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Okay, I am a nurse who is returning to nursing. Is it my dream career? Probably not, but I do miss the patients and I hate to give up on a career I worked so hard for. That being said, in my... Read More

  1. by   twotrees2
    Quote from kit3375
    1. A stay at home mom.
    2. A singer
    3. A southern cook like Paula Dean with my own TV show on Food network.

    wow - lots that want to be stay at home moms - tell you this much - i HAVE ben a SAHM for 5 almost 6 yrs i did it - and would LOVE to do it again - but to forewarn you - SAHM IS the HARDEST job ever - even hardeer than all we go through in nursing and that no joke!!! ( but well worth it )
  2. by   inspir8tion
    I am a professional photographer doing photoshoots all over the world
    I have a soulful singing voice (somewhere between Billie Holiday and Etta James)
    I can speak/read and write in 10 languages (fluently)
    I run marathons
    I am a surgeon
  3. by   MrsMommaRN

    1. a millionare

    2. an interior designer with loads of talent that everyone wanted to design their rooms even the stars would seek me

    3. an actrees on a soap (arent' we all drama queens)

    4. a writer of james patterson type or nora roberts
  4. by   grace90
    An activist working to change negative opinions about the mentally ill and lobbying for better care of them.

    I dream of being able to teach children, teens, and adults for that matter, the wrongness of negative opinions toward the mentally challenged.

    I dream of being able to help Hurricane Katrina survivors the rest of the country has forgotten about.

    When I first was out of high school and starting college and pre-nursing, I had high-fluting dreams about the amazing things I wanted to accomplish with my life. I still dream of doing something to make a difference...
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  5. by   shippoRN
    In my fantasy life
    Im a award winning fiction writer
    award winning pop star
    award winning movie actor
    a samurai
  6. by   bethin
    1. Bookstore owner
    2. permanently working for the Peace Corps, going from one country to the next. Going wherever my heart desires.
    3. F-16 pilot stationed on a carrier. This is actually my first dream. Been my dream since I was 4 years old. Nothing, nothing better than going from 0-350mph in 2 seconds.
    4. Traveler with my own show on the Travel Channel a la Samantha Brown
    5. If not for the pilot I guess I could settle for IRL driver.
  7. by   bethin
    Quote from rclimbr
    I am not a nurse, but is nursing so much of a drain that ya'll can't at least do some of this stuff in your spare time?
    Get a part time job in a bakerey or a craft store
    just 15-20 hours a week, who cares how much it pays do it for fun or a stress break from your "real" job
    Uh, yeah it is. And add 20 hours to 40 and you get 60 - you're not going to get benefits working pt. Plus, some have husbands and kids so that's about 500 hours.

    Somehow I don't think being an F-16 pilot on an aircraft carrier coincides with being an aide. Don't think my employer would like it if I had to leave suddenly citing "but I've got to go shoot down some bad guys."
  8. by   NRSKarenRN
    i am a nurse, but i dream of....

    opening needlepoint shop ....in my second childhood post nursing retirement.

  9. by   cowpoke_rn
    I am a nurse but in my dream life is am definately a dancing cowboy......i'm serious too.
  10. by   lvnhopeful
    Currently a nursing student and loving it, but......

    I would like to travel the world
    help those who are needy with my untold riches
    finish writing the fairy tale I started two years ago
    make sure that schools had art programs for all children
    get a maid to clean up after my husband, lol......
  11. by   smk1
    hmmm a party planner or have a cooking show and small bistro or bakery.
  12. by   abundantjoy07
    A party planner
    A CEO of some gigantic company
    A big shot scientist working to develop new drugs at Pfizer.
  13. by   NurseLatteDNP
    I dream of being a stay at home mom with a large family.