How many male nurses work on your floor/unit?

  1. We see more male nurses (RN/LPN/LVN) more often now.
    How many do you see?

    If you do not have male nurses working on your floor/unit, what comments would you like to note.
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  2. Poll: How many male nurses work with you?

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      21.85% 26
    • 2 men

      23.53% 28
    • 3 men

      14.29% 17
    • 4 men

      6.72% 8
    • 5 men

      10.08% 12
    • 6 men

      5.04% 6
    • 7 men

      2.52% 3
    • 8 men

      4.20% 5
    • 9 men

      1.68% 2
    • 10 or more men

      10.08% 12
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  4. by   live4today
    There are usually one to two male nurses on the units I work on....sometimes three.
  5. by   Tweety
    One male nurse, and that's me. One male tech. edited: I forgot my shift has a part-time male nurse doing per diem about one shift a week.

    One day shift which I hope to get in the next few weeks there are two male RNs, and I will be the third.

    I work med-surg/trauma
  6. by   Spidey's mom
    We have 2 male nurses - one night shift/one day shift.

    Both are fill-in sups/er nurses like me.

    We are a very small hospital though.

  7. by   JVanRN
    We don't have any...I work in NICU...nor do we have any on LD...I think we have one day shift guy that works in OB/GYN surgery though....I think it would be cool to have some guys join us though...we have had one from supplemental staffing when we were short though...he did a good job.
  8. by   BlossomRN
    Good Morning,
    I am new to this site but wanted to vote. We have a couple of male nurses on the Neuro/Medical CCU but alot more in the Cardiac CCU. I guess they find open hearts more exciting. I enjoy working with them and am very thankful when a neuro patient gets violent to have them around to help out.
  9. by   NorthER,RN
    We have 2 male staff working ER, but it's a very small ER with only 2 nurses usually on duty for each 12 hour shift. Nice to have the men around - sure keeps the estrogen levels a little lower resulting in a happier, less whiney place for all - gee can't believe I wrote that chauvanistic comment
  10. by   Kudra
    off the top of my head, i can think of 4 RNs and 4 Nurses Aides... i think the client population attracts a lot more guys to work on our unit... the excitement of Trauma seems to appeal to the guys who work there...
  11. by   TiffyRN
    We have only two guys that are RNs in our entire unit, which I think has about 100 RN's for our 50-55 bed NICU. We do have 2 guys who work as techs. I may go weeks and not see one of them.
  12. by   zambezi
    We have more than 10 total in my unit...that's including day and night shift...but we actually have more on nights. We usually have about 2-4 men and 4-6 women. There is one shift I used to work where there were 5 men and two women...It seems that we have an unusually high ammount of men in our ICU/CCU units in my area....
  13. by   skanded
    I'll be working in the nursery, they have no men.

    However, I just graduated in Dec. We had 6 guys out of 33 students.
  14. by   palesarah
    no male nurses or techs on my floor- LDRP.

    When I was taking my hospital tour at the new grad open house we met a former male new grad on tele who was trying to talk us into applying to his floor- I told him I was applying to OB. His response? "Oh man, it's an estrogen fest up there! The nurses walk around holding hands"

    He was kidding of course but we are pretty girly, I think it would intimidating to a new male nurse. In fact the only men who routinely work on the unit are 1 male OB, a family practice doc who has a few deliveries a month, and 3 of the 5 peds who see the babies.
  15. by   Chaya
    One works each shift but not all work every day.