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U.S. Navy RN 16 yrs Clinic Manager $6,800.00 month Moonlighting job: RN 16... Read More

  1. by   mmiriamasher
    RN BA (Israel)
    35 yrs experience
    Head nurse open-heart ICU
    $11.00/hr before taxes
    36 hrs/wk w/no mandatory overtime
  2. by   chicagonurse
    1. RN
    2. 6 months
    3. Orthopedics
    4. 21.83/hr +15%shift differential, 3 weeks vacation, 3 personal
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  3. by   Heath82371
    husband is an BSN-RN
    graduated in 2000
    $34.00 prn rate plus 15% evenings and 25% to the shift differential an additional $6 for weekends.
    he wrote his schedule and wasn't mandated to take any particular shifts. never got called off.
  4. by   Daisy
    2.25 years
    4.$31.00/hr ( this includes national certification)
  5. by   nurseBe
    First of all I am a new grad and know feel real grateful for my wages. I work on telemetry, three twelve hour shifts a week, pay periods are two weeks.
  6. by   nurseBe
    First of all I am a new grad, (6/2002) and know feel real grateful for my wages. I work on telemetry, three twelve hour shifts a week.

    1. Base Pay is 29.56/hr, for 12 hour shifts we get paid for 80 hours in two weeks, for working 72!

    2. Overtime is time and a half, and call back is double pay.

    I am not sure what a years wages will equal out to, (because I work a lot of call back) there is also a two dollar shift differential for the last four hours. My shift is 7AM to 7PM.

    And I was thinking of moving out of state!
  7. by   plumrn
    Pretty nice! This is something new for me. Our hospital never has paid shift diff for anything but pm shift, even tho dayshift works until 7pm.
  8. by   Teresa S.
    Maternal child
    Home care
    15 years
    $24.99 plus pervisit on call pay on wkends/eves
    Earn about 7 wks vac per year (vac/sick/holiday)
    plus health benefits/mileage is reimbursed
  9. by   maria 007
    1. RN
    2. 13 years
    3. Endoscopy
    4. 26/hr
  10. by   CougRN
    1. RN
    2. AZ
    3. ICU
    4. graduated 6 months ago
    5. 22$ an hour night shift, 38$ an hour for any OT
  11. by   AmAnRN
    OB- (2 months)- previously medical-6 months
    16.28/hr + 2.50 for nights and 2.00 on weekends
  12. by   bewbew
    RN-graduate nurse
    3 weeks
    17.25AUD/hr base rate
    time and half weekends
  13. by   Beetlejuice
    1. RN

    2. 17 years

    3. Varies from one assignment to another (PICU, Med Surg,Clinic, Education, recruiting)

    4. $93,000/year (Includes a variable -based on exchange rate-$200-$500/month cost of living allowance for living in Germany)