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well the thing I have been dreading more than anything else has happend I have been taken off my permanent nightshift and am being forced to rotate to days .... wouldnt be a big deal except I went... Read More

  1. by   renerian
    I am sure you can find something elsewhere if you want only nights. Get our your resume. Can you file a grievence or something? What about your VP of nursing?

  2. by   Little One2
    That is a very good letter. This manager should not be allowed to get away with the things she is doing.
  3. by   caliotter3
    I can't believe they are doing this to you. I had problems when I tried to get certain nights off to accommodate my night classes (1 and one half hour commute from school to work). The nurse manager gave me a hard time, then relented, telling me to never ask for another thing from her. One of the things I was told by the DON who hired me was that she could not wait until I got my RN (and BSN) b/c she needed another RN on NOCs. But the mgr who gave me hell, gave a "buddy" another LVN, making no career moves and lazy as he**, her requested days off just b/c she asked for them. You can't fight favoritism. Figure something out and move on. This employer does not deserve you. Kicking somebody off night shift! What kind of drugs are these idiots on anyway?!!! As if night shift workers are a dime a dozen. My prayers are with you.
  4. by   caliotter3
    BTW: PM me if you are interested in the US. I know someone in LA, Cali who went to a job fair where one of the hosp will pay you full time pay for part time work and some kind of educ incentives while you are in school. As well, when you are an RN, they will give you a leased car (for one yr) and God knows what else. I'll try to find out the name of the place if you are really interested. But oldster like I am, I think to myself, sounds too good to be true. If you really want this, you better find some current employees to find out what the scoop is. Hope this helps. Yeah, dust off that resume!
  5. by   mattsmom81
    Good luck Wendy...I hope you get some support so you can stay on AND continue your schooling.

    If you let them know you would LIKE to do both...but you need SOME accomodation....and they won't cooperate, then you've done ALL you can do. You have certainly accommodated the hospital.

    Best wishes always!
  6. by   Tweety
    Wendy, that is an excellent letter. USE IT! Don't sugarcoat it, don't hide your anger. I wrote our higher ups a letter in anger and got a new job and promotion. The squeeky wheel sometimes gets the grease. Or they loose a good nurse. The choice is theirs.
  7. by   Sleepyeyes
    Excellent letter, Wendy!

    As usual, I agree with 3rdshift! Go for it!!
  8. by   micro
    *gee, and the administrators are scratching their heads, wondering why they cannot keep good, experienced staff*

  9. by   canoehead
    I like the letter, it made sense to me and told me why you were angry. Are you telling them you will be leaving without permanent nights?

    You are right on this one Wendy, so stand up for yourself, and then leave if necessary.
  10. by   OC_An Khe
    I too like the letter, still can't understand why they are taking away a permanent night shift, in the States I don't know of a hospital that not hire an expirienced nurse willing to work permanent nights.
    Good luck with both the letter and the job search.
  11. by   BMS4
    Very good letter. Good luck Wendy. Keep us posted on the developments.
  12. by   Agnus
    Extreemly well said. Use the letter. Get this stupidiy on record. I love the way we are taught to state, just the facts, and let them speak for themselves. You did that and did it well. They speak volumes.
  13. by   WalMart_ADN
    good letter wendles. use it and come down here...my hospital is paying 100% of my tuition to get my BSN...and we do self scheduling ....