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  1. Interesting things about amiodorone

    Flagyl can make an INR go sky high in a pt. on Coumadin.
  2. Terminal Agitation

    CONSIDER THE REGLAN!!! Do a search on this board regarding Reglan and I think you will read descriptions that describe your pt.!!! Once you stop the Reglan, it takes a bit to get it out of the system but the difference once off can be night and day.
  3. Daughter had sedation for procedure, found out pregnant 2 days later...

    I would like to say that my experience sounds much like hers as far as conscious sedation goes...I cried and cried for a long time...someone came in a short time later to explain "you might cry for no reason". This was appr. 7 years ago before I kne...
  4. Stupid Question

    Since we are talking about it...I would be interested in seeing this, can someone give/send a website to me where I can view it?
  5. AWOL-seen any patients using this yet?

    Give me a break!! Whoever thought up this idea probably started with their kids' home nebulizer.
  6. Yikes, my hands are a mess, help!l

    Latex allergies can occur no matter how long you have been using latex gloves. In fact, according to our clinical coordinator, the longer you wear them (in terms of years) the bigger the chance you will develop one later. Request and wear latex-fre...
  7. 2 nurses arrested in CA.....

    Interesting situation.... Think of how many times you say to yourself/co-workers..."It's Dr. whoever, he won't care" or "I know the pt. a thousand times better than his/this MD on call Dr.!" Often times we do know our pt.'s better. In fact we may ...
  8. PICC P&P help!

    Hello! I am part of a comittee at my hospital implementing a PICC line policy and procedure. We have already completed PICC line insertion training and are now working on the P&P. I am looking for information, a model, suggestions, etc. Anythi...
  9. Have you or would you?

    I have had the surgery and am VERY changes your life. I have 20/20 vision both eyes now. I can SEE my legs in the shower to shave! I can see the alarm clock time when I wake up in the middle of the night. I can watch TV and SEE it as...
  10. Tardive Dyskinesia?

    What you described is EXACTLY how I felt (complete with the tongue movements) after taking my 3rd dose of REGLAN. MD prescribed it to increase gastric emptying. I was completely miserable, the only way to get rid of it was to let the Reglan get out...
  11. Lotus births.

    EEEEEWWWWWWWWW!! Smelly! I couldn't imagine.
  12. More Strange Baby Names

    I am a "Brandie" and hated it growing up...I now love it although it's a name I have to say twice to patients. When they have a quizzical look the first time I say it, I repeat "Like the drink, Brandie!" Everybody gets it then!
  13. titrating drips and hemodynamics

    Thank you!! Don't keep me in suspense!! What about afterload and contractility????
  14. Things that make you go "EEEWWW"

    Just the other night I was doing some trach care on a pt. with a huge amount of secretions...and an incredibly forceful cough. He coughed, thick green sputum flew...into my hair. A long thick string of the nasty stuff clung to the hair just next to...
  15. Parkinson disease and hallucinations

    I have seen hallucinations with Parkinsons a few times. The most common culprit is crushing the Sinemet and/or other meds. Also, some pt.'s attempt to chew which obviously is as good as crushing. What about the upper GI? Is he on an upper GI moti...