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My unit has lost four nurses to other non-hospital jobs, so the nurses can be home in the evening with their young children. How did we ever get to 12 hour shifts? How do we get OUT of them???... Read More

  1. by   shabookitty
    Well, I am not working in a hospital "yet" and I have never really worked a 12hr shift...not technically anyways! I can only speak from an 8-5 M-F experience...which is just awful! I leave home at 7:10 to get to work by 8:00 sharp...then I leave by 5:30 only to find myself arriving home by 6 or thereafter! And lord knows I typically find myself at the grocery store or walmart at least 3 times a week for various things! So that puts me getting in at around 8. And then there is the cooking situation! Thank goodness no kids right now b/c i would be lost for time! How do you mom's do it!? I refuse to go Walmarting on my 2 day weekend! B/c that is really the only time I have to do any housework or leisure things! Agghhhhh! And this is 5 days a week! A vicious cycle! So i guess anyway ya look at sucks all around!
  2. by   NurseDianne
    My husband and I love our 12 hr. shift!!! When we worked 5/ 8 hr shifts, it was like we never had any time off. Not everyone is lucky enough to pull the 7-3.
    We now work 7P, 3 nights a week. We can pick the nights we want to work, which helps with us going to school and also raise our family.
  3. by   cindyln
    I am in the over 40 crowd and love 12 hour shifts.I would not go back to 8 hrs for anything. I look at it this way, I work 7 days out of 14.That is so much better than 10 days out of 14.I have no children at home now but worked 12 hrs when I did and it just took help from my husband. He often comments how he wished he could work my hours instead of 8's.:roll
  4. by   Yankee in TX
    I like 12 hour shifts. Seems like I never have enough time to do my job on 8 hours. Most of the time not on 12's either ! It is hard because I have 3 kids under the age of 6 and they usually only see me 1 time the days I work. But I am here the other 5 days since I am lucky to only work 2 per week.
  5. by   prn nurse
    12 hour nites does it for me......max 36 hr per week....minimal contact with docs, families, administration....
  6. by   CEN35
    i didn't vote, because nothing seemed appropriate. however, i used to do 3-3's. it was ok then, as it was not 12 hours of being brutalized and beaten down by patients docs and family members. i have been on 8's for the most part for three years now. however, d/t recent changes in my life i am headed back to 12's...........11a-11p. i know i worked from 10:30am, until 11:30pm tonight, and today kicked my a**, and wore me down big time! i only hope not everyday is like this one!

    however, i know it's not like it used to be

  7. by   Sjackson983
    I think 12 hour shifts are great!!!! I am 55 years old, working nocs and have been doing 12's for almost 20 years. I don't have to get up 5 days a week, get dressed, do my hair, put on make-up and drive to work. This should be especially pleasing to those who have long commutes. I save on gas and my time for me.
  8. by   christianRN
    Ditto, Sjackson! I love 12s. If I'm already there, how hard is it to stay another 4 hrs in order to only have to work 3 days a week? I can't imagine choosing to work 8s, although my hosp offers both.
  9. by   Scavenger'sWife
    Originally posted by LauraRN0501
    We do 12s, but have one person doing 8s. I'm all for people doing what they can do, and this nurse is so burned out she loses it when she does 12s. BUT I have to say that when she leaves at three, the rest of us are stuck with either dividing up her patients, or, if she's charge, we are stuck without a charge nurse. The admissions we have gotten lately from 3-7 are amazing, we always get at least 2 anymore. So, when she leaves, it causes some difficulty and hard feelings. Management basically tells us to suck it up, that we have the staff and can do it. Don't see them helping out from 3-7. Bah.
    HEY! Do you work at my hospital??? I know that person!:chuckle

    However, I vote for the 12s. I am 49 and yeah the hours are hard. Mine sometimes turn into 14. And I have some health issues. But I love the days off. I could not stand 5 d/wk anymore. I just do 2 in a row, never 3. I work 1 out of every 3 weekends. Not too bad.
  10. by   sdre
    12 hr shifts came back in @ 1970 from a YOUNG group of nurses in an ICU in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. They wanted the extra time off. As they were YOUNG, footloose and fancy free at the time, it worked for them THEN.
    It also works for administration because 1/3 fewer nurses are required to staff a unit than when 8 hour shifts are the norm.
    I have worked both. I have NOTHING positive to say for 12 hour shifts. I ceased to be a member of my family for 4 days. I was exhausted by the end of the work "week". I am TOO old for such poor shifts.
    12 hour shifts have never improved my patient care as I was in and out too quickly to develop a working relationship with the health team, the patient or the family.
  11. by   askater11
    I don't think 12 hours should be mandated.

    Our unit is mainly 12 hours shifts. They're weaning out the afternoon shift. (8 hours)

    When I started we had mainly 8 hour shifts. But now we don't have many 8 hour shift employees at all.

    What I've noticed with 12 hour shift, the last 4 hours most nurses are dead tired. A couple nurses still seem "on top of things" but most don't.

    As a 8 hour afternoon nurse my patients are higher acuity. How that works is after the day nurses first 8 hours right before 3 P.M. the day shift nurses pick which patients they want. And believe me they pick the lightest acuity patients. (I've been told because we only work 8 hours, we can handle more)

    The nurses that look dead tired...I ask them how 12 hour shifts working for them....they all say helps give them more time at home. (working only 3 days than 5 days a week) But I do think it affects patient care. (we some staff members)

    I could only work 7 A.M. to 7 P.M. because of my husbands work schedule. Right now I'm in the process of looking for new employment....I've heard that a lot of places are mainly hiring 12 hour shifts only .... too bad you have to start on the "off" shift for most units...b/c my dh's job doesn't give me the flexiblity to work mn.

    I don't mind 12 hour shift...for people that can "truly" handle them. I think it's a great option.
  12. by   Rubyshoes
    I LOVE 12 hour shifts. When I did work 8 hour shifts I never had enough time to do my work. I never left work on time when I worked 8's. Now I almost never leave late.
  13. by   VivaLasViejas
    I'm another over-40 nurse who HATED 12-hr noc shifts when I was working in the hospital. It might be better on 7a-7p, but then you have all 3 meals to serve, baths, surgeries etc. as well as lots of management & doctors to deal with. And for less money too. I sometimes end up working 10-12 hrs a day now that I'm in management myself, but I refuse to do more than 8 hours if I'm on the floor. My residents deserve a nurse who is a safe practitioner---not that there aren't nurses who CAN do 12's safely, I'm just not one of them.