on her when she's going through soooooo much (can we all puke now??) But something's crossed over in me, and I just can't go back to taking her crap when I've got to deal with my own.

    Thanks for reading this looooooong vent. I'm going to bed now.
  9. by   NurseyBaby'05
    Hey Marla-


    Dumb question here . . .. Don't you need electricity to operate a TV, or does she have the mule hitched up to the generator???