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  1. inspir8tion

    Overwhelming job! Oh my gosh!

    I love my patients and all my surgeons. The problem I have is with my co-workers. I am still relatively new to the OR (2 years), so I am still gung ho. I strive to do my job in an excellent way. This pays off with the co-workers that have the same work ethic as I do; however, the lazy people HATE me. And there are far more of them than not. So, I literally feel like I am walking through quicksand when I am with them. They are mean, gossipy and belittling. I always get the hardest cases, which I do not mind at all except when I need something and no one is around to help me because they are off in the lounge gossiping about somebody. BTW this goes all the way up to the director. I left my last hospital because I did not feel their professional standards were in line with mine, just to go to a hospital that is far worse. I have changed my status from staff to per diem and I find that it is excruciating just going in the two to three days a week I am working. I have feelers out for another job - am hoping to get into a surgical center that has hard-working, respectful people.
  2. They did not pay their employees for the last three weeks. "Century City Doctors Hospital, LLC (CCDH) announced (Friday) that it will file a voluntary petition for debt protection from creditors under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code. The filing, which means the hospital will close within the next two weeks, is due to financial difficulties related to the inability to arrange a sale of the hospital or obtain new financing or extensions of existing financing," according to the news release. http://www.knbc.com/health/17265288/detail.html
  3. I am wondering what you do in your hospital. If we do eye cases in my hospital; cataracts, etc. the circulator is supposed to circulate and monitor the patient's vitals throughout the procedure (there are no anesthesia personnel present). I remember somewhere in my studies that if an RN has to monitor a patients' vitals, they have to be dedicated to that function and another RN has to circulate. Any input would be helpful. Thanks.
  4. inspir8tion

    Bilingual RN

    I think the pay is higher in some in some places. But not where I work in Los Angeles!
  5. inspir8tion

    Moving to Cleveland

    Hi: I am an RN, working in the operating room. I am planning to move to Cleveland the beginning of 2008. Are the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospital the only places to work? Any advice on which is better? Thanks! Inspir8tion:lol2:
  6. inspir8tion

    Cleveland Clinic

    Anyone work in the operating room at Cleveland Clinic? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks.
  7. inspir8tion

    Surgeons who make me cry!!!

    Well, I know this contradicts my earlier post about being professional... but I am only human. What I said to a surgeon the other night, "you can be a jerk all you want, I have dealt with bigger jerks than you, but you can keep trying to be number 1!" The patient said he did not know about some things on the consent, so I asked the surgeon to explain them to the pt. He refused. I told him we wouldn't bring the patient in until he explained - it is called an INFORMED consent afterall. He still refused and said I was pulling a power play! Then he said he would let the case be delayed and went and sat in the corner. I told him delaying the case doesn't hurt me - I'd be there all shift, but the pt, who was NPO for 23 hours might mind. It finally got worked out and after the case the surgeon said "thanks everybody" before he left the room. We'll see how he is next time I have to deal with him...Maybe he was just having a bad night.
  8. inspir8tion

    Surgeons who make me cry!!!

    It is very hard to deal with these types of people. I am so sorry you have to go through this. I know it is hard not to take it personally, I mean, he is doing this to YOU afterall. There is this one saying I repeat to myself in these cases, it is "I hear you barking big dog!" I feel if I am doing my job right and to the best of my ability, then any crap someone is throwing at me is just like some dog barking for no reason. And barking dogs do not make me cry. Hey, it works for me. Something else you may consider is to talk to this person before or after the case and express yourself in a professional way. Saying that you are doing your best and that you will continue to do your best regardless of how you feel when you are around him. Since he treats everyone like this, it is unlikely he will change. But at least you will have said your peace and then you can try your best to think of him as some barking dog! Woof Woof!
  9. inspir8tion

    Do you always wear eye protection when circulating?

  10. inspir8tion

    Nursing school graduation to OR?

    I went straight into the OR after 2 months on a med/surg floor just out of school. I miss starting IVs and not knowing what all the drugs are (except the ones used in the OR), but I love the OR. BTW there are quite a few threads (some very long ones) on this topic. You may want to do a search for them.
  11. inspir8tion

    Do you always wear eye protection when circulating?

    I wear eye protection 90% of the time. The other 10% is usually when I forget or during a lap procedure. But my goal is to wear them 100% of the time. BTW, splash doesn't always happen close to the field. If an artery is hit, blood can fly across the room!
  12. inspir8tion

    latex allergy info question & question on shellfish allergy

    I had a similar question. Mine was re: using Betacept on Hyperthyroid patients. I got an answer here: https://allnurses.com/forums/f39/betacept-hyperthyroid-patients-192953.html
  13. I always double glove when scrubbed in. I have been stuck, but it has only gone through the first glove.
  14. inspir8tion

    Foley Catheters and Erections

    Thank you for the great response! I really appreciate it.
  15. inspir8tion

    Foley Catheters and Erections

    In the operating room, we do not put foleys in patients until they are under anesthesia.
  16. inspir8tion

    Foley Catheters and Erections

    The patient is under anesthesia, so don't know if it is painful. Can anyone point me to some literature on the subject (for or against)?