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"All men have an emotion to kill; When they strongly dislike someone they involuntarily wish he were dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction." -Clarence Darrow

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  1. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    How many more times....

    She lectures online due to Covid, but it's not relevant to the content. Our first day she said, "I normally do not teach in class. What I do is I go around the classroom and I see if anyone has any questions to the chapters". She'll say things like "Let's talk about this", I think I even heard her say "I'm an A type personality". To me she sounds toxic and burnt out.
  2. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    How many more times....

    This is a very late reply, but I eventually passed my test I think on my second attempt. I do have a question. I'm barely passing peds and some of our chapters are 50 pages long alone. The most I've seen so far. How do you read all of that? Word for word? Our teacher doesn't teach.
  3. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Med Surge II requirements

    I have a question for nurses and nursing students. I'm taking peds and maternity at the moment, do you guys think it's necessary for Med Surge II? We did pharm and health assessment first semester, fundamentals of nursing second, peds and maternity third semester, then we're going to go into med surge II our fourth this coming Fall. It's kind of weird we go from adults to kids back to adults. I feel like I've learned nothing in peds and maternity. Maternity was more palatable if I had to choose between the two. My peds instructor was "A type personality". She has a "figure it out" attitude. She admitted our first lecture that she prefers to go around the classroom and see if anybody has any questions rather than lecture. She seems to have a burnt out, toxic, aggressive male-like, athlete jock, locker room ego. She created a pop/rock quiz and I wanted to know where she got the questions a couple weeks ago. Still hasn't answered my question. Kind of like "I'm not going to answer your question" or as I like to put it "I don't give a f*** about you" subliminal message. They were interesting questions about pop and rock stars. I just wanted them for break-room reading material.
  4. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Night Nursing School

    Is there such a thing as night nursing school? Where you can do clinicals at night? Lab at night? Lecture at night? No, I'm not talking about in your home as in online school. I'm having to do a report on professionalism in nursing. one article from 2015 states that there needs to be an improvement on education. My program has 3 days a week at lecture, lab, and clinical during the day. It's a part time program. It would be nice if there was a night time version too for those who work nights at LTC or hospitals.
  5. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    History of Nursing Programs

    I'm curious how nursing programs have changed over the past 3 decades. How did nursing students find ways to understand the material? Buy a bunch of books with practice questions? Did teachers provide practice materials like practice problems? I've been wanting to find ways to understand the material better. I don't want to use the word test bank, but I've been trying to find ways to learn better. I failed my first Fundamentals exam, and I'm trying to not fail the next one. Is Quizlet the new thing where people are able to learn the material better? How did nursing students back in the day do it? Nowadays, it's hard to study with others because they don't want distractions like gossip, they've got kids, etc. I would like to study with others and maybe we can teach each other the material better, but they don't want to. What did you old schoolers do? Was the reading material written different in terms of concepts? Harder to understand or much easier? Knowing the internet wasn't around or was just a baby. How did you guys practice your understand? I asked an Army ranger who retired a few years ago how special forces get good at what they do. He said, "We're at the shooting range every day from dawn till dusk until we understand our rifle and our ammunition and how they work and feel. We get a feel. It helps us understand our equipment. If we didn't do that, we wouldn't be as good as we are". Practicing understanding the material I'm sure is a great way to do well on tests, but what are tips? I read the material, but I'd like to challenge superficial stuff. Thanks.
  6. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    How many more times....

    How many times or programs did it take for you to get your BSN? I just failed my fundamentals exam 1, and granted I didn't read all the chapters, I'm trying to implement that, but we just took our first med dosage quiz (50 questions), and I got a 36.14 out of 50, but the instructor has to go through it because the computer things we made mistakes, so he has to manually grade it. 2 people got a 45 out of 50 out of 47 students. Some got the same-ish score as me, some got a little higher than that around early 40s to 43 out of 50. I have a med pass off check in skills lab, we don't know if we passed the quiz except those who got 45 out of 50, and the med pass off check is a lot of information. I don't feel like I'm ready. Our class has 3 exams. Minimum is 75%. I have a feeling nursing was either not for me, or I'm going to be spending a majority of my life trying to get through a program in different states and that's something I really don't want to go through. How many programs did it take you to finally get what you wanted? What did you do when you failed an exam? Our instructors use power points and this is my second semester, so that's what they use to instruct.
  7. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Caritas-Nursing ethics presentation

    Tried that already and couldn't find what I was looking for. Somebody recommended to me a book on here, but I can't find it either.
  8. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Caritas-Nursing ethics presentation

    Hi, I have a presentation for a Caritas me and my group are doing. It's about "Cultivating one's issues in nursing practice, the law, and the professional nurse". A majority of my work is on angels of death like Charles Cullen. There's a book about Charles Cullen that I think had a white cover and nurses really recommend it, but I can't find it. Any help? Any and all advice is appreciated.
  9. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Nursing program exit exam?

    What's the exit exam like in most nursing schools? Is it like non-nursing related questions or is it nursing related questions? My program gave us an ATI test at the beginning of our program and it asked us weird questions with no relation to anatomy or nursing and I scored a 47% and my teacher said "You have a lot of improvement" or something like that. I scored the highest in Analysis, but lowest in interpretation. What's funny is I took the HESI exam for another program and I scored even on reading and grammar, which is analytical and interpretation. I don't even know what it was supposed to ask, but I think she said we'll have an exit exam like it that we need to pass. WOW!? Why? Pay all this money and learn all this stuff only to be told you can't graduate because you can't pass a test that's not related to nursing school? A TA who went over stuff before our exam said, "You'll have one, but once you get through nursing school, it'll all make sense", so how I'll be able to comprehend weird questions like it learning more about nursing, I won't know. But that will suck if I get through nursing school and can't pass that weird exam if I have to take it again.
  10. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    No, thank goodness. Nothing wrong with having kids, but I admire those who do while in nursing school, married, divorced, or single. I was behind for a bit because I had to have my computer serviced at Apple and that took a few days. I'm trying to catch up now. I work agency as a CNA and I picked up Tuesday (Yesterday) and today to work which was a huge mistake because I need to read and if I cancel myself, my agency is going to flip a lid. I've been verbally warned before about cancelling myself. I hate to cancel, but sometimes *** happens, but they HATE cancelling at the last minute. A week before, sure, it's fine, but not at the last minute.
  11. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    "We don't hire male RNs" and other things you should never say to me

    Isn't what the recruiter was doing considered discrimination?
  12. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    Omg, thank you for all of this! What you wrote looks overwhelming lmao One thing I am concerned about is tricks to use for solving problems. My algebra might not be all that great.
  13. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Recording Lectures?

    That's funny considering many smartphones have good quality mics like the iPhone. Unless the school/class/instructor requires phones to be upfront in the class. Still, it can only take one person to record lectures for the entire class, not the entire class. That's if the class is that efficient.
  14. Hey all, So, I start nursing school, my first semester, August 29th 2019. My first classes are Pharmacology, Professional Role Development and Communication, and Health assessment. Not sure what to expect, but I am part time....and pharm looks intimidating. Any advice? Thanks.
  15. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    BON and alleged verbal abuse via pt

    Yeah, so HR spoke to me last Wednesday and said that, "Our investigation concluded you are not found guilty of what happened" and they back paid me two days worth of work for this up coming pay period that I was supposed to work which was nice. I was supposed to work a double that day I was escorted out of the building, but HR said they'll reimburse two days worth of work rather than 3 (a 16 hour shift and a regular 8 shift before my weekend started which is Sunday and Monday). Pretty relieving. Now I can look forward to the nursing program's decision in June providing I don't get in trouble again which I hope I won't. The other nurse involved didn't receive any disciplinary action and wasn't even interviewed because the grievance filed to the night nurse never got turned in to abuse counselor, administrator, or ombudsman. Speak of the devil, Ombudsman was here today at my work in the front office. I wonder why. I hope it's not relating to what I got in trouble over. Some of the nurses at my work said "You shouldn't have even been escorted out of the facility".
  16. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    BON and alleged verbal abuse via pt

    What you wrote in bold isn't what I directly said to them. I didn't put that down. I wish I could say it to them, but I don't talk to any of my colleagues like that knowing they'll throw a temper tantrum over a reality check.

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