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  1. liberalrn

    Pennsylvania Lawyers Resist Caps By Using Patient Photos

    Those "ambulance chaser" ads do not represent the majority of med/mal lawyers either. Agree that solution is prob. in the middle: rid the MD profession of lousy docs, curb the greed of trial lwayers and the ins. co--the true culprits in my book.
  2. liberalrn

    Funniest real orders you have seen in a chart?

    Keep 'em coming!! I am ROFLMAO!!! Keep trying to think of the doozies I've seen, but am laughing too hard!
  3. liberalrn

    As for my friend's nurse, a head is a snake.

    Kenshi: Welcome to the BB! We hope to talk often. You work at night? In the hospital? You are a nurse? PS-can someone make me stop typing in this Dick and Jane way? I am saying the words really loudly and clearly in front of my computer! redshiloh: My VP of nursing IS a snake! But no good ever sprang from her head!!
  4. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    Thanks all. Didn't mean to sound so worked up, but really WHO are these people who touch us in all kinds of ways, at the doc's office, the outpt lab, the ER? It really burns me that every lay person I know will say stuff like,"the nurse came in and helped my mother w/ the dinner tray" or "That nurse did a terrible job drawing blood--she had to try 3 times" Whatever. And given staffing today, I can no longer say that xyz is NOT a nurse, but an aide, that abc is a lab tech (there's that word again) NOT a nurse. If it was the nurse who gave horrible care, then the issue whould be addressed. If we as a profession are taking the fall for other hcp's because of the public's IGNORANCE....that's a whole nother ball of wax! And I hear ya about the pulse thingy. I ahd an argument w/ a "tech" years ago re: my 2 y/o daughter's health. I thought she had an ear infection; the "tech" said "she has no fever." (So?). she had bilat. otitis.......a little knowledge and a generic title are dangerous things.
  5. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    SC RN: I meant it exactly as written. I do not feel that it is "flip" to question the skills of the people "assessing" my children's vital signs. I was directly referring to my pediatrician's office where there are ( as far as I know) 2 RN's and the rest are "Techs". As far as I am aware, "tech" is a generic term that anyone can hide behind (like nutritionist or psychotherapist or life coach). There are no licensing requirements to be a tech. If "techs" are CNA's; why do they not call themselves CNA's? What is wrong with being a certified nursing assistant? Is "Tech" more glamorous sounding...or is it easier to pawn off unlicensed personnel on an unsuspecting lay public? Why not say, I'm a CNA and I will be working with you today." How is that shameful or difficult? I have alot of respect for CNA's --their jobs are hard and their work is honorable. I count myself fortunate that I work with several dedicated and caring CNA's --and they proudly call themselves that. A Tech could be anybody and often is. This is jsut another example of how nomenclature can clarify and confuse issues...but that's another thread! "Wit" is available on VHS at the video store...don't know about DVD.
  6. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    Agnus--thanks for the reply. "Wit" is fantastic--I keep thinking about it. Will most likely rent it again...there is alot there and not jsut about nursing. I think you will appreciate it! As far I can tell, no-one on the thread has said that LPN's cannot call themselves nurse. I noted that most of us got our knicker twisted w/ MA's, CNA's amd techs calling themselves nurses. I think in my pediatrician's office that maybe there are 2 RN's, the rest are all techs (hwat the flip is a tech anyway--do they have CNA training? Just how accurate are the BP's they're taking?)
  7. liberalrn

    Help from UK--very OT

    Many thanks.! So essentially, I should be looking for butternut squash? That makes more sense given the recipe. I appreciate the help. Can't wait to try it!
  8. liberalrn

    Help from UK--very OT

    Hello all. I hope I am not intruding, but I have a langauge dilemma. My daughter (13 y/o) has gone vegan on me. Go figure. Her grandmother, in the spirit of things, has sent a gorgeous cookbook of vegan and vegetarian meals. My problem is this: it is published in Canada and the terms are unfamiiar to us. The book provides conversion tables for metric and oven settings etc., but we can't figure out some of the food terms. "Pumpkin" to us is a largish, orange squash w/ a hard rind and is carved at Halloween etc. The pumpkin in the book's pics is of a veggie that is small, with deep orange flesh and thin green rind( a pie pumpkin?)...the recipe is a pumpkin/basil lasagne.......help! Also, are capiscum (sp?) the same as bell peppers? Could anybody give a hand to this ignorant Yankee? thanks much. PS-think Churchill had it right when he said we are seperated by a common langauge!:)
  9. liberalrn

    A guide for our American Guests!

    I love it!! Loved the brookview site....especially the music and the pubs! Was just in UK last October--London, and Durham. Wonderful time, such nice people....wish I had thought of working over there 20 years ago......kind of hard to do so now with 3 kids and mortgage....
  10. liberalrn

    Feeling Helpless...

    Ask pt or soc. worker to contact his church--they might rally round. 'Bout the only thing I can think of at present. Best of luck.
  11. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    oh, no! You read me almost completely wrong!!!! I do NOT like or approve of our "selfless, angel of mercy" image--it is truly a death sentence to people. The Teflon reference was looking at this static image that will NOT die.......no matter what. I think the worst thing that can happen to anybody is to be asked everyday to have no needs, to put others primary at all times and to smile all the while. The BEST interactions I have had w/ pts is when we can connect on a personal basis--and in these PC times, that statement seems fraught w/ inappropriate sentiment. It's not. To share a joke w/ a pt; to share an interest conversationally.......these pts just bloom---afterall, we are sticking them into a box too. They have to wear certain clothes and we don't let them walk even if they can, we only focus on their illness etc. They are as trapped as we are. Please, I was trying to express a theory and my frustration w/ this image stuff--in no way was I sanctioning it!
  12. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    Not trying to hijack thread, but I am so intrigued by "Wit". Loved the Prof. Ashford character.....Susie the RN was also very good. At the beginning, I thought that the doc was a jerk and then when the fellow came......more of a jerk! And then, at the end, I realized that it is THEY that are so limited...trying desperately to control destiny...think the fellow referred to faith as a "spiritual construct". It is the docs at the end that are left bereft. The RN and the pt have come to terms and acceptance.....very powerful stuff. Lots of docs that I am privileged to work with share the holistic perspective, but then there are the others....... In college, I did a paper on the image of nurses. I read the Harlequin romance nursing books and Cherry Ames etc. What is particularly disheartening, to say the least, is the way the image floats above reality and is preferred by most. I think we need to not just speak out against the falsity and work to change it, but also ask ourselves, what purpose does this Teflon stereotype serve our culture? Compare to the "wicked" stepmother image--still pervasive now. Perhaps it served to keep nuclear family intact? Likewise, how does this image of nursing "help" our culture? Does it persist b/c people in general dislike thinking about disease and death and by elevating nurses to a "special" status, it distances them from the harsh reality of disease and death? I mean, if we are perceived as angels of mercy.....angels have no needs (well, human ones anyway).....does anyone see what I'm getting at?
  13. liberalrn

    Nursing 1875

    I love it! And I don't think we've come all that far...every hospital has a dress code......none of it gaudy! I love the zinger re: the needy pts at the end...so true. Am interested in the rest of this. give us more!
  14. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    wow. wow and double wow. Just watched "Wit" starring Emma Thompson. Excellent film. Nurses are portrayed realistically......in the caring and compassion and competence departments. Don't know 'cause don't work onc, but the RN's assignment seemed rather light. Still, advocacy for pt is shown etc. It's a very powerful film and one that I will watch again. Cannot give away ending...but truly holistic in the best of ways......furball--many, many thanks!!!!!
  15. liberalrn

    Nurse is a nurse is a nurse

    OK. Many thoughts. I would go see Emma Thompson read the phone book aloud, so I'm renting that movie tonoc! Also, docs write "no brainer" orders because their butts have been burned one too many times by bad nurses--yes, they are out there! I shouldn't have to tell a nurse that a PD pt needs a daily weight...yet this nurse will come back at me with, "but it wasn't ordered"...... The image of nursing is static. My 5 y/o just had outpt surgery. He recieved from the nurses a coloring book--a visit to the hospital etc. Very thoughtful. The "nurses" were bears (OK by me) complete with skirt and cap. Always standing behind the doctor (always a male bear--that is, no long eyelashes and wearing pants) etc. It made me ill. This image stuff is why I cannot watch ER. The job of those nurses would appear to be slapping any number of doors open and calling the resident or whomever to go to another room....stat! I always pay attention then and I go....stat, into another room myself!
  16. liberalrn

    "Nurse Appreciation Week" gifts from employer

    Well, I got a vinyl lunch bag...black with logo and something about lifiting spirits, touching lives.....we were ordered to come down to cafe and eat w/ VP. Couldn't make it--had pts to take care of (shouldn't they staff better during this week?). Anyway, I work 12's and the bkfst "cattle" call was for RN's; the lunch call was for RN's and CNA's and the dinner was for RN's, CNA's, and unit secretaries.....we figured that by midnoc they'd be trolling for housekeeping........ What the he** am I supposed to do with this, my 3rd lunch bag? I don't get the bags.....am I supposed to bring my lunch, therefore never leaving the floor (because I'm too busy)? Or is it that I have to brown bag it because I don't paid enough to afford the cafe? Which one do you think?

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