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I love my new job. It's 12 hours on days. There was no option for 8 hour shift. I've done 12 hour midnight before and it was pure h*ll for me. 12 hour days is working well but around 5... Read More

  1. by   P_RN
    I found that eating an early lunch and an afternoon snack helped even out my blood sugars and energy level. The walk outside is good, or just a walk somewhere not on your floor. Offer to go to the pharmacy or supply. A change of pace.
  2. by   Spidey's mom
    Another benefit of rural nursing . . . .breaks long enough to take a walk in the fresh air.

  3. by   gwenith
    Recent research has suggested that eating apples gives you the same boost as caffiene. It is not as intense as the caffiene boost but last longer. Plus they are good for you.

    (And NO! Brian I am not doing some illicit advertising for the Australian Apple Industry!)
  4. by   debRNo1
    Originally posted by ptnurse
    I am by nature a morning person. I love the morning.
    Me too

    I began my 12 hr shifts 4 months ago and still am not fully adjusted. I was thinking Im really NOT cut out for this- but the concensus among the nurses is that it takes a GOOD 6 months to fully adjust.

    I am raring to go at 7 am and do begin to fade around 3 pm when I too would like to be lying on my comfy couch. I try to get as much done in the AM that I can. Im more organized and think clearer in AM. I make a list of supplies and make sure all I need is there for me.

    I take a short break around 11 or 11:30 (if I dont have accuchecks !!) then I take my lunch late around 3 PM. Now when I get back I check my charts and write some notes. I start my 1800 meds early so if I do get an admit Im not behind with the pts I already have.

    I have definately felt an improvement in the last couple of weeks The routine is a major adjustment for me but 3 days a week OFF is the BEST

    good luck.................

  5. by   GPatty
    I do 7p-7a. I have adjusted pretty well, although I still do get tired around 5a, just wishing my day would hurry up and get done.
    My bad point is having to stay up till noon to get gs on the school bus, then lay down and be back up by 5p to get ready for work again. But I do have to admit, most of the time, I only work 2 days in a row, then have 2 days off. But once during the pay period, I have to do 3 in a row, which is a killer!
    Good luck and I hope you adjust real soon!
  6. by   -jt
    <Anybody know how I can get through the last 2 hours better?>

    Make sure you take your lunch break - get off the unit, eat & relax for an hour - or whatever amount of time you get. Take it. A walk outside in real non-recycled air can be a big pick-up. Have a protein, nuts or fruit snack around 4pm - no carbs, no sugar, no junk - & drink more water. Dehydration can make you just as sluggish as a low blood glucose can.
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  7. by   howie122832

    Make sure you take your lunch break - get off the unit, eat & relax for an hour.

    An hour????

    Don't I wish! We only get a 1/2 hr.. (if we get one!)
  8. by   jude11142
    I work 3pm-7am(16 hr shifts)X 2 days a week. My usual days are Tuesday and Thursday. I am ok until 3am, and then I get sleepy/alittle crabby lol. I have found that if I bring something to eat and have it around 2:30am, it helps alot. It gives me a boost. Ofcourse, I still have the coffee pumping in me. At one time, I thought that the caffeine may have been doing the opposite, but it's not(atleast for me). I also go outside for a 5 minute walk and it's just enough to wake me up. Once 5am comes, look out, because before ya know it, the clock says 6:50am. I think that you will get used to the 12 hr days, takes some time though. Also, I try to get enough rest before going into work. I know that it's not always possible but ideally that would help tremendousely.

  9. by   sixes
    When I worked 12h shifts it was 0700-1900 my bad time was alwalys around 1500 when things seemed to be kind off quite. I think this dates to when my children were little because our nap time was around 3. All these years later my body still thinks I should be napping. I took my breaks all at once starting as close to 3pm as possible. Ate something high in protein and a dash of coffee or tea for the caffeine burst.
  10. by   Allison S.
    Can't say enough about water. I think that after all of the running around and lifting, and of course, the talking, the caffeine, the short if any breaks, that we are probably alwyas dehydrated.

    It's also good for splashing on your face. You may not be comfortable, but you will be more awake.
  11. by   Jvilleredhead
    I work the 7p-7a shift...but of course, we have to be there for report at 18:30 and usually don't leave til 7:15 a.m. Is it just me or is the 3-3 shift a strange time for shifts????

    I find that if I sit down very long I get first I drank a lot of coffee, but I don't anymore and it doesn't seem to matter. I eat a light meal around midnight, but don't eat before work except maybe a snack.

    I try to find things to do to keep my or my mind busy, I find that works best for me. But I am also able to hit the bed around 8 a.m. when I get home cause my kids are already on the bus, then I get up when they get home from school.

    Why do you have to wait til noon before your kids go to school?? Sounds basically like you aren't getting enough rest.

    Good luck...don't let yourself get run down.
  12. by   GPatty
    Hey Jeville~
    I have to wait till 12 noon to go to bed cause my grandson is in kindergarten (lives with us) and they don't pick him up till 11:30 or so. Then I get into my jammies and settle in, but usually can't get to sleep before 12.
    I'm fine for a couple of days, but the 3rd day is a bear!
    I thiink I've settled in all right though.