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"All men have an emotion to kill; when they strongly dislike some one they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction." -Clarence Darrow

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  1. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Caritas-Nursing ethics presentation

    Tried that already and couldn't find what I was looking for. Somebody recommended to me a book on here, but I can't find it either.
  2. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Caritas-Nursing ethics presentation

    Hi, I have a presentation for a Caritas me and my group are doing. It's about "Cultivating one's issues in nursing practice, the law, and the professional nurse". A majority of my work is on angels of death like Charles Cullen. There's a book about Charles Cullen that I think had a white cover and nurses really recommend it, but I can't find it. Any help? Any and all advice is appreciated.
  3. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Nursing program exit exam?

    What's the exit exam like in most nursing schools? Is it like non-nursing related questions or is it nursing related questions? My program gave us an ATI test at the beginning of our program and it asked us weird questions with no relation to anatomy or nursing and I scored a 47% and my teacher said "You have a lot of improvement" or something like that. I scored the highest in Analysis, but lowest in interpretation. What's funny is I took the HESI exam for another program and I scored even on reading and grammar, which is analytical and interpretation. I don't even know what it was supposed to ask, but I think she said we'll have an exit exam like it that we need to pass. WOW!? Why? Pay all this money and learn all this stuff only to be told you can't graduate because you can't pass a test that's not related to nursing school? A TA who went over stuff before our exam said, "You'll have one, but once you get through nursing school, it'll all make sense", so how I'll be able to comprehend weird questions like it learning more about nursing, I won't know. But that will suck if I get through nursing school and can't pass that weird exam if I have to take it again.
  4. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    No, thank goodness. Nothing wrong with having kids, but I admire those who do while in nursing school, married, divorced, or single. I was behind for a bit because I had to have my computer serviced at Apple and that took a few days. I'm trying to catch up now. I work agency as a CNA and I picked up Tuesday (Yesterday) and today to work which was a huge mistake because I need to read and if I cancel myself, my agency is going to flip a lid. I've been verbally warned before about cancelling myself. I hate to cancel, but sometimes *** happens, but they HATE cancelling at the last minute. A week before, sure, it's fine, but not at the last minute.
  5. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    "We don't hire male RNs" and other things you should never say to me

    Isn't what the recruiter was doing considered discrimination?
  6. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    Omg, thank you for all of this! What you wrote looks overwhelming lmao One thing I am concerned about is tricks to use for solving problems. My algebra might not be all that great.
  7. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Recording Lectures?

    That's funny considering many smartphones have good quality mics like the iPhone. Unless the school/class/instructor requires phones to be upfront in the class. Still, it can only take one person to record lectures for the entire class, not the entire class. That's if the class is that efficient.
  8. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    1st Sem. Nursing student: Shaking in my scrubs

    Hey all, So, I start nursing school, my first semester, August 29th 2019. My first classes are Pharmacology, Professional Role Development and Communication, and Health assessment. Not sure what to expect, but I am part time....and pharm looks intimidating. Any advice? Thanks.
  9. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Hi, thank you. For financial aid award letter, I think so, but not sure. If I were you I'd contact your financial aid office. When I want to find something like that that might be emailed, usually I check my email by looking in the search box and typing "financial aid award letter" or just use keywords like the name of your school. Works for me every time, unless your school doesn't believe in using computers.
  10. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Pretty good. Just got accepted into nursing school this fall. So, super excited. Hoping I can afford everything by the time school starts. Financial aid is no longer disbursed before school starts. It's a new thing schools are doing because people will get their money, not attend school and leave with that money and end up owing. So, basically what the school does now is they wait for teachers to show financial aid the student enrolled in their class has made activity or whatever, then Financial aid office disburses the student's money to them. It sucks because the SON doesn't care about how long it'll take you to get your money, program starts when it starts whether you're ready or not. I also just got hired at a new job and I need to call them from the date of this reply if I can work nothing but doubles so I can afford my stuff.
  11. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Update: so I quit where I work and got hired at another SNF that has direct deposit and apparently nice staff. I have a job interview tomorrow morning at the VA hospital because of my veteran preference, but I’m not sure if it will be for the memorial home or if it will be the actual hospital. I don’t even know if the main hospitals hire CNAs.
  12. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Here it is: Transplant services assistant https://www.governmentjobs.com/careers/umcsn?keywords=nursing assistant If it doesn't show the exact page, the search query will have a list of nursing related jobs, but it closes in 3 days from this comment posted. Where do you go to work as a CNA where you can learn to order labs? Or Transplant and/or Hemodialysis experience? Ugh.
  13. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    I don't think so. I think Nevada keeps things pretty basic/simple/bland. You're either a CNA or you're not. There is a job I applied for at our public hospital "UMC" and the job was for organ transplant assistant. EMR was something that I think was required, but I don't know where to go to get that kind of training as a CNA.
  14. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Yeah, I mean I applied, but then got the denial email. But what I would like to know is what can I do to stand out? Is there a certification I could get that hospitals would like? You know something that I could do to improve my odds.
  15. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    Advice for CNA with unplease-able resident

    Not trying to be unsupportive, but as a fellow CNA, if you think she's bad, you should work with a quad my facility has. VERY demanding. VERY bossy. Big black dude, like muscular. Even after 2 years of being paralyzed. He looks like OJ Simpson. It's pretty funny. Anyway, he's VERY mean. He cusses out everybody because nobody thinks like he does. He's all about common sense. As in, how you're supposed to do something when you're providing care to him. He cussed me out for not cutting his hair correctly. And was serious about it too. I'm a CNA, not a hair stylist or a certified barber hair cutter person thing. It's stupid af that my facility charges the residents for hair cuts. It costs like over $5,000 to stay there. They should get it for free. Usually when a resident is worried about something that doesn't relate to what they want like transfering to bed or being changed, I block any intention of doing it for them. For example, you mentioned she gets anal about how her trash bag is placed. It's not hard to place a trash bag in the trash container. I'll show you an example of how I deal with a resident grossly observant. Me: Hi, Mrs. Smith. How are you? Smith: Good, I want to go back to bed. Me: Ok, let's get you ready from your wheelchair next to your bed. Smith: Hey, where's my purse? Me: Over there on the night stand. Smith: Put it on my side table. Me: Mrs. Smith, you asked me to put you to bed. It's late. Why don't we worry about putting that on the table once we've got you in bed. Smith: Fix that trash bag will you? Me: No, I will not worry about that right now. We need to get you ready for bed. How about we change you since you're incontinent. Once I get that done, then I can be over there to adjust the trash bag since I can see it looks like it wasn't fully put in. If they want something like being put to bed or changed, but their mind drifts somewhere else, with the exception of a quad, that's when I redirect them to what they originally wanted that's more important. We have other people we have to worry about as well. We'll get everything situated once the most important thing has been done. Changing residents briefs and putting them back to bed or getting them up are the most important. Not fiddling around with trash bags and whatever else nonesense. Nurses have never had a problem with me redirecting.
  16. Beldar_the_Cenobite

    CNA vs. Nurse: Too saturated or huge need?

    Hi all, So I've been pondering around looking for jobs, and I have almost a year of experience as a CNA. About close to 10 months come June 25th. Does anyone know if hospitals require experience or if some require it for CNA? No exp? 6 mo? 1 year? 2 years? Also, can HR be cynical when it comes to new applicants sending in an application? Anybody who has ever worked in HR field have experience with that? I've applied for jobs before on websites (that's the only way) and within about an hour or two, I get the delightful "U N F O R T U N A T E L Y, W E ' V E M O V E D F O R W A R D W I T H O T H E R C A N D I D A T E S", yet the listing is still posted. I've heard from talking to other nurses and CNAs that RNs have a harder time getting a job than CNAs, but I see more RN opportunities than CNA. And it makes sense too because RN is more specialized, than CNA which is more simple. I would like to work for a hospital rather than a SNF. I'm also former military, lost some emails from people on here about what it's like working for the VA which I just applied to one position for nursing assistant, but while I'm on the website to apply for government work, I would also like to apply for jobs where I have a better chance of getting my foot in the door. Is there anything besides knowing somebody that I could utilize that could help me get into somewhere that is better than where I work. I'm grateful to have a job, but at the same time I'd like to look forward to other opportunities. Thanks.