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If you graduate nursing school, assuming you were living with your parents, and you had a lot of student loans and your parents said, "You graduated, now, get out" and you found a job as an RN in a... Read More

  1. by   not.done.yet
    I have two sons about your age and if they had half this much foresight, motivation and self assessment ability, I would be busting with pride and very optimistic about their future. All wrapped up in a warm cozy blanket of motherly worry for safety reasons, of course.

    It sounds to me like the perfect time in your life to do this if it is what you truly want to do. Stay safe and keep asking questions and making plans. I predict you are going places. And not just in your van.
  2. by   Kooky Korky
    Quote from Beldar_the_Cenobite
    In my NURS-299 class I had to take, we learned that homelessness is temporary. I would like to live in a house or apartment, but I would like to be debt free before that. The only two forms of debt I would like to have is a mortgage and maybe a car payment. I don't have a wife or kids or alimony or child support to pay, and if it were possible, I would like to work two RN jobs, then again, I wouldn't have a life, but like I said if it's possible as in if it's safe and people do it or if it's doable, I'd like to do it to help speed up my situation so I can live a normal life.

    Paying for a place to live period defeats the purpose of paying off stuff. When I worked at a hospital in East Tennessee as a sterilization technician, I think I looked into living in my car, but my manager at the time said "NO" in a heavy, southern tone.
    Why did manager say no?
  3. by   Meriwhen
    IMO, your living situation is not your employer's business. Nor will it be their business...unless you tell them, that is.

    Get a PO Box for mail; if you need a physical address, rent a box at UPS or see if a friend will you have mail sent there in their care.
  4. by   needlesmcgeeRN
    There are forums out there dedicated to the "van life", I have family who do this, though not full time. It truly is not as crazy as it sounds.
  5. by   Crush
    I think aside from safety concerns of course, research thoroughly about van life and see what you need. Glad you are asking questions and seeing what steps you'll need to take. I agree with others that having a PO Box would solve the living situation question. Best of luck.
  6. by   skylark
    I lived in a houseboat for 8 years and it was a blast, except the winters which were harsh. Finding firewood was a challenge, and coming home to a cold boat after a 12 hour shift was miserable, but the summers more than made up for it.
    Check out a website called Apollo Duck to find a cheap boat for sale near you!
  7. by   skylark
    And whatever tiny home you choose please invest in a CO alarm. Cooking with a propane stove and burning firewood in a confined space with inadequate ventilation can be fatal unless done sensibly.
  8. by   Beldar_the_Cenobite
    Quote from Paws2people
    When I first commented on this, I believed that you had already graduated and had gotten your first RN job due to your original post. I thought this housing situation was an immediate problem of yours. Now I am confused.

    Do you have a place to live still or not? Was this just a hypothetical post?
    No, I'm still trying to get into nursing school. Just trying to make different plans and see what works the best. I think this is probably the best way to live period. Maybe buy a house after nursing school, rent it out, and live in a van while your home is being used by other people they're paying you to provide for them.

    I've just been so far away from being able to reach what I want that I think more ahead than I do with what I have. I get section 8 through the VA (former military), but even HUD threatens the VA they'll cut me off section 8 if I don't pay my rent. It's really stupid how things are with HUD, but it's their beliefs, not mine.

    I'm just making a plan B. If I can find a van that I would feel comfortable blending in and not having to worry about being harassed, I'd look into buying one soon. Then I can tell HUD to go **** themselves with their threats. It'll upset the VA for sure, but at least I made an effort to do something about my situation. I'm not about to lose it, but considering that I'll be working and trying to save up to take the entrance exams since they're so damn expensive, I'm doing everything I can to keep my section 8 before making a drastic decision. There is going to be a financial gap/gap in applying for nursing school if I choose to save up for a van. If I don't, I can continue to work and try beating down the TEAS test. Eventually if I pass, I'll hopefully graduate nursing school, and find a job THEN worry about the van.
  9. by   Beldar_the_Cenobite
    Quote from Kooky Korky
    Why did manager say no?

    Because we worked in a facility designed specifically for sterilizing operating room surgery packs used for patients. If an OR center found a hair in their surgery packs we built for them, the whole thing was wrapped back up and sent back to us. Our rooms we used to build the medical packs were triple filtered with a negative airflow in the entrance and positive airflow to the sterilization gas chamber.

    She didn't like the thought of me living in a van because she felt I wasn't going to be clean for the job. I should have just not asked and bought a van anyway lol I didn't listen to myself.
  10. by   Beldar_the_Cenobite
    I don't know if every state is like this, but in Nevada, the DMV does NOT take PO box as an address to be listed on a drivers license which is another obstacle in the road.
  11. by   sasera
    Quote from Beldar_the_Cenobite
    I don't know if every state is like this, but in Nevada, the DMV does NOT take PO box as an address to be listed on a drivers license which is another obstacle in the road.
    My UPS store mailbox has a street address that we use. Or you could check out South Dakota residency. No income tax and you only have to spend one night there to establish residency before they'll give you a driver's license. Strange but true.
  12. by   Workitinurfava
    At some point, try to invest in a mini house or small house. Could you live on your parents land if you got one?