Med Surge II requirements

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I have a question for nurses and nursing students. I'm taking peds and maternity at the moment, do you guys think it's necessary for Med Surge II? We did pharm and health assessment first semester, fundamentals of nursing second, peds and maternity third semester, then we're going to go into med surge II our fourth this coming Fall. It's kind of weird we go from adults to kids back to adults. I feel like I've learned nothing in peds and maternity. Maternity was more palatable if I had to choose between the two. My peds instructor was "A type personality". She has a "figure it out" attitude. She admitted our first lecture that she prefers to go around the classroom and see if anybody has any questions rather than lecture. She seems to have a burnt out, toxic, aggressive male-like, athlete jock, locker room ego. She created a pop/rock quiz and I wanted to know where she got the questions a couple weeks ago. Still hasn't answered my question. Kind of like "I'm not going to answer your question" or as I like to put it "I don't give a f*** about you" subliminal message. They were interesting questions about pop and rock stars. I just wanted them for break-room reading material.

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Each state BON sets the number of required hours per specialty in order for the school's graduates to be eligible for NCLEX. Many schools set up clinicals in an order that works for them but still meets the required hours. It is not uncommon to switch from adult to others and back. Is it required to move on to med/surg 2? No, but you need it to graduate.