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Okay, we've won the genetic lottery that lets us be just SO good at solving other people's problems. We work insane hours, the work is so emotional draining that we often bring home emotional... Read More

  1. by   PGH70
    that answer would be prozac and more prozac. it creates a feeling of tolerance and I would not survive without it. After being a nurse for oh my god thirty years, I've learned to do what I can and that's all I can do. And that brick wall between my soul and my career is pretty thick!!
  2. by   jayna
    When working we make humorous jokes.
    But for me I like to laugh out loud. I smile everyday.
    When things go bad at work. I walk right up to the person and pat him /her on the shoulders saying good work.

    When things go bad with doctors(not work related) I don't give a damn.

    But mostly when am tired or depressed I listen to music and that makes me shake my body and I dance. But sometimes I look for things I could find that will occupy my mind.
    I don't like to think too much about my problems, because it will make me depressed and go insane. Once there's too much to do, I choose which one to do first but sometimes I can sit and daydream thinking of good things and slowly making my way to the problems and once it i think about that and still makes me depressed I quickly switch to the good side.

    I am Gemini. There is always an option.
  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    NEVER letting work infiltrate my sacred home life. seriously. it keeps me sane.
  4. by   Nurse Hag
    I say pass the bottle of Jack over here please.:roll I like to sing the Dixie Chick song goodbye Earl and just substitue the appropriate name. ie today the song goes Eric has to die, and the next verse is Dr. K has to die.:chuckle It always seems to help my mood. My administrator runs the other way when he hears the song and the entire nursing department is singing it.:chuckle Sometimes he is very wise. Tomorrow will be better and if not I'll need to stop on the way home and pick up more Jack.:roll Just a thought.
  5. by   2ndCareerRN
    I think a BIG key is to develop interests outside of work. I work a schedule that lets me have 8 days off in a row, every other week.
    I do 6 12's and then take 8 days off.
    During this time I spend a lot of time with my wife. We are almost inseperable. It also helps we have a lot of the same hobbies and interests. We travel around the area, go to estate sales, auctions, and burn up obscene amounts of ammunition together. I also go to school, which will wind down a little because I made waaaayy to much money to get a decent loan for the fall. When the loan won't cover tuition, something is wrong.

    Oh, and I try to run over as many small mammals as I can on the drive home in the mornings! (just kidding).

  6. by   l.rae
    ..............i don't!!!!"

    my official title is "r.n. s.a.n.e.".....and it's true!

  7. by   adrienurse
    :kiss :kiss
    Of course I now have to start an alternate thread (semi-serious) about when you know it's time to slam on the brakes. See": STOP THE INSANITY!

    I love work but sometimes it sucks the life right out of you. I'm doing a lot better since I went on Paxil a year and a half ago. Of course, my online support system really helps too! ((((((((((((((((((((you guys)))))))))))))))))))))))

    Family, good friends (who let you be crazy within reason), my two cats. My insurance covers monthly counselling sessions. Its all good.

    over to you.
  8. by   sharann
    What do you mean by sane?
    I've yet to meet sane. I am my work at times, because I enjoy my job so much (or maybe I am having delusional thoughts...) I just think nursing, and sometimes sleep and dream it. I have a good family life and read lots of books (all types) to de-stress. Then I come to this BB and it goes back to nursing again!
    Oh yeah, the anti-depressant I take, saved my life.
  9. by   live4today

    "What sane person could live in this world and not be crazy?" -- Ursula LeGuin :chuckle
  10. by   kids
    Smile so they don't know they are getting to you.
    Laugh often, it feels good.
    Don't socialize with co-workers out side of work other than as a large group.
    I find that it is easier to stay sane if I pretend I am.
    Effexor XL 225 mg/day helps.

    Oh and vodka...lots of vodka
  11. by   allthingsbright
    I'm just a student, but here are the things I do and plan to keep on doing:

    -Exercise when I feel yucky-it helps somehow
    -Read happy books, see good movies, and eat out at my fav places-all things I love to do besides the nursing bit-and I am not a nurse yet so I cant relate to burnout yet.
    -Take a day off! Do what I want to do-it doesnt happen often, but every now and then I say I QUIT for a day.
    -Spend lots of time with the people I love-hubby, kids, doggy, my in laws (yep, I like them) and friends-and we dont talk too much about my school or work-but they do listen and give advice if I need it
    -When I feel like **** and cant get myself out of it, I go to counseling a couple times. It helps to talk to an objective 3rd party. I maybe go once or twice every 2 yrs, and its great for when I cant pull myself out of a funk. Exercise and eating right work better than drugs for me, but I think drugs have their place in all this.

    Take care everyone,
  12. by   Sundowner
    hmmmm,,,, I dont know if I can legally respond to this thread as for I recently started a thread entiltled "I snapped".
    heh heeh...oh well!
  13. by   Jenny P
    I have a natuarlly optimistic outlook on life and I don't know where I got it from, but I don't fight it.

    I LOVE my job, and I am involved in the broader world of nursing outside of my hospital (MNA and AACN, and am a CCRN). I socialize with nurses mostlly in groups where we can let our hair down and tell our horror stories and cry and laugh together--laughter IS the best medicine, but sometimes dumping on people wh have been ther is also necessary. And I hang out on the best BB for nurses also!

    I have a life outside of nursing also (although HAS cut into my voracious reading habits): I read, visit with friends, am politically active, volunteer, do calligraphy, enjoy history and museums, do some gardening (until I see bees, then I head indoors as my allergic reaction scared the gardening right out of me last year!).

    I have a very supportive hubby and 2 (wild- or is it lovely?-- depends on the day) ADHD kids who are young adults now and don't "need" me so much anymore, and a family (both his and mine) that keeps me busy/laughing/worrying about them.

    I also take life as one day at a time; that's how it happens, so I don't try to live in either the past or the future!

    It works for me 99% of the time.