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  1. by   nadia562002
    I will be making 20.03 an hour as a new grad with shift differentials and benefits. Glad I live here and not elsewhere.
  2. by   moonrose2u
    upper mid twenties/hr not including shift or charge...

    southwest ohio
  3. by   WorkingnPajamas
    I dropped from 23/hr to 21.50/hr in long term psyche...but an easy 50 grand a year (did I just say easy???? Oh..thats like forgetting the pain after having just given birth....) 50 grand for all the laughs you could get, decubiti you could irrigate, fights you could redirect, and you used to be able to wear street clothes til the underlings began dressing like hookers and the dress code went "scrubs".... That was for charge/meds/treatments/you name it, you can learn it and implement it. And all the free Ibuprophen you cna take without blowing our your kidneys. Thats Massachusetts...I believe south into Conneticut is a bit higher---probably 25/hr.
  4. by   jdsantee
    15 years
    $30 per diem, nights/12 hour shift
  5. by   avery
    Yes! Texas is great. We just bought a five bedroom, three bathroom with gameroom and den and a backyard (pool-sized) in Dallas for $190,000. The schools here are all Award Winning.

    You are all making me sick with the pay though! I can't wait to be done with school! Avery